PDGA Disc Golf Rules Q & A | Changing Marking Methods
PDGA Disc Golf Rules Q & A | Changing Marking Methods

(techno music) – Question, “May I mark
my lie with a mini, “then choose to replace the original disc, “and play from that lie?” The answer is no, once you mark your disc
with a mini and remove it, that mini marker is now
your permanent disc. You cannot replace the original disc and play behind it. In this case, it might be beneficial to place your mini but leave
the original disc in place to decide what you want to do. Trying to place my foot
here, behind the mini marker, is gonna be very
uncomfortable and awkward, so I would be better off
leaving my foot on flat ground while still within the distance
behind the lie that I need. So in this case, I would
just pick my mini up and go from there. (techno music)

6 thoughts on “PDGA Disc Golf Rules Q & A | Changing Marking Methods”

  1. Derrick Jeffress says:

    I'm confused. you can pick mini up if disc wasn't moved? Then play behind the disc?

  2. Levi Bennett says:

    I was under the impression that you must play within a few inches of the back of the disc OR within 11" of the back of the mini.

  3. Andy Klinger says:

    DynamicDiscs:  Your rules segments have all been fantastic!  Keep producing these.

  4. RockCh4lk says:

    what if that trunk was twice the width? Could you consider that an unplayable lie and mark behind the trunk?

  5. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel says:

    very informative! thank you! will definitely be using this in the future!

  6. Anthony Sobaskie says:

    I am not completely sure, but I think that with the disc up on the root of the tree like that, you need to use a mini. The rules imply that it needs to be flat on a surface to use the thrown disc. It also says that the back of the disc needs to be on the same playing surface that you plant your foot on. In this case the back of the disc is on the tree (playing surface) and his foot is on the ground (different playing surface).


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