PING S55 Iron Review –
PING S55 Iron Review –

Hi, this is Matt Saternus for Plugged In Golf
and in this video I’m going to review the new S55 iron by PING. Let’s get plugged in. The S55 is the new iron that PING has released
to replace the S56 for better players, and it’s already found its way into the bags of
tour players like Hunter Mahan, Billy Horschel, and Bubba Watson who wouldn’t change irons
for the longest time. The reason they’re all switching to the S55 is that it has all of
the elements of the PING S Series iron that players love, the looks, the feel, but with
a little more forgiveness and a little higher launch. In terms of all the subjective elements, I
think this is the best iron PING has ever made. I think the looks are super clean, classic,
this is an iron that’s still going to look great in 5 years or 10 years. At address,
the top line is very thin, the sole is thin, the offset is very minimal, so it’s all the
things you’d look for and expect in a player’s iron. The thing that I noticed most was that
from heel to toe it’s actually a little bit shorter and that really frames the ball nicely.
In terms of feel, I think it’s the best feeling iron I’ve ever hit from PING. It’s very solid,
you get nice feedback to know exactly where you hit the ball on the face. The performance aspect that really surprised
me about this iron was how forgiving it is. Now, let me be clear, this is not an iron
for 20 handicap players or even a 15 handicap. This is an iron for really good players, for
PING’s tour staff, single digit players, so you’ve got to be a good ball striker to play
this iron, but PING has used multiple materials in this head to make it so that even if you
hit it a little thin you’re still going to get a pretty good looking golf shot. You can
miss a little bit heel or toe and still get a good result. Now the forgiveness is kind
of a bonus because what this iron is really about is ball control. This is for players
who want to be able to flight the ball low, high, curve the ball right or left, and if
you’re playing the S55 you’re not going to have any excuses. Whatever your skill can
do with the ball, the S55 is going to be right there and allow you to do it. It’s not going
to make the ball draw too much or cut too much or anything, it’s a pretty blank canvas
so if you have the skill to hit a given shot, the S55 is going to allow you to do it. If you have any questions about the PING S55
please post them down below and I’ll be happy to answer them. If you enjoyed the video,
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Saternus, thanks for watching.

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