Powakaddy Golf Trolley – On / Off Switch Replacement Guide
Powakaddy Golf Trolley – On / Off Switch Replacement Guide

Replace the On-Off Switch and Cover on your
Powakaddy Trolley Parts needed: new on-off switch and cover
Tools needed: flat-headed screw driver, pliers This works for: all Powakaddy Classics, Powakaddy
Touch & all Powakaddy Freeways except Freeway 2, Freeway Sport 2012 onwards and Freeway
Digital 2012 onwards Why replace the on-off switch? Electrical problems with the trolley. Trolley may not move at all or may cut out
during play. While this can be caused by other problems,
this is a cheap part and worth trying first. Step 1: prise the on-off switch out of the
handle with a flat-headed screw driver. Step 2: pull the 2 wires off the bottom of
the switch using the pliers. Step 3: push the 2 wires onto the bottom of
the new switch. Step 4: put the plastic cover over the new
switch. Step 5: push it back into the slot on the

2 thoughts on “Powakaddy Golf Trolley – On / Off Switch Replacement Guide”

  1. Kieran Myers says:

    my power caddy froze on the control and my speed isn't good anymore

  2. Charles Willcock says:

    My Powakaddy is a Freeway – but does not look like this. What would be helpful is a link to the Powakaddy Freeway which does not have a separate on off switch, but instead the on off switch is also the speed control.

    Is that too much to ask from Powakaddy?

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