Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals vs Sport
Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals vs Sport

Let’s have a look at cheeky animals getting involved in sport. This dog is like “why won’t you dickheads? Let me play”…the human befriends him, oh he snaps at his ear! The little wanker has been inspired by Mikey Tyson. In comes another human who manages to tame the Beast. Look at that best friends forever. He’s having a great time. He’s going to the change rooms to get a rubdown This squirrel is like “fuck it baseball needs more physical contact”, and it tries to tackle a player. I reckon if the squirrel connected that could have ended this blokes career. Ankle injuries are fucked. I think that’s my budgerigar that escaped from its cage in 1995 I dunno how it ended up in America, but yeah, I think it’s mine oh It’s a fucking cat. You just know it’s gonna be a dickhead. This guy is like “I’m not even attempting to become your friend, You totally look like a dodgy bastard”. He is 100% a dog person. In comes Danny the Intern, he says “I’ll be your mate”, and he happily scoops up the harmless little kitten…oh no he’s been bitten! He thinks about punching it, but he holds back. He controls the pain. Oh crikey He’s getting absolutely shredded, fuck this fuck this to hell and back Someone give this intern a bloody paycheck. This guy is proud to be a soft cock; Danny the intern just keeps running He’s like Forrest Gump. No one knows when or if he’s ever gonna stop. I genuinely think this chook has a lot of talent It’s got tremendous awareness, agility and speed if I was a coach I’d be calling it and negotiating. Fucking number-one draft pick. Look at that! Too easy. That was too easy off it guys It’s heading to the change rooms for a rubdown. In comes the pitch and a bird tries to catch it! That was a fucking gutsy effort by the dove; stupid very stupid but courageous. This pig is not to be underestimated Actually, yes, it is it was never ready to play in the big league Australian athletes don’t fuckin hold back either It’s up to clipboard guy to give the pig a rubdown.
This dog is like fuck you humans with your shitty sports I shit on your sport. I shit all of them I reckon it’s getting a revenge on behalf of the Dove and the pig fair enough I hope they don’t Send it to dog prison. It still deserves a Powerade and a rubdown. Of course a fuckin’ rubdown in the change rooms.

100 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals vs Sport”

  1. Mackenzie says:

    At least the bird died quickly 😔

  2. MarcusPlier11 says:

    “Squeerul” lmao

  3. Guilherme Nascimento says:

    1:30 the way he slides man 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't remember the last time I laughed like this

  4. Shao Mark says:

    what is it with you and rub down? lol

  5. Suresh Reddy says:


  6. Annabel Ince says:

    what a fucking frenetic voice !!!!!!

  7. Johnny pink says:

    Poor animals n😂😂😂

  8. Jeff Mattel says:

    0:36 "I don't know how it ended up in America" lol

  9. Alex says:

    0:22 pretty certain the squirrel was going for the nuts but then changed its mind or remembered she is vegetarian

  10. SHADOW - ROBLOX & MORE says:

    Who else thinks that ozzy is like lazarbeam

  11. Stev Roberto says:

    Lol dog shit

  12. Aleksandar Sale says:

    That whas a litle willd cat bro😂😂

  13. Frizer4194 says:

    poor bird im sure he didnt survive a hit like that

  14. WoodyTables says:

    Danny the intern is a dumbass. never run while holding a cat. The nicest one will try to take your skin off

  15. Ugly scp tato says:

    that what you are saying and accent are just making it cringe

  16. F Khan says:

    You dont run upto a cat that doesnt know you, scoop it up and start running you dumbfuck ..

  17. Aaron Brall says:

    What are the fucking chances a bird and a baseball are at the exact same altitude at the exact same place at the exacy sane moment

  18. 小森ユイ says:


  19. Felicity Cook says:

    what no kangaroos at Bathurst ?
    or at the country cricket match?

  20. 舟券探偵団 says:

    NFL has to scout The chicken.

  21. 桑kate says:

    Can anyone tell me ,what breed of this dog on the first video,please~~~~🙏🙏🙏🙏
    My dog was similar like that dog but shorter legs version~

  22. Max Dreher says:

    That was my cousin!!

  23. I love puppies says:

    Poor bird RIP

  24. Elll Llll says:

    What breed is that dog?

  25. Gerson Gustavo says:

    0:11 inspirado em mikey tyson kkkk

  26. Ironclad says:

    Danny D intern

  27. Vianey Vasquez says:

    Yes rubdowns! Rubdowns for everybody

  28. Peekle says:

    F this F that..what an idiot….kids watching

  29. R T says:

    1:47 この鳥結局どうなったんだろう?

  30. II--Crazy--II says:


    So maybe you should play the lottery😂

  31. X uan says:

    The animals are around. Good. You can touch them 😂

  32. NORMAL A says:

    go animals go,but if you shiting on the grass will be too over

  33. Jorja Maretzki says:


  34. Patricio Voltendalth says:

    Me gusta mas cuando los animales de los arbitros interfieren!

  35. Rama Mishra says:

    Danny the intern rocks!

  36. Seth Marks says:

    Here's one you missed, Ozzy…from a long time ago. Dale Earnhardt Sr. vaporizes a seagull at almost 200 mph at Daytona.


  37. Fantasy Cruz says:

    That chicken should be signed

  38. みくくみディズニー says:


  39. Sintt Srss says:

    its all not by an accident……some let them go to the ground for fun

  40. Annora says:

    "You get a rub down and you get a rub down. Everybody gets a rub down!"

  41. 8 5 says:


  42. Gläzech says:

    he thinks about punching it but he holds back

  43. craze dunny says:

    Damn that chicken should become a football player if he can dodge the people

  44. mabuchi mabuchi says:


  45. ᄀ나니 says:

    Poor animals

  46. Josh Cromack says:

    That clipboard guy with the pig did NOT want to be given the piggie…

  47. 국모닝 says:

    엄마~ 나 티비나왔어!!

  48. Debraval Reyes says:

    Randy Johnson smoked that bird in baseball.

  49. Reuben Crouch says:

    this is fucking great

  50. Unlucky Memes says:

    Chicken: That’s for my friend!

  51. M HASAN says:


  52. smsmurni says:

    1:26 – Israel can kill hundred and thousands of Palestinian, but cannot catch single chicken 🤣🤣

  53. neville hotrod gamer says:

    I laughed way too hard when they were chasing the cock

  54. NutshotBrawler says:

    The question is who is gonna be giving the animals their rubdown?

  55. 2023 2071 says:

    Heyy ozzy not cat you are fucking a man idiot 😡😡

  56. Belvie says:

    Speaking of animals vs sports my dog was once escorted home by police for interrupting a cricket match.

  57. Blue 5 says:

    Haha the dog just came to take a shit

  58. Chad Stokes says:

    Randy jhonson was the pitcher who hit the bird. And he throws 100mph fast balls. That's why it exploded.. and was absolutely hilarious when the guy dived on the pig and when he handed it well basically tossed it to the guy with the clipboard he was like fuck that .. his expressions told it all

  59. naadsov says:

    He thinks about punching it hahahaha

  60. Berenice Mercado says:

    "He's going to the change rooms to get a rub down"… "oh it's a cat, you know he's going to be as dickhead… I'm totally a dog person"…, roflmao😂😂😂

  61. Galaxis says:

    rub downs all around!

  62. epposcrap says:

    Loves a good rub down


    That cock got some jukes.

  64. Trent Brown says:

    He needs to do a follow up video and feature the time that a squirrel ran for a touchdown at a university of Louisville football game

  65. Steve Glen says:

    All dogs were sent to China

  66. Suzi Mckay says:

    Randy Johnson pitch was awesome

  67. alberto garcia anaya says:

    Danny the intern AJAJAJA

  68. Jacob Thomas says:

    That dove got sent to destination facked

  69. だとど says:


  70. Shinjuku96 Jackson says:

    AWWWW such a cute doggo

  71. TexasTesse 112 says:

    The first dog looks like a thinner version of my dog. Still just as feisty tho🤣

  72. The Revenge Gamer says:

    The chicken part is in Israel lol

  73. Buckshot Entertainment says:

    The Squirrel definitely inspired hot tub time machine

  74. Julius Zondag says:

    Ozzy Man loves a rub down

  75. Samir Makarem says:

    1:58 what a fucking asshole!

  76. James Levi says:

    I fucking love how much that guy recoiled from the pig

  77. ハバネロ団子 says:


  78. The Phoenix says:

    I feel really sorry for the dove

  79. Majora de Mayhem says:


  80. Chris Rambarran says:

    The dog taking ba dump is funny.

  81. Sai Soujanya Munukoti says:

    Inspired by Mikey Tyson… lol

  82. Superduperj • says:

    Inspired by Mike Tyson 😂

  83. Bro it’s Me says:

    Fuck cats throw that shit in the trash compactor

  84. Mubaswir Hossain says:

    1:49 destination fu*ked

  85. Rich Rockefeller says:

    Remember: Usman Khawaja would not have touched that dog.

  86. Will Rudolph says:

    The “intern” got hit by the first pitch the next week!!!

  87. ANIME Navit says:

    Who the fuck bring a chicken to a sport. Lol XD

  88. Toluwalase Olajoyegbe says:

    …..what's a rub down?

  89. gyan prateek says:

    As the legend once said "all cats are dodgy bastards".

  90. franklin nwankwo says:

    That dove is definitely dead

  91. Honey Badger says:

    Én azt gondolom hogy valami nézők vagy rajongók akarattal hozzák az állatokat és titokban elengedik a területre.

  92. Matthew McClain says:


  93. SciFy says:

    LOL just realized the chicken one was in israel from the writing on the sides

  94. Cmk Lol says:

    The one that hit the bird just sent me in tears 🤣🤣🤣 absolutely dying

  95. Jake Covert says:

    What's the obsession with "the rub down in the changing rooms"

  96. Evie Allander says:

    Poor pig and bird

  97. Jonah Martin says:

    It is a rooster idiot🤗

  98. The Spark says:

    …and another dove bites the dust … da da dum dum ….ta da ta de da. That´s a hit in a billion … greater chance of winning the lottery, stewed pigeon for supper.

  99. Tintin Supz says:

    He's like Forrest Gump

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