Ping Pong Stereotypes 2
Ping Pong Stereotypes 2

[The ball breaker] Emil, did you bring some balls? Yeah, they are on the floor! Do you have any more balls? I think this one is broken. Yeah, it’s broken! Oops! Sorry! [The no backhand guy] Maybe I should stick to playing forehand… [The sweaty guy] Good match! [The lucky guy] Sorry! Sorry! Always lucky. Sorry! It’s all about skill! [The tennis guy] Ace! This is not tennis! [The excuses guy] I can’t see anything! The lights… and the floor… and your shirt! I just went to the gym yesterday, my hand is so stiff. The table is not straight. Now it’s good! My rubbers are too old! There is not enough room here! [The ritual guy] [The diving guy] Alright, so all of you who have not subscribed yet Remember to do that now! If you want to see a part 3 of stereotypes, give this video a thumbs a like. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Stereotypes 2”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    These videos are so much fun to do 😂 Which stereotypes have not yet been covered by us? We might make a part 3 if you guys enjoy this video 😊

  2. ChribzZ FN says:

    Is Emil from Sweden?

  3. shilmazl says:

    Which racket do you prefer?

  4. Eeli salo says:

    Tilasin, tykkäsin ja laitoin ilmotukset päälle! Hyvää contenttii!

  5. Red Wings Fan says:

    I'm definitely the no back hand guy😂

  6. Obito Uchiha says:

    This ace kill me xD 2:00

  7. TempleDrive_ says:

    Subtítulos: el rompe bolas


  8. Araf Tube Gaming says:

    Do cricket stereotypes

  9. BogOFF Play says:

    Йоу народ есть кто русский

  10. Mayank Pant says:

    Is shot at 2:03 and 2:04 legal??

  11. afrostydav says:

    Asians use penhold always.

  12. 스파하는김모씨 says:

    한쿡사람 있나??

  13. AdyWady says:

    Yo the forehand only guy is actually me. I can’t backhand to save my life 😂😂😭

  14. Pokemon Piluachu says:


  15. AHMET ÇELİK says:

    1.03 WATER

  16. Walkli 7 says:

    Leaked footage of mikka playing penhold

  17. Daniel Michal Krajcer says:

    I’m the Tennis guy😂😂

  18. Ts Zy says:

    I am the no backhand guy😭😭

  19. Fraser Macpherson says:

    “My hand is so stiff”. He was talk about his shoulder

  20. Hameed Abu tarboush says:

    "Do you have anymore balls ?"

  21. luka06 says:

    Im is 2.

  22. IB Playz says:

    "No table tennis balls were harmed in the making of this video"


  23. SkupinYT says:

    0:32 its me

  24. Edwin Chang says:

    Challenge Pongfinity: Do all of these at the same time

  25. IamDiogon says:

    Watching Miika break those balls is painful

  26. 154 Demonic says:

    the tennis guy is more like Calderano

  27. Ted391 Channel says:

    Soundtrack, please!

  28. Rew says:

    I’m the no backhand guy

  29. kaafi _ says:

    I'm the no backhand guy but reverse I stick to backhand

  30. Rohan Vellanki says:

    I’m without a doubt the no backhand guy

  31. Tomas Martin says:

    Que marca son las paletas que usan???

  32. UTebs says:

    İ am the no backhand guy lol

  33. Zacharias Gillheim says:

    So true 🙂

  34. Varun Dhiman says:

    Tare se ache short mare ha

  35. FlipidiFlopin' Gaming says:

    How did oto get sweaty

  36. Raja K says:

    You play very short place

  37. Mattrex Dark says:

    That first one definitely took a lot of balls to pull off

  38. Maciu 3450 says:

    2:14 water,ground,wind

  39. Vexon says:

    0:32 That's my boy

  40. Itachi Uchiha says:

    What about the volleyball serves and hits?

  41. Ryan Jagpal says:

    The sweaty guy 🤣

  42. Ahsan Shahzad says:

    No balls were broken in the making of this video.

  43. ふかだ、 says:


  44. Peter Kuan says:


  45. Kowsar Ali says:

    Very funny

  46. Amethyst says:

    you can just hear otto going "ace"
    that cracks me up everytime!

  47. Ahmed Almansoori says:

    I am the no back head guy

  48. Twizzerz says:

    Me:Not Giving my brother to play ps4

    My brother: 0:30

  49. La Master Sword says:

    Bonjour je suis une mouche qui vole en au de la voiture qui roule XD 🙂

  50. Christopher Gamboa says:

    I am really good at tennis. My favourite tennis player is Roger Federer. Like this comment if you also like federer.

  51. Ritan Kc7 says:

    Any 1give a check bat

  52. wiciu 1678 says:

    Im not back hand man😂

  53. S6brapoiss_Tupsu says:

    Welp… have played tennis for 15 years. I am definitely the tennis guy 😀

  54. Skarscat says:

    I have never heard a ping pong stereo type

  55. Godfrey Prince says:

    Put the ball in boiling water, air within ball expands and ball pops out

  56. Hosam Eldeen says:


  57. Nate Wilson says:

    The sweaty guy… yep that's me… 🙁

  58. Xperier says:

    the lights the floor and …… your shirt >nioce

  59. Billie Quin says:

    Hiền lành là bản tính, tốt bụng vì bản thiện, làm việc bằng bản lĩnh, đi học như bản năng, chỉ nghĩ tới bản thân.

  60. เปรม ผีบ้าาา says:


  61. Md Zaid Hassan says:

    I actually had a NO backhand guy friend…
    It was real fun making him run side to side…
    Anyway he now has mastered backhand😢

  62. Md Zaid Hassan says:

    I appreciate them actually filming the lucky guy

  63. Prakash Neupane says:

    Some times I pause the video to take him rest

  64. Урфин Джус says:


  65. utku şahin says:

    I realized I'm the backhand but can't get W.

  66. daniel trujillo ch says:


  67. n gencer says:

    0.30 nice

  68. Hugo Oliviera says:

    0:30 i give like. Good emotion hahah

  69. Hamza Akarsu says:

    0:32 its me 🤣🤣🤣

  70. onni flipss says:

    Ootteko suomalaisia

  71. Matthew Hoog says:

    Beg beg beg for subs. MAKE GOOD VIDEOS and I'll decide for myself thanks

  72. ashima madaan says:

    Play with white board

  73. Carlos y Karla Reyes Tv says:

    I am the tennis guy

  74. Wolf Assasasinツ says:

    0:22 When you didn’t do your homework

  75. ottomanpapyrus says:

    I got a smash guy at my school he can smash other smashes and still hit the table , flabbergasted lol

  76. 해무룩 says:


  77. Warner Kochlacs says:

    The 2 hand backhand got me!

  78. Gaming_Steve007 says:

    2:32 is vaid

  79. Мир SPORTA says:

    2.Лайк на этот коммент❤
    Делаю тоже самое и вам♻
    Заранее большое спасибо жду?

  80. Filip Główczyński says:

    I'm no backhand guy

  81. Coaster Nerd says:

    Not sure I want to know how much Otto stores in his beard.

  82. Abdul Muqeet says:

    I like how Otto said ace

  83. Anna Krenn says:

    5balls are broken

  84. ritu Gupta says:

    That's the backhand guy is J just me but I am playing cricket

  85. JERIN LIN says:

    0.09: u have any more balls. Of course, there’s two right under his waste.😄

  86. MIro Mahmud says:

    0:49 ite oon tätä stereotyyppiä😅😅

  87. equilibrium 814 says:

    I'm the no backhand guy

  88. Ahmad says:

    I’m the no back hand guy 💔

  89. Hugo 《Bozz Viz》 says:

    1:38 CHOLEE

    iT IS aLl 4b0ut sk1ll

  90. Potato Tomato says:


  91. Czech TV Team NOOB says:

    Vy jste cz

  92. anes jemini says:

    im the no backhand guy😂😂

  93. Gago 64 says:

    The goalkeeper guy

  94. Dhruv Narain says:

    Guys I think I am the diving guy

  95. Xx_Abinaas xx says:

    'The ball breaker ' makes the place smell like nail varnish if u know what I mean

  96. Adronix says:

    Rubcie wiencej z poland

  97. Геймер Юморит says:


  98. serenity says:

    1:19 should be the Canadian because they’re always saying sorry

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