President Trump Crashes Wedding At New Jersey Golf Club
President Trump Crashes Wedding At New Jersey Golf Club

13 thoughts on “President Trump Crashes Wedding At New Jersey Golf Club”

  1. no one cares says:

    I know weddings, you guys are going to be huge

  2. strong foot says:

    This is conflict of interests folks.

  3. Media Ghost says:

    Why the fuck is she standing in the background like a robot? Creepy af

  4. DUNE YXZ says:


  5. tinaloveseddie says:

    I would be pissed! And ask his orange aZz to leave!!👉🚪

  6. Alex K. says:

    Lucky bastards, meeting president Trump must be an awesome experience.

  7. John Culley says:

    President Trump probably learned this from Queen Elizabeth who gets many wedding invitations and attends those she can fit into her busy schedule.

  8. coco says:

    trump supporters are a bunch of butt kissers

  9. June claire says:

    congrats. Our President is awesome. VOte Trump 2020

  10. Mike Andresen says:

    God bless this great American patriot

  11. Gia Pacella says:

    So Awesome 🇺🇸♥️

  12. Olivia says:


  13. Dark Truth says:

    Wait… does CBS use any of the following words in this report? Collusion, Obstruction, Racist. …. No? Impressive.

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