Pro Golf Coach Terry Rowles and his golfers add +5 MPH to his club speed with Halo Sport

I’m Terry Rowles, golf coach. Halo has been a really interesting product because
it’s not now such a question of what are we doing? It’s a question of how quickly can the person
adopt that in order to become a more skillful golfer. We were working with Trey,
he’s a long drive. And so what you find with long drivers
is that, you know, they’re fanatics. These are guys that have literally been
looking in every corner for more speed. You need to close the stance just a little
bit because your arms are really long. So one of the ways to get more force from
the ground is actually swing your arms fast so we can speed
above that right arm. We increased Trey’s speed
by five miles an hour just through, you know, a couple of different
movement patterns. We’re using the Halo to try and you know, solidify what
he was learning in terms of him developing speed. So using Halo is a way to get faster when it’s
just purely a better brain muscle relationship. I think we’ve come to the point
where we’re not just trying to build bigger muscles or trying
to make longer muscles. I think we’re at the point where we realize that in order
to improve a person’s ability to move and generate speed, it’s really the brain’s coordination with
the muscles that is able to bring out more performance and Halo’s
the right thing for that. If I can improve the level of coordination and
communication between my brain and my muscles, then the sky is the limit.

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