PING Pros Test the i500 irons
PING Pros Test the i500 irons

Oh my. See you, bye. Wow. That looks incredible. Holy cow. This is like a true blade. Yeah, it’s got the look and feel of a true
blade, but it’s going to be kind of mind boggling because it’s built a lot of the technology
like a metal wood. That’s nice. What did that go? 181 yards. Uh oh. Looks like we got a long one. Show it. It’s 211. 211? But I hit the green, he didn’t. Just saying. Green was too short. The cool thing about this iron is it
looks like a player’s iron, but it performs like one of our G clubs. It just goes high and far. 193. Wow. That’s the furthest I’ve ever hit a 7 iron. So we built it like a metal wood, it’s got
maraging C300 face, forged, variable face thickness, so everything about it is kind
of like a fairway wood but in a tiny blade looking package. I just hit that one 266. Congratulations. Thank you. That’s all I was looking for today.

6 thoughts on “PING Pros Test the i500 irons”

  1. Kris Quaas says:

    Please post a bubba and Louis compilation video lol

  2. James Miller says:

    Shame they cost so much!

  3. Blake Davies says:

    If I win the lottery I'll buy myself a set!

  4. what a plonker rodney says:

    Trying to sell it much how many tour pros are using this club 193 yards with a 7 iron try do that in England pga always in nice hot weather test these pros for fuck sake

  5. james shade says:

    Woft, £929

  6. alijohnny says:

    Brilliant irons. So clean looking. Love em

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