Ole Miss Men’s Golf: Rebel Golf Tips – Laying Up
Ole Miss Men’s Golf: Rebel Golf Tips – Laying Up

(guitar music) – Welcome back to Rebel
Golf Tips, I’m Coach Malloy, I’m here with Ben Wolcott. Today we’re going to touch
on course management, more specifically on par
fives and kind of what we go over with our guys each tournament and each time we’re out. We like our guys to be
in an aggressive mind set in terms of going for the green in two, but we also want to be smart about it. So we take one word out of our vocabulary, and that’s can. Ben doesn’t want to say,
“Yes, I can get there.” Of course you can. We’re trying to think more
in terms of percentages and what the smart play
may be in that scenario. So a lot of what we do
is, we’ll go back and look at what’s in front of the green. If there’s no trouble,
really no awkward spots then we’ll be a lot more aggressive. If there’s water, that
makes it an easy decision. Today we’re going to go
through a couple of areas that, you know, what you
normally run into where there are a lot of awkward
lies as you get closer to the green and it may
not even be a hazard, it may just be some hills,
maybe some short-sighted areas, maybe some tough bunkering. So, 90 yards, Ben feels very comfortable. And each of our guys has a good yardage to lay up to. So they know that I’ll
equate that to a basketball tournament, that’s like a
free-throw for those guys. And they know that from
that distance from the fairway, they’re probably
gonna give themselves a good opportunity for
birdie and take out any risk of a bigger number. Now, if Ben decides to be
a little more aggressive, we’re gonna show you some
spots that he may get in around this green that
aren’t necessarily better. They may be closer but they
aren’t necessarily better than being out at his
wedge yardage which he does feel comfortable with. So here we are with option
number one as we discussed. This is Ben laying up to
his number at 90 yards. Like we said, this should
be a fairly easy shot. This is one that our guys practice a lot. So this is one that
Ben certainly will feel comfortable with. So, if Ben has decided
to go for this green, this is one of the options
that where this ball may end up. Now as you can see, we have a ball that’s in the bunker, not all the
way in so he has a flat lie. He’s gonna have to stand
outside of the bunker maybe one foot in. And going to the pin that is a little bit short sighted, he doesn’t
have a whole lot of green to work with so this is a little bit more difficult shot than what he’s traded in his wedge yardage for. So here we are in another
position that this ball is likely to end up if he
doesn’t find the green, whereas once again we’re closer to the pin than we would be at 90
yards, but not necessarily in a better position. Ben has a very, very good short game. We trust him to hit a lot
of these different shots, but even this, you have a
little bit of a bare lie, not necessarily the
easiest shot in the world. So as you’ve seen, Ben here has a very good short game. We trust him probably going
for a lot of par fives because of that short game. But if you look at the
shot he hit the closest was actually from 90 yards
from his wedge distance and also took on no risk. Even though he still
gave himself a shot at birdie from these spots that are closer, probably made it a little
more difficult on himself. So the lesson for this
is, just because you can get there doesn’t mean
that it’s necessarily the right option.

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