Ping K15 Hybrid | Golf Club Review

welcome to a beautiful sunny day and all thorns Country Club where we’re looking at hybrids in particular the ping k15 hybrid which we have here well the pinky case series are all about producing straight shots and how do they do with this hybrid well the face on this club is titanium there’s 27 grams of weight saved with this light face which ping have redistributed around the perimeter of the club especially into the heel and the toe of the club to create a very high moment of inertia or resistance to twist at impact couple that to the fact that this k15 has huge offset which means you’ve got a lot more time to square the club off at impact when you look down at the ball you see that the silver of the club so it looks like an iron and a dress even though it has all the forgiveness of a hybrid it comes in three through six and if you want straightening high lodge long hybrid then that’s the ping k15 and it should be in your vibe check it out on golfbidder

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