Ping i20 Fairway and Hybrid Review @ 2012 PGA Show
Ping i20 Fairway and Hybrid Review @ 2012 PGA Show

at golfbidder we get so much feedback from viewers and people who log on to the site about what hybrid and what three would survive but I personally love the ping series of hybrids and three with a new 4012 I a 20 Range Marty Judson from ping is here to tell us what what you can expect in these clubs so the i20 fairway wood it’s our more versatile version of the fairway woods so it flies with a little less spin a little flatter trajectory and we gave it less resistance of twisting about the shaft axis what does that mean to the everyday golfer it’s easier to manipulate the face for somebody looking to hit draw spades flight their trajectory and the hybrid marque the hybrid same thing we made a little more compact but we gave a little more surface area on the loto and low heel on the face to make it easier to hit on Miss hits so it packs a ton of forgiveness in a small club head but again it’s easy to manipulate easy to extract from difficult lives so what at what grade of golf or are these clubs aimed up so kind of an avid golfer mid to low handicapper would really work benefit somebody wants to find it out a little flatter trajectory and someone who likes a little bit more versatility in their fairwood and however in terms of using off the tee and off the ground in difficult difficult situations on the course that British got to ping i20 3-wood and hybrid make sure you check it out on golfbidder

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