Ping i15 Iron Features and Benefits | Golf Club Review
Ping i15 Iron Features and Benefits | Golf Club Review

We’re here at the beautiful Loch Erne Golf
Resort at one of our Golfbidder testing days. And I have here the Ping i15 iron. Now let’s
cut this down to the bare bones and tell you who it’s for. It’s for the better player who
wants forgiveness in their irons. How do Ping do that? Well there’s lots going on in this
club. First of all it has a cavity back making it very easy to hit. The long irons have a
little bit of offset making it more forgiving. There’s a tungsten weight port in the toe
of the i15 giving it a high moment of inertia or resistance to twist at impact. Also in
the long irons, what Ping have done is given you a thick top line so it looks more forgiving
at address, makes it more forgiving. As you go through the set to the short irons. That
top line gets thinner. The head gets smaller and becomes more blade like. Also what we
noticed in the i15 is that as you get to the short irons the lofts are 1 degree strong.
So the 9 irons plays like an 8, the wedge plays like a 9. So you’re going to hit those
clubs a little bit longer. So if you’re a good player looking for workability with all
the forgiveness that a club can give you check out the Ping i15.

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