Ping Pong Battles against Strangers
Ping Pong Battles against Strangers

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we are taking table tennis to the
sunny streets of Helsinki. We’ll be challenging strangers to a game of
table tennis With these 3 items. They will get to choose which one we will
play with. If they manage to beat us We will give them 20 euros. Let’s go! Well, that was not an easy match but luckily I won. Thanks man. Yeah, no problem! Thank you, thank you. We need a picture! Have a good one! You too! So, unfortunately our first loss. The wind wasn’t on our side and… the plate wasn’t quite my strength… Yea yea, excuses excuses! Alright, today we found one guy who was able to beat Miikka
with a plate. Congratulations to him! We had a lot of fun filming this episode If you enjoyed it too, remember to leave it
a thumbs up And subscribe to our channel. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Battles against Strangers”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    Something a bit different! Leave the video a thumbs up if you want us to make a part 2 of street battles! Also, leave your suggestions on which items we should use next time!

  2. Atharva Sharma says:

    Bro plz try with pencil or pen

  3. Бусянчик 3G says:

    Просто супер!

  4. Crazy Raizy says:

    3:20 plz respond did u forget to edit that out

  5. azwan zin says:

    Try playing pingpong with soccer ball….

  6. Taylor Lilly says:


  7. Johannes #sport says:

    where are you from because i can hear an accent out of your english

  8. Au Yeung Henry says:

    Pongfinity I want to play table tennis with you guys

  9. Au Yeung Henry says:

    Wish I lived in Finland

  10. Vasily Zorin says:

    Wtf, 1:30, the opponent won the score, not lost it!!!

  11. Tomppa123 says:

    Onks toi otsikko suomeksi oikeesti?? Ku tää yt suomenti nää taas? Vai mitä?

  12. The Best King Atef says:

    I love them dude

  13. The Best King Atef says:

    This is great vid keep going guys

  14. bohnenmit sauce says:

    Nice Vid Probs from germany

  15. NE VER says:

    I would also like to add Korean XD

  16. Anas Nijem says:

    صلو على النبي

  17. Kael Monx says:

    Are you Russian?

  18. TheComedicDragon says:

    Why u change the scoreboard and cut it so much in match 4?

  19. Leonardo Leozinho says:

    Grr double point?

  20. Venus says:

    In this video 37 people rode a bicycle

  21. Arnav Tandon says:

    U r a cheater u r changing the points

  22. Aya Rusher says:

    go to my channel I posted a mini ping pong tournament

  23. THESUIDE says:

    Miren los puntos , pongfinity a mi parecer se los suma

  24. Эдельвейс says:

    Please write Russian translation in the bottom

  25. GFire YT says:

    Has anyone noticed the first match was leftie vs leftie

  26. My name? says:

    The last person was to aggressive, if he wasn’t trying to hit the ball really hard all the time he probably would have won! Nice game tho

  27. tucker lary says:

    can everyone I finland play ping pong

  28. Botzinho Gameplays says:

    Galera passem no meu canal, não tenho um cel mto bom e por isso gravo partidas no grafico suave, a qualidade dos videos é bem ruim só que faço jogadas bonitas e mitagens, passem lá galera, agradeço

  29. hallo hallo says:

    Nice Video

  30. Mateen MK says:

    Thats amazing keep going..

  31. Kolex says:

    Wtf look at the point First HE had 3 and ponfinity 2 and then pongdinity 3 and HE 2 every round points are not fair

  32. ВиДоСиКи says:

    Play only blows

  33. Einari Kisel says:

    I have exactly the same plate at home and BOII they're expensive

  34. Stafford Corradini says:

    Bruh so the first guy said he wants to win so he chooses the one THAT IS MOST LIKE A TABLE TENNIS PADDLE smh

  35. ucnhtmenow1 says:

    Really guys lol. Hilarious

  36. NewTek Gaming says:

    Hi, I'm Italian why Italian title?

  37. ADN cousins says:

    OMG!!!, It was awesome…

  38. Heroo. says:

    Otto is a beast

  39. SkySuperFoxer says:

    Mikä katu toi on??

  40. Dumb DJ5062 says:

    they lost at 4:26 to 5:54

  41. Anju Agarwal says:

    play with a hockey

  42. Elan says:

    4:37 At my school this makes the opponent lose straight.

  43. SANDRA Mccullough says:

    Well I want to win and choose the pan, u really want to lose, pan was the best thing for him to use.

  44. Chris Collins says:


  45. Dennis Wang says:

    was it just me or was there sound problems starting at 2:25? let me know

  46. Jose’s Gaming Channel says:

    Finally someone got to collect the money.

  47. mr erkki247 says:

    Miksi ette tee videoita Suomeksi

  48. J F Gcr says:


  49. Alexander Henriquez Faghtmann says:

    Pls Do a part 2

  50. jhonatta lima says:

    alguem br ?

  51. Ragemage LIVE says:


    The points

  52. MAGA PLEX says:

    Why is everyone hitting backhand?


    Does Otto ever loses?

  54. Aurora Barbero says:

    Intro in italian pl!!!

  55. Alan Sanchez says:

    Is everyone in Finland good at ping pong?

  56. aidan tran says:

    I just realized that Otto is left handed

  57. Simona Grillo says:

    Ma voi barate

  58. Extreme fishing Squad says:

    Request try to play a game with shotgun shells. I tried today and couldn’t do it

  59. Avinash Prabhakar says:

    play with an Apple iPad #challenge

  60. Savo Vidakovic says:

    3:35 4:4 6:4

  61. Jonathan Erdy says:

    Njir iklanku reza arap fak

  62. Lorenzo Decarolis says:

    I would play with you, but I'm Italian and I can't.
    I love you, continue with this type of format👍

  63. APS TECH says:

    Give me plate and you take the Racket😉
    But no Top spins allowed 😆Backhand only

  64. Nebojsa Radjevic says:

    Come to Banjaluka,we will beat you with cucumber! 🙂

  65. Lizotte Fan says:

    Love you guys 😍❣️

  66. AMIR BIN NAZAR says:

    Try to play with a water bottle

  67. N1kke says:

    mistä te revitte noita pisteitä itelle

  68. Aleksi Lindeman says:

    Mä tun suomista

  69. joao FF says:

    Me brisil

  70. vijay jain says:

    Oo mikka lost the match really

  71. David Moreno says:

    I'm win one Mach

  72. Astrodical ' says:

    If these are strangers than how come some of them can do backspin?

  73. Oliver Bradley says:

    Does anyone else find it funny that once Pongfinity lost the first match they started playing Christmas songs even though it was published in August?

  74. T STEVEN says:

    Hey! Many opponents forgot to throw the ball at the beginning.

  75. PatrickLP YT says:

    Jesss 1 mio

  76. wilkin.simon says:

    Otto just has some magical tekka doesnt he? Like effortless but beautiful

  77. Vtipálek Samuel says:

    Ponginfiniti speak One minute Czech at the beginning of the video One minute Czech at the beginning of the video 🤣👌❤️

  78. Electro wolf says:

    Miika vs otto

  79. Roman Way says:


  80. Firruri 8 says:

    Video loppuu kun rahat loppuu

  81. Manyy says:

    This 1st Dude was good

  82. The Badly Gt says:

    1:26 Cheat -.-

  83. Álvaro jr Giral says:

    0:19 eso sacó una sonrisa a España xd

  84. meriem m says:

    OMG ni är sååååååå bra

  85. Jertix says:

    Jotenkin vaan arvasin että ootte suomesta.

  86. DAVID SIVA says:

    4:32 that guy was like is that my point or his

  87. AshBob76 says:

    Where is Otto originally from ??? Anyone know

  88. Hype10Gamer says:

    Is it me or is everyone from Finland good at table tennis

  89. The Unknown says:

    Im going to Finland cause you have really hot CHICKS there.

  90. ABDULLAH KHAN says:

    3:38 it was opponents point

  91. Ryan Whittaker says:

    You have 669969 views congrats

  92. Nebulister NG says:

    I am suprised you found people who are actually decent at ping pong.

  93. Lenulias says:

    It looks like social interaction and as a finnish person i don't support it

  94. Ethan Rong says:

    4:23 Why is Goebbels in Helsinki?

  95. LD says:

    Oh man… I would've loved to play with you guys… Come to Lithuania 😁

  96. millenium copenhagen says:

    Play with telofon

  97. millenium copenhagen says:

    Play with mobile

  98. Alex Buia says:

    What language do they speak

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