Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas Admires the Log Roll – Holey Moley
Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas Admires the Log Roll – Holey Moley

and if you’re confident,
you can psych them. Do you ever do this,
where you go “Syke!” where you lean in
and you bark “Syke” at them?
No. [ Laughs ] No.
I don’t know
that that is, uh, etiquette of international
competition in Olympics, Rob. Well… All right, so here comes
Precious Allen. [ Air horn blows ] Aah.
a massive underdog, but here at Holey Moley,
spirit counts. She gets off
a pretty good putt as that first log
will head down the hill. Oh, watch out for that log,
Watch out! That was great.
Ooh, good dodge. That was really good. And now she’s got to
get over that mounted log as another log comes
flying at her here on Log Roll.
Oh! They just keep coming
and coming.
Precious: Oh, my goodness! I know. Douglas: I like how she’s
doing this with style. In a hat and a dress
with the red gloves. Ducking,
and, like, running. Yeah,
and still looks perfect. Oh, that’s
a tough position.
She’s got it. She’s got it. She’s up.
Oh, wow. With a lucky bounce,
she is on in 2. Aaaah! [ Laughs ] -Good job.
-[ Sighs ] We could be sitting
on an upset. Shirley Walker Yeager,
an LPGA pro, is in trouble
against Precious Allen here. Heeeey! Gabby, attitude and confidence
does go far when it comes to high-level
competition, does it not? It goes very far.
Very far. Just out of curiosity,
Gabby, you’ve gotten to know
Joe and myself for the last
couple minutes. Who do you think
has the more confidence? Oh, no.
You’re gonna make me choose? Yes.
[ Chuckles ] ♪ Definitely gonna go with Joe. Oh! [ Chuckles ]
Thank you, Gabby.
I appreciate that. Oh, Gabby Douglas, always
kidding and joking around, having lots of fun…
here at Holey Moley. All right, here we go. Precious Allen
at 23 years old, putting for
a chance to play for it all. This for the win. And she does it! Aaaah!
Precious Allen
has made it to the finals
of Holey Moley! You won. [ Laughs ]
Good job. Tessitore: Dressed to the nines,
and she will move on to now play for $25,000
and all the glory of a win. Awesome ending there
to Log Roll, and it was great to have you
with us, Gabby.
Thank you. And you got to call an upset win
with Precious there. What did you think
of it?
I loved it. I saw the nerves.
I saw the confidence. You saw the logs, too.
Don’t forget that. And speaking of which,
I hope to see you again at the next Olympics,
where there will be logs. It’s on.

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