PING G25 Driver Review –
PING G25 Driver Review –

Hi this is Matt Saternus for Plugged In Golf
and in this video I’m going to review the G25 driver by PING. Let’s get plugged in. PING driver releases are about as predictable
as the sun coming up in the east. You know that every two years they’re going to release
a new G series driver and it’s probably going to be really good. WIth the G25 the things
they’ve added are are adjustability, so you can adjust that clubhead either up or down
half a degree of loft which is also going to open or close the face about one degree,
and they’ve made the head heavier and balanced that out with a little more counterweighting,
a little extra weight in the butt end of the shaft. As far as the looks of the G25 driver it is
black on black, all business. The crown is that matte black that PING has popularized
over the last few generations of drivers, it’s a really good no glare look. As I said,
there are no frills on this club, even the sole is straightforward: PING G25. Not a lot
of decorations or anything. At address, you do see that PING has that half moon alignment
aid that they typically use. It’s a pretty big club, both heel to toe and front to back.
That size is what makes it stable and for a lot of people that size is what’s going
to give them the confidence to swing this well. As far as the sound and feel, the G25 is kind
of middle of the road. It’s more of that metallic crack that’s pretty common with drivers today,
but not real loud or deafening like the old Cobras or Nikes were. You do get some feedback,
you get a reasonable sense of where you hit the ball on the face, but it feels pretty
stable, you’re not going to get a lot of twisting in it. On the course, where it matters, the G25 performs
really well. It’s a very forgiving club head, that’s probably the number one adjective I’d
use is forgiving and stable. If you hit it anywhere on the face, the ball is still going
to get up in the air, it’s still going to get good distance, and it’s still going to
go relatively straight, you’re not going to see big gear effect hooks or slices. It’s
a club that I think anybody could play and have fun with. That’s not to say that you
can’t play this at a high level, obviously most of PING’s Tour staff uses the G25, so
you can play this on tour, but I think if you give it to the average weekend golfer
and they’re going to hit their drive a little bit straighter, a little bit longer, they’re
going to have more fun playing golf. So it’s something I would definitely recommend to
anybody to check out and for the mid to high handicap golfer to look at really seriously
if they’re thinking about replacing their driver. One added comment about the G25, and this
is true of any driver, is that it’s really important to get fit. Make sure that you get
the right shaft, the right loft. PING has added adjustability, but it’s not 5 different
degrees of adjustability like some clubs have, so it’s important to pick the right head with
the right loft, you can fine tune it with that adjustability, but make sure you buy
the right basic loft, get the right shaft, get the right flex. If you have any questions about the PING G25
driver, please post them below and I’ll be happy to answer them. And if you like the
video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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