hey Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week I if you’re a senior golfer this is going to be quite
useful for you I ran a senior golf school this week and I had a number of senior
golfers with a number one request was how do i how do I hit the ball much
further Danny I’m struggling I feel like I’m losing distance now they cited a
poor backswing and a lack of flexibility as to why they were losing distance
personally however we managed to by the end of the session with every single one
of them to improved their distance despite their flexibility and
therefore added a minimum of 20 yards on every single one of their drives in this
week’s golf lesson I’m gonna show you why the backswing is so important and why it’s
very very important that you make as big a turn as you can and if you’re a senior
golfer you’re going to have to make a few different compensations to to make
that turn but if you can you will hit the ball much much further that’s what
we’re going to cover in this week’s training before we do that if you’re new
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release a new video now so this senior clinic here’s what’s going on what do we
need to do well it’s very very important to make a full backswing as our as full
of boxing as you possibly can now everyone as you get a bit old we’re
gonna lose that flexibility a little bit and that is definitely gonna restrict us
but it doesn’t have to restrict the length of swing as much as you might
think so what I found was this a lot of senior golfers
I start with what we’re supposed to be after in an ideal world what does a
great backswing look like well when we’re swinging back you’ll notice here
I’ve got an the angle of my back is forward okay like this it’s angled
forward and what we’re trying to do at this stage is when we make a swing we
want to be able to keep that angle so the left shoulder is down here in the
right shows us we’ve got always got this angle forward with that there excuse me
without there we’re able to make a nice D
turn that’s the gothy em so from here we want to be a turn back and make us full
a turn as we possibly can what do I see happening what was I’ve
seen happening in this clinic well with a number of seniors they had
misinterpreted a shoulder turn kind of shoulder as opposed to a torso turn what
they were doing was this and this is so so commonly a real big big power leak
they were moving their hands their arms and their shoulders but what do you see
now this left shoulder here is coming upwards and they’re making or what they
feel is a big turn but what they’ve really done is made of shoulder turn and
not at all certain you don’t make a torso turn you have nothing to drive
into the shot not much in this me and you know our gonna have a bit of a
tug-of-war you grab hold of that and I’ll grab hold of this end now I’m gonna
use my legs and my torso to drive you through if I just move my shoulders over
to you I’m become a lot weaker so it’s very very important that the reality is
a real power comes from learning how to make a proper toss or turn so that is
what we’re gonna cover in this week’s train we’re going to show you now how to
make a really big turn using this and maybe making a few compensations if you
do have some flexibility issues so let’s have a look at this the first thing to
do nearly every one of them could not make a proper turn because they started
of balance so when the starting here is is they’re getting himself set and
they’re walking to the golf ball and they’re on their heels now you cannot
make a toss or turn if you’re on your heels now a lot of people don’t even
realize they’re doing this they sat on their heels here you check your next
time you’re out and if you were to make a turn you would lose your balance so
your body is designed to stay inbounds it will not allow you to lose your
bounce so from here you’ve got to get the sensation that you’re much more
forward now the simplest way to do this is it although I got the guys to do was
watch the golf ball and keep moving their feet like this so when you’re
walking you don’t want like this on your heels so the reality it’s buccal
to the golf-ball imagine you’re walking you will immediately find your best
balance position so straight away am i much more balanced position here
fantastic I’m done that is the first goal once you’ve put
that in place now you need a balanced position we’re now ready to make the
turn then what I want you to do and this is something like we’re approaching
except I’m really how we’re approaching art and stroke winter now it’s getting a
bit chilly so some of these exercise you can do at home take your club put it
along you’ve started a line like this and what I want you to do is this we
want to maintain this angle here we saw with the seniors what they were doing
was moving their shoulders now you might do this too so what one do you want to
try and keep this angle the question is is a lot of people if you start with
struggling flexibility the reason why they move their shoulders because this
is too tight so what you want to get to sensations here is once you get to about
here you want to feel at your torsos moving so you need two things to do
maybe raise now your left heel to give a little bit so that’s going to increase
the amount of mobility you’ve got in your hip and your torso here so I’m
raising my left heel the other thing which is from dates back to the 90s
really people used to say oh I’ve got to keep my right leg bent and do you know
what for most people that just crazy how can you make a turn if this is rock
solid doesn’t work so watch this I don’t mind people doing two things
straightening the right leg a little bit but also feel like you’re almost
standing up so you look at my left or my left shoulders down and I’m actually
feel like I’m standing into the position this really opens up that rib cage
improve your flexibility and helps you make a bigger shoulder turn so let’s go
through those two things again we’re getting ourselves set up here
we’re moving back we’re going to go to the hands and the carpet and many but
want to focus on torso I spent moving back here you’re going to try to move
your ribcage here and we’re gonna do that by raising the left heel to help us
and watch this I don’t mind the right leg standing and I’m literally going to
feel like I’m standing up a little bit here but I’ve kept
the angle as I’m doing it so I’m literally standing up standing up I’m
making a nice big Martian that will hugely help your ability to complete the
swing let’s have a look at from this side so watch this I’m moving back here
I’m allowing that left heel to come that litt releases this hip
therefore it releases your torso my tarsals move I’m making a tosser turn
not a shoulder turn and watch this I don’t mind this starting to straighten
because this create space helps me to come up and I don’t mind standing up
here very very important because nook now I can generate I’ve loaded and
stored energy I can generate it back to the golf balls let’s start with that
first so one you’re going to repeat this a few
times get a feel of this it’s like straight up and down raise the heel up
stand up and down nice and slow we’re not going pretty big shots here we’re
just going to go feel feel the Martian stand up down okay where the balls going
initially all we’re doing is trying to make a bigger movement you make a bigger
movement you store more energy you’ll hit it further we’re worried about
direction in state next stage so we’re pivoting back winding it up setting up
and back down again ready you down fantastic now I would do a lot of this
nice and slowly at the range but do you know what do it now in the comfort of
your own home grab a mirror very very important grab a mirror look into a
mirror now look I’m gonna imagine you’re my mirror what I’m gonna do is we want
to somehow keep this angle when you do this and you don’t move your feet you
might fall got it feels a bit tight on my back no problem
start to release the lower section just a little bit to make sure this toss or
this bit here moves with you then what I like to when you get to around about
here just feel you’re going to complete the swing by the right leg just standing
up a little bit and you’re gonna there we go we’re going to make a bigger turn
to the right niched leg straightens it opens up this hip and allows you to make
a much much bigger turn on the backswing it’s a great exercise there feel that
Martian there we go that’s what you want to be going that’s now a much bigger
motion here big turn once you’ve done that a few times then obviously go and
hit some golf balls now the accuracy bit so that’s going to generate power the
final piece of the jigsaw is this you’ve got to swing this thing the actually bit
is this they’ve been so used to using their hands and the arms because again
this hasn’t really moved in it’s been forced to do that now what you’re going
to have to do is you’re gonna have to control this bit it’s the final piece of
the jigsaw what I did was nice and simple as opposed to pushing it because
if you’re flicking it back here what we’re going to do is we’re going to get
the sensation here that the leader on the left arm in my situation here is
dragging back there so this left arm here and what I’ve often done on you
I’ll put a video actually up in this top right corner with to actually the
exercise which go into more detail on the takeaway but you know there will be
very very helpful but now I’ll just give you like a brief summary which is
probably all you’re gonna need is put a tee peg in the top of the grip here I
knew what you try and do with this lead am as you’re making this motion here is
you’re going to try and keep the lead have this tea pick as close to this leg
as you possibly can watch this if you flick away where’s the tea peg gone
straight away over there so you keep the tea peg all together here and there we
go now when you start to add that you’re looking after their clubface as well so
let’s start to join the dots a little bit so tee pegs nice and close from here
and all we’re gonna do is wind up to the top and back down again wine the tosser
not the shoulders not the shoulders look at the angle I’ve still got here yeah
now sort of look at this in action I’m looking after the club now nice and
slowly no big ones wind it up I’m through okay and it is as
simple as that not really we did this in stages so
let’s summarize you first thing it you cannot make a turn if you’re off balance
so you’ve got to get yourself in a balanced position you would not walk
like this on your heels yeah but people do they do when you get to a golf ball
people go I’ve got to be perfect so they get very static and without realising
when you get static you allows you to fall back without realising you keep
moving and your body will naturally find a much more balanced position on the
ball so keep moving those feet in fact you can just hit golf balls initially
get this bit right hit golf balls trying to keep those feet moving before you
move onto the second stage which is actually the toss or movement once
you’ve done that you’ve got the sense of the dynamism then you’ve got to get the
feel of this what are we to what we have to in a wonderful term we want a full
turn we’re working about you some mirror work here keep the leech all the down
left all in my case right shoulder up some of you won’t be able to do that
because you’ll feel some tightness in your back no problem do two things
I’ll Lao that lead heel here to come off the ground to release your hip releases
your hip releases your torso then from here to finish the job off so you can
now go even bigger don’t be scared of straighten the right leg here look and
working upwards standing up a little bit not a problem with that that really
helps you to make a bigger turn that’s the second stage and third and finally
look after this golf club no flicking it here get yourself dragging back keep out
the tea peg as close to your leg as you possibly can as you make this motion you
can see here that will help stabilize the clubface and then away we go so I’m
gonna come really big Marsh in here big turn back up and then through we go hope
you enjoy this video and this is so so important look at our dick for senior
golfers but this is just a great way to make a big big turn no matter what your
age but I know it really it would really really help if you struggle with a
little bit of flexibility and you’re looking for some extra power if you know
some senior golfers that could benefit from this please share it of course you
can join the video come I see is next week by subscribing and pressing that
little bell but until next week have a great golfing week

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