Play on another level at Pechanga Resort & Casino

♪♪♪♪>>Started out in 1995 with a
small venue, small entertainment venue, and have reinvested into this business for the
last 20-plus years, and here we are with the full resort experience. We certainly have the ability for you to stay
and play. So, you stay on the property, you come down
here, spend time, and you can golf as long as you want. ♪♪♪♪>>Journey at Pechanga is an
18-hole Arthur Hills-designed golf course that was built back in 2008. So we’re just coming up on 10 years old. And we sit back in here amongst the foothills
and the mountains behind this beautiful property right behind my left shoulder. Best thing that I enjoy about it is how quiet
it is. We don’t have any houses around the golf course,
so it’s peaceful. You’ve got kind of a valley type of setting
with regards to the golf course, and then you’ve got mountains, and hitting shots off
the mountainside to beautiful, beautiful views. And then, after that, they’ve got dining experiences. Certainly, you have the spa. You’ve got the pool that they can go to, staying
here in the hotel. And you just might want to visit a blackjack
table.>>Our brand-new spa actually just opened
earlier this year. It is 25,000 square feet. We have 17 luxurious treatment rooms with
brand-new native treatments that honor our traditional roots. We have hydrotherapy pools, a relaxation area,
and a private spa pool just for our spa patrons. So we welcome you to come and visit us here
at beautiful Temecula Valley. Come visit Spa Pechanga, and we would love
to pamper you, and give you an experience in luxury and serenity.>>We truly consider this place our home. And so, with that, we are essentially inviting
our patrons and those that come on-property into our home. And we want to make sure that they feel like
they’re at home. they feel like they’re family. That goes for customers and employees alike. We just want everybody to feel comfortable,
and feel like they can come and have a good time in a fun, safe environment.

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