Old School (5/9) Movie CLIP – Cheeeese! (2003) HD
Old School (5/9) Movie CLIP – Cheeeese! (2003) HD

[cans clink] Yeah, come on in.
Jesus. Is this one
of your guys here? About three fire hazards
over here. What are you doing, man? Wow, cheese… Is that you? Hello, mitch…
Bernard. I see you guys
haven’t changed much. Who is this? Remember cheese,
rodney’s kid brother? Actually, my name
isn’t cheese anymore. It’s gordon pritchard. Oh, yeah!
Cheese! Didn’t we lock you
in a dumpster one time? I got out. Cool, man.
I’m glad you did. You fellas have
a good time last night? Yeah, I think there might be Some whippits lying around
if you want them. No, thanks.
I’m working. Working what?
Campus patrol? [scoffing]
try again. You a jehovah’s witness? I’m the dean.
Dean pritchard. That’s great.
Yeah. As of this morning,
this house has been rezoned. It is now exclusively
for campus use only. What are you talking about?
You can’t just do that. I’ve already paid the first
and last month’s rent! Take a look at that. You have a week to vacate, And I thank you
for your cooperation. Great.
Can I ask you a question? Absolutely not.
It’s been good
seeing you guys. It looks like
you’re doing great.

51 thoughts on “Old School (5/9) Movie CLIP – Cheeeese! (2003) HD”

  1. N00byPineapple says:

    Ohhh yeahahah. CheeeEEeeEse

  2. supersonic1439 says:

    got a few fire hazards over here

  3. imhellag says:

    ARI GOLD 🙁

  4. JonW1987 says:

    Can I ask you a question?

    Absolutely not. It's been good seein you guys. It looks like you're doin great.

    Lol, I've done that to someone before. lol

  5. dytryn2009 says:

    namahahahhaha IM THE DEAN!

  6. Richard Michael Garcia says:

    What are you a Jehovah's witness?

  7. Kyle Shin says:

    ARi Gold and his wife is Will Farrel's wife in this movie!

  8. scarface115 says:

    so according to you, ari gold, along with his real wife, both played the wife of will farrel's character. where do you think this is, the middle east?

  9. kvsyaoran727 says:

    Wait. So what Dean Cheese did was illegal, right?

  10. JeaIous says:

    Can I ask you a question?

    Absolutely not. LOL

  11. iTsStEpHyyyy says:

    Lmao are we the only ones that thought that was funny? lol

  12. 05Eagles1 says:

    The rise of Ari Gold

  13. Patrick Treu says:


  14. niall mckelvey says:

    everytime someone says cheese i think of this. cheeeeeeeeese

  15. cantcurecancer says:


  16. jasbajwa25 says:


  17. Robert Schwager says:


  18. cls77 says:

    Didn't we lock you in the dumpster one time?
    I got out.
    Cool man. Glad you did….

  19. thatonedrewguy says:

    Jeremy Piven playing the polar opposite of Droz in PCU.

    I was shocked when I first saw it, but he did so well

  20. Vettefan83 says:

    Oh yeah, Cheeeese!

  21. maxwellsmart2000 says:

    Was waiting for Ari Gold to go Mayhem on all of their asses

  22. Tanner Maffett says:

    0:29 oh yeah…cheeEEeEeeEEse

  23. steaminsteve says:

    Fire hazard over here

  24. JSandHD says:


  25. L8 APEX says:

    hahaha… IM THE DEAN… Yeah..

  26. Technorgasm says:

    cool man, glad you did.

  27. Kody Robbins says:

    I got out.

  28. JonW1987 says:

    Poor Dean Prichard. I mean, he can't see the forest for the trees. It is entirely likely the sophomoric pranks Mitch, Bernard, and Rodney played on him helped motivate him and shape him into the dean of a university, and this is how he returns the favor.

  29. Dookie Howser says:

    Love how the swordfish is stuck into the wall lol

  30. steaksauce androb says:

    Ben Stiller should have been casted as Rodney

  31. Goo Gle says:


  32. Defcon 1 says:

    Ari Gold

  33. pontiacGXPfan says:

    Ari Gold went to college

  34. Benjamin Lucas says:

    They never did say why they called him cheese. I remember a guy we used to call ex-lax. Pretty easy to figure out why.

  35. christopher stanley says:

    Stupid "Cheese"

  36. Smelted Dragon says:

    "It's been good seeing you guys, it looks like your doing great"

  37. Robert Campbell says:

    W H A T I S T H E P O I N T I N T A L K I N G L I K E T H I S

  38. Jay J says:

    Ari was a dork before moving out West…

  39. Benjamin Lucas says:

    I remember a guy once who we used to call Ex Lax.

  40. Justin Awesome says:

    I like that part with the dumpster. I like Vince Vaughn liked him since Dodgeball came out.

  41. cingratta says:

    Ari’s wife is Frank the Tanks wife in this movie…weird!

  42. ciobanu catalin says:

    This movie is pure gold

  43. jmua04 says:

    I think there might be some whip it's or something laying around if you want

  44. Love Media says:

    Now I see why Ari Gold so angry all the time lol

  45. johnny waters says:

    Looks like you guys are doin great

  46. Imanualaha Shim’anwan says:

    0:56 – laugh

  47. ahceda09 says:

    WTF Ari!!!!

  48. iicringeii says:


  49. The Dark Knight says:

    People laughed at me in high school

    Guess who's laughing now.

  50. Maruko Chan 99 says:

    my name..



  51. Mr. Fister says:

    Tony Puzo …that is all i have to say

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