Practicing on the Golf Course Video, with Arjun and Kanata | GLT VLOG 001

it’s chilly I think it feels great yeah
if it was windy it would suck yeah Hello Arjun! Hello Iain Ben how’s it going? I’m good how are you? pretty
good Hey you’re such a pretty boy! Hey you’re such a pretty boy! hey guys Iain Highfield here co-founder
of game like training and mental performance coach welcome to our very
first vlog it’s our goal over the next month year decade to put some amazing
content out there for you guys to engage with watch and learn and really we want
to help you think more effectively practice more effectively and play golf
more effectively where it matters on the golf course hey what’s going on guys
coach Arick here with AJ Golf Academy I’m also a game-like training associate
we’re gonna take you behind the scenes of a training session we had this past
week with two of our college players Arjun Puri Hey nice to meet you, nice to meet you Who’s currently a student at Columbia University And Kanata Irei hey nice to meet you Who’s going to be attending St. Leo here in the spring hope you enjoy We’ll continue to do the birdie game he’s doing So his game was starting on the red tees two birdies three birdies so we had to
do three birdies on the red tees to move back and then three birdies on the white
tees to move back and then three birdies from blue three from blue and then two from gold and then one from the tips so the fairway kind of
goes straight and starts to curve at the flag and over towards the fan and winds up that way so you kinda want to play one finishing at the fan I’m just trying to visualize my shot
kind of look at it so while doing that take two swings just feeling the shot just
looking at the target oh my… Good Arjun! Nice play! Pep talk time. why do we train what’s the purpose
of us being on the golf course and training to build what begins with H Hab H To build, to create what? Habits Habits ready for tournament play if I was one of your
college coaches and I watched you do that in a tournament your approach and
your approach what do you think the college coach is gonna say yeah it’s not
a habit that we want to create is it so from now on every approach shot you’re
gonna tell me which side you’re not gonna miss okay so Kanata you said you
wanted it three feet past the pin so so what what happened for you to miss the
shot by however many feet that is Did you really want it three feet past? Did
you know the number perfectly? okay so No. Okay, so again it’s that habit because in a
tournament you know that’s a strength of your game in a tournament you’ve got
your staring six-eight feet for birdie and now you’ve got that chip tricky up
and down for par what was your thought process on because I said Arick I said oh
man if I had Arjun’s chip I’d probably chip that behind me to where Kanata was
and Arick was like yeah that would be terrible hahaha and then you went and did it so I was not I’m not comfortable with that
chip I should have backed out the first time thought clearly what I wanted to do so for both of you it was not having a
clear plan yeah for me yeah and for kinara he said three feet past when we
asked him the question but you weren’t thinking three feet past so don’t hit
any shots without a clear plan and that clear plan has to revolve around okay where are, less eradicate the bad miss I just listened to a podcast on the way
back from Florida yesterday it was Tiger Woods and he said what’s the one thing
that you did better than any other Pro he said I never missed on the on the
wrong side he said I had such a good short game because all my chips were
basic chips and even then started talking the president’s cup how the
guys were teeing it up on the wrong side of the box etc etc so you got a value it in
practice for it to happen in tournaments so that’s what we’re going to value from
now on okay push-ups if you miss on the wrong side
lots of them Arjun, I think it’s Come on Arjun, you don’t hit it that far! I don’t know why I come All the stuff about the gym in columbia You can look, I’ll show you the next hole He said at his gym he works so hard Arick, I invited him to crossfit No I’m not good enough for that Arick how many times did you throw up when you went? 3 of the first 3. 3 for 3 or was it 4 for 4? I feel like it might have been, I always tell everyone 4 I almost threw up yesterday or 2 days ago doing like going from deadlifts to
handstand push-ups, as soon as I got upside down Oh look at him, not going from like the rower to the bike. Go from deadlifts to handstand so there we have Yea no big deal, 30 handstand push-ups So there we have it guys, our very first vlog thanks so
much for watching thank you to Kanata For coming all the way from Japan to train with us Thanks to Arjun Making the effort to come and see us from New York City Light weight! And, thanks to you guys for watching! please click subscribe tell your friends
tell your family come watch us train check it out you guys are crazy…

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