Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Increasing Drive Distance in Golf
Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Increasing Drive Distance in Golf

This is Johnny Miles from The Lake Powell
National Golf Course in Page, Arizona with another hot golf tip for Expert Village. I’m
going to talk about something that every person would like to do: create more distance. Everybody
wants that extra 5-10 yards. The way you can clear that pond you’ve been having a problem
with or that bunker, or you can impress your friends. The definition of distance is very
simple: it’s mass time velocity squared. We took it junior high, then we forgot about
it. The club head is the mass, the length of the shaft, the length of my arm and my
physical ability or distance. So the reason we swing all golf clubs the same, in other
words develop one good motion with our body, is because the clubs are the variables. If
want to hit it farther, this is the sand wedge, I want to take out a 6 iron. The 6 iron has
mass, has a longer shaft so it has a bigger arch, so I’ve got greater club head speed.
I want to hit t even farther, I take out a driver. This is that new square driver. Guess
what. Greatest mass, longest shaft, biggest arch: I’m going to hit the ball farther.
My arms swing the same speed. It’s the club that swings faster. No matter what club I
have, my arms are the same length. Now, what’s the only thing that you can do to increase
your club head speed. Think about this. The only thing you can do is swing your arms faster.
Elbow to shoulder. The faster I swing my arms, the greater the club head speed. Now, you
can hear distance. Here’s you typical, forget it ladies, ladylike swing. Take it back. Now,
here’s your typical male swing. And here’s my swing. All I did was swing my arms faster.
That’s called the swish drill. You swing it back, you set an angle, take your arm and
swish it. Then after you do that, you put both hands on the club, swing it back, swish
it. At first you lose a little control, but if you practice it you’ll increase your
distance, and while your parameter goes like that for accuracy, it comes right back to
the center. So you want to hit it farther, go ahead and swing your arms faster and you’ll
hit it farther, I guarantee.

3 thoughts on “Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Increasing Drive Distance in Golf”

  1. Travis McGee says:

    wow, is this video lame.

  2. Chester Copperpot says:

    Uh, you lost me at lenth.

  3. D Reed says:

    Dude i know lady golfers who swing faster than you so if i were you id focus on my own swing speed instead of stereotyping how ladies swing.

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