Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (backspin)
Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (backspin)

Training partner: Sorry mate, can’t make it today I think we have all been in this
situation so today we are going to show you different ways How to play table tennis alone! It’s like making a beat! Good boy Wow Good job! Nooo! Couldn’t handle the compliment There is still 70% of you guys watching who haven’t subscribed so help our channel and do it now! You don’t need an opponent! Switch! It’s good footwork actually Come on! Hope you guys got some inspiration on how to practice without a partner Don’t forget to subscribe And watch our previous episodes there! Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (backspin)”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    Who else is spending Valentine's Day alone with some balls and a racket? 😏

  2. aayuxh says:

    In between leg shot wile running

  3. Kowaleq 222 says:

    Do the next intro in polish pls

  4. Carlos Oviedo says:

    Como me conoces de bien youtube xd
    Al parecer eres mi único amigo 😢

  5. Anirudh Ponraj says:

    I don't think I will be able to play alone as I don't have enough accuracy to hit the ball to the racket

  6. Isaac Llopis says:

    Hi guys! You're great, I love your videos! Why don't you do a video playing giant table tennis 2×2 with a famous table tennis player or Adam Bobrow, or Josep Anton (the trickshot master)? That would be great!

  7. Isaac Llopis says:

    Could you show videos of you playing when you were children?

  8. pleb playz says:

    This man is playing around the world with himself.

  9. _ Pedrin07Assis _ says:

    This is so cool 😁

  10. Dereck Tran says:

    1:26 method 3 seems the best to me

  11. PF HAMMAD says:

    Make intro and outdo while doing around the net shots

  12. Potato Tomato says:

    You should tie a string to your hand and tape it to the ball and keep hitting it back and forth

  13. Akezhan Grizzly says:

    How i spend my 14 February…

  14. muonio plays says:

    Next in challenges try to do snakes 1 minute row btw i was there today and saw you filming next time autograph??

  15. Aaryamik Patel says:



    Pls subscribe to their channel

  17. leaka deek says:

    or you can take the cameraman, just saying*

  18. Deft says:

    Pongfinity challenge: try to make music while playing.

  19. MADARA UCHIHA says:

    They are watching who has subscribed and who hasnt. WTF?
    They are stalking us, now I am denfinately not gonna subscribe

  20. Staycoolvloggers says:

    Why don’t pongfinity not have a table tennis with there logo on it

  21. TaaPeli says:

    1:16 sieltä tuli pari tutua sanaa

  22. Pedro Oliveira says:

    New title: How to play table tennis with no friends

  23. Chunk says:

    How to Forrest Gump

  24. tinsellycomet 887 says:

    You say 70% when y'all have over 1 million there are like 60 channels that do that y'all need to stop

  25. TheIceCubes says:

    You forgot the string method

  26. gallgall plays says:

    What's sadder the guy or us watching this😂

  27. Franz Landorf says:

    First thoughts: Forest Gump

  28. Leo Calinawan says:

    keep the good works ever up folks! spread the love for this remarkable sport all over..big up!!!

  29. 鸭梨山大 says:


  30. Shilpi Srivastava says:

    Keep up pongfinity

  31. Jomy Alcaraz says:

    I want too meet you guys in person because I'm a fan and I play table-tennis too but I'm practicing

  32. Malte S says:

    plays darts with a table tennis trowel and a ball that sticks to the dart board

  33. ポチ says:


  34. ぷにぷに魔神勢 says:


  35. Cosmin Xxx says:

    what happens when an OCD masturbator goes to the local ping-pong club and his OCD kicks in but he can't do it in public? solo ping-pong, ofcourse.

  36. Judie Dominguez says:

    1:20 otto's mic is in his beard. I just realised:D

  37. sapnu puas says:

    Me as introvert

  38. N1TR0 says:

    Who is watching this video because he don't have friends?

  39. Archie Wrightmam says:

    1:50 his mic is attached to his beard

  40. Safiye Sümer says:

    Türk varmı beaaaa

  41. Eugell says:

    My mom: asking me what I want for my birthday,

    Me: 2:34

  42. AliEN says:

    Wow, this called me lonely in 7 different ways…

  43. イツキ says:


  44. Hasuka/ハスカ says:


  45. 水甜瓜【スイカ】 says:


  46. 名名 says:


  47. Haleen Hruday says:

    I'd rather just go home if my partner didn't show up…

  48. おおおインチキン says:


  49. RODO TOMATIS says:

    Juegen al padel porfa saludos

  50. Borsillo says:

    Ahora quiero un video de como practicar sexo sin una novia.

  51. tumzz says:

    Ei kestäny kehuja :○

  52. watta says:

    good idea!!!

  53. GO PLAY ES.& SPORTS says:

    So good method

  54. is everybody in * says:

    gay, play real tennis instead


    3:20 pls how can i do this service

  56. Patrick Obi says:


  57. Aatos Eskelinen says:

    Where are you guys from

  58. Kai Sennin says:

    I would prefer method 5

  59. りく。 says:


  60. Mk_Eitoman says:


  61. Mels van Tol says:

    The first service of method 6 would be great for the competition.

  62. SimpleManGrows says:

    You guys are good, but you aren't Randy Daytona.

  63. ジニングライ says:


  64. Nirmala Gurung says:

    Stiga racket 729 ball please

  65. Juztine Ezekiel Narce says:


  66. lukas ličina says:

    when you are lonely…

  67. Claire Speight says:

    Go to China and play professional Chinese players for fun though

  68. 雨降りカネキ says:

    I'll help you

  69. うーむ says:


  70. スカイ夏空 says:


  71. Varun Marar says:

    Challenge : hit the ball through multiple (say 4 or 5) spinning hula hoops.
    Challenge : play table tennis while spinning a hula hoop around your waist.
    Challenge : play table tennis while spinning a hula hoop around your neck.

  72. そもさんそもそもの says:


  73. KT New says:

    this is one very sad video ngl

  74. flexfree FF says:

    Namoral amo esse canal

  75. tai Vasily says:

    When I was younger I used to play rock, paper, sisscors by my self.

  76. VRS Noob says:

    When you don’t have a actual table and play on a tiny one

  77. Parth Acharya says:

    This is me at home

  78. KZK26 says:


  79. ちぇわ、 says:


  80. 弖嗚弘前 says:


  81. モニカMonika says:


  82. ほか says:


  83. Clautan says:

    What would happens if otto's run ?

  84. なくようぐいす says:




  85. 焙煎済みのコーヒー豆 says:

    If you do it in a gymnasium in Japan, you'll get strange looks.

  86. 色違いレジアイス says:


  87. Tek Gung says:

    Otto's Mike is in his beard!

  88. Pikachu says:

    Wait, why are you guys watching this video?🧐😏

  89. Survival Sponge says:


  90. IchTuDirWeh says:

    Lonliness: 100

  91. 山﨑颯太郎 says:


  92. Daniel Giurgiuveanu says:

    1:58 Miikka he's stuck with his head in the clouds

  93. kanshiketsu89 says:

    Not sure if playing table tennis alone is super-cool or just kinda sad… 😀

  94. みやミヤ says:


  95. Albin Reka says:

    But every game is boring if you play alone…

  96. アカナA says:


  97. N4RCOT1CO says:

    enséñame a hacer saques

  98. Zigzang84 says:

    The ultimate video of when you have no friends…

  99. Carrot Mini says:

    How difficult

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