Pressure Golf Shot – White Pants – Hesketh Golf Club

The “Walk of Shame” Do you think you’re pro enough to wear white pants?? HAHAHAHA!!! Look, laughing at his white pants What a moment! 175 to the middle (It’s like being on tour this!) No pressure matey!! No pressure lad Woah, woah woah woah! Can I just finish my sandwich first?! He’s a right planner though, isn’t he? Take us though your thought process. El Hombre: Trying not to go in the bushes!! They’re going to have to keep moving the tables. There’s no way he’s going to hit another ball woooooaaaaahhhh!! Woah, woah, woah Chopper!! Let’s move these… Alright Chopper?! Hahaha!!! Hey! That stool is in danger. Little draw up against the trees. (Do you need this table moving?) El Hombre: Just the chair please QUIET PLEASE! QUIET! No Cameras!! Grab the stool! El Hombre: It’s OK, leave it. You’ve got to be good to play in them white kecks Think of the fairway GET IN THE HOLE!!” You’re the man! You’re the man!! It’s all over it!! LIGHT THE CANDLE!!! YEAH, WOOO!!! MASH POTATO!!! You’re as good as you look!! Well done mate!!! What a shot!!! Oh! What a shot that were!!! Quality that wasn’t it!?

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