Ping Pong Stereotypes
Ping Pong Stereotypes

[The illegal serve guy] You can’t read my serves, can you? So you want to play like that? [The edge guy] [The screamer guy] [The high toss guy] I have been working on my new serve. I will go to the toilet quickly. Just in time! I think that I need to throw the ball a bit higher! [The non moving guy] Nothing I can do about that! [The perfect ball guy] It’s not round! No, it does not sound good. [The Pongfinity guy] Can we play seriously now? C’mon! One more! That’s a Pongfinity shot! The jackpot guy!

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Stereotypes”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    This was a lot of fun 😂 Should we make another stereotypes video?

  2. TheCeilingFanCollectorHD says:


  3. Jayden Michaels says:

    The best parts of the video is when they laugh

  4. rk lthbrdg says:

    licks ball

  5. indomie is my bae says:

    Comparing that sub count on the video VS the real sub now… Wow congrats guys, this community is huge now

  6. Trooperofdeath21 - says:

    I’m the non mover

  7. Henri Luokkanen says:

    Instagram: Henri_luokkanen

  8. Γιαννης V7s says:

    01:06 Lmao

  9. Mees Mees says:

    He literally look like a bear if he shouts

  10. Ahmet UNSAL says:


  11. Kralj Petar says:

    Wow have titl for Srpski Idemooooo

  12. timthenotyt ok says:

    Qui est francais

  13. 말랑게임하기 says:


  14. Sir Nigel III says:

    I’d be the edge guy, wondering why I can’t put the ball in the table… (ducking rubber!)

  15. Sir Nigel III says:

    Lol 😆 the non mover! Killed me hahahaha

  16. levan beriashvili says:

    There are lots of nonmoving guys in my country

  17. よむよむ says:

    1:56 「ボールに妥協しない男」

  18. Mateusz Kowalski says:

    f0rest, is that you?

  19. Lotus Hempelonium says:

    Love the music! La la la la la la!

  20. Lucía says:

    Literally everyone who tries beating me in Wii Sports Resort but doesn't succeed

  21. Gasho says:

    Otto looks like a baby with a beatd and it makes him look even more scary😂

  22. てっぺい says:


  23. scilla ferrari says:

    Io sono italiano

  24. MsKath YT says:

    The guy in orange shirt looks a bit like Luke Hemmings.

    Only me? OK bye 👋

  25. Chankey Pathak says:

    The fact that they purposely did this is why this video doesn't do justice to the title.

  26. Trove-CsGo LoL says:

    At 0:50 the guy with the yellow shirt sounds like the charisma skill of swords and sandals

  27. OnLy_Den says:

    2:23 did u ever notice that this serve Is illegal?

  28. Mert Çağlayan says:


  29. Rayhan Nugraha says:

    the only thing these guys bad at ping pong is they're bad at pretending that they're bad

  30. Komikaze_ Noodle says:

    Kinda disappointed on some, wouldve expected a lot more of a relatable type. Not just a guy who serves illegally

  31. Jonasson Jonas says:


  32. Giovanni Rapisarda says:

    Omg… Im on the " non moving" list.

  33. Sharii Playz says:

    I play ping pong at my school and I’m very good

  34. Deli Şair says:


  35. 1コメとるマン says:


  36. saurabh vaishnav says:

    Totally relatable 😂😂

  37. Nasu Mr. says:


  38. ItsN3xt says:



  39. Mahdi Tanovic says:

    0:39 like Federer in 2019 Wimbledon final match point

  40. Abdul Rasheed says:

    Copying dude perfect

  41. DAN NAD says:

    It's type

  42. frej fogelqvist-utterström says:

    I am the edge guy

  43. Uday Shankar says:


  44. Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen says:

    That edge guy is basically me

  45. Roman Way says:


  46. Mohanned Abdulaziz says:

    plz teach me how to get as good as you guys

  47. Corben Harvey-sanderson says:

    The people on the other side of the curtain must be having a good time ay

  48. Eli Quintana-Mutia says:

    Ok so I just learnt I’ve been serving illegally my whole life

  49. Alan Chiu says:

    Non moving guy is just actual Otto.

  50. ___. Vampire . ___ says:


  51. Alexandre Gomes says:

    Algum br?

  52. Circar Bose says:

    What happens when these guys play in the Olympics?

  53. RaZ3rr -Youtube says:

    I remember subscribing to these guys in 2018 when they had only a few subs then 2 years later I see their video comes in my recommended and I see they have 1.5M subs 😯😮

  54. Flancoco says:

    On veut un feat avec julatito

  55. blackcattabletennis says:

    good clip

  56. Valen Mobile says:

    I, m indonesian

  57. Ahmad Habash says:

    Play in a circle

  58. Nemanja Radulović says:


  59. Om says:

    재미있게 노네~

  60. Animesh Gandhi says:

    0:49 – sooooo Harimoto?

  61. Ardo Marsel says:

    What is the name backsound song in this video?

  62. Marli Josefa says:


  63. Blaze Playz says:

    I’m not sure why I was recommended your channel so much but I’m kinda glad I was lol

  64. Antonio Oliveira says:

    The music is horrible

  65. Barış Kara says:

    alt yazı olarak TÜRKÇE yazsanız olmaz mı?

  66. Siddhanth Bhat says:

    I'm definitely the edge guy

  67. Prieto Martinez, Lander says:


  68. verter 0 says:

    I'm the edge guy😅😂😂

  69. Paul F says:

    They should have added the 'guy that moans about your serve because they are losing points, even though your serving action is identical to theirs, but you go out of your way to appease them by over-exaggerating your legal service action and still beat them'.

  70. Jairus M. says:

    My junior high teacher was the illegal serves guy. Whenever he would serve he wouldn't release the ball and he got salty because i put spin on my serves

  71. Sweaty Gamer says:

    Who’s watching in 2020

  72. 小泉進次郎環境大臣 says:

    【ドラゴンボールZ ドッカンバトル】
    ステージ5では「ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー」の

  73. Мужчина - says:

    красавы 🙂 люблю пинг! а также понг!

  74. Erez Shiri says:

    Im half of them

  75. Kristogram says:

    im the edge guy


  76. kiler licurici says:

    Pong finity pro ping pong

  77. randy blankenship says:

    these guys are padiphiles

  78. F1N5-D4N15L 187 says:

    2:11 wow

  79. Huseyin Kucukkose says:

    I am the edge guy

  80. bill skour says:

    Can confirm I am the edge guy

  81. Itzpranthemusicman - Music Covers says:

    Oh daddy Miicka

  82. มณี ใต้ตีน says:


  83. kumari daisy says:

    Ha ha

  84. Muzhi Li says:

    0:49 Tomokazu Harimoto

  85. Person Man says:

    2:01 Flat Earthers be like

  86. Full of thrash says:

    2:11 wtf🤔

  87. 이병호 says:


  88. Arihant Dugar says:

    Nothing I can do about that lol

  89. wwzach16 says:

    Otto scream is generations of viking screams built into one

  90. Djparenca 47 says:


  91. Jeremiah Preston Angeles says:

    In the first one, Miikka looked depressed when Otto was serving

  92. Mordo Riggs says:

    Cringy af🙄

  93. そこら辺の吸血鬼 says:


  94. Toast with 50,000 Subscribers says:

    0:58 someone forgot to take their meds this morning

  95. Red ! says:

    I saw myself

  96. sebastiano calella says:

    Try ti burn a ping pong ball, and maybe use it

  97. kavita pawar says:

    play ping pong with mxp evolution rubber and rasanter r47rubber

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