NS4L.TV – 3 – Golf Cart Friday
NS4L.TV – 3 – Golf Cart Friday

(upbeat techno music) – [Collin] So my thought process is
one of the biggest problems that we had in August was sales space. Like when we actually sold a scooter, we only had that one counter and then we would take people into the office, and that sort of thing. I’m actually thinking we might… We’re testing right now, but we
might bring people in here, and bootstrap this extra space. Have like a little cubicle area. So we can do a customer there, have a couple of customers here, and couple of customers here
so we can do their paperwork. So it’s gonna be like
a little sub-showroom. Some little extra
accessories in the cabinets, maybe even on the slat wall so that way when you come in right here, come in and maybe a few
accessories right there. – [Leigh] In other
words, they’re in here making a scooter deal, and I want them to see the locks, I want them to see the
helmets and all like that. While they’re in here like, “oh yeah, by the way, let’s get one of these.” – [Collin] This is gonna be my
fancy conference room. – [Leigh] We’ll get some potted plants,
trust me, this’ll be nice. We’ll get some plants. – [Collin] Plants make everything better. (laughter) – [Collin] Hashtag bootstrap life. So I created a campaign
that was, if you’ve ever been on Facebook, and
you see like the 200 dollars, or no, claim this offer if
you see like an offer, right. It says claim this offer. Our offer was 200 dollars through the end of March on a scooter. It was strategically targeted to anybody between the ages of 18 and 24 years old that attended the University of Florida, and it’s kinda cool because you can see post engagements, we actually had 200
dollars off March 2017. We had 134 people
actually claim the offer, So we spent $147.20 on that particular ad, but we definitely had at
least one person come in, and buy a scooter which
covers the cost of that ad, and we count five. So, we actually sold five
scooters from that one ad that was going on Facebook. So, the other thing is I
have summer storage 2017, we had 76 clicks, that cost
us 125 dollars and 92 cents right now, but the only people
seeing that particular ad are people that are on our mailing list. So what you can do is you can actually
take your mailing list, upload our MailChimp list,
so it’s about 4,000 or so customers that we have on there, these are people that already
have scooters from us, or maybe their parents
that are on that list, and so they’re only seeing that ad because they’re on our list. So obviously, we spent
$125.92, and I know, with 76 link clicks we only pay when that link gets clicked, and that turned into conversion people actually purchasing
storage on our website. Another one, here’s another one that I didn’t even talk about was remarketing. Right, so what this is
is that I have a pixel on our website, so when you
go and visit our website, these are people who have
already been to our website. So they’ve already been shopping, and then they leave our website, and they go to Facebook, well now, because they’ve
been to our website, now they’re seeing an ad on Facebook. Just because they’ve
already visited our website. So visit our website, do some
shopping for some scooters, then you go to Facebook, you’re going through your feed, and all of a sudden, oh, $200 off a scooter, “Ah, I
was just looking at a scooter on New Scooters 4 Less’s
page, this is awesome!” It’s all strategic, my friends. All strategic. I think I’m gonna do that. Just put the goal up
on the big white board. – [Austin] Do it. I think that’s… Everyone on the team needs to see that. – [Collin] We were putting like a… Like service specials and
storage promotions or anything that was going on up there. But that’s a good thing to
have up there all year long. So I’ll have to like, make it fancy though. Safety’s been a very
difficult part of what we do. ‘Cause we very often… There’ll be a scooter accident and then one of the newspapers will want to talk to us about helmet safety
because the person wasn’t wearing a helmet, and 70 percent
of the people that we sell scooters to buy a helmet. 70 percent! But I don’t know if they’re
just trying to satisfy Mom and Dad because Mom
and Dad are in the showroom, and they don’t put it on
their heads, it just sits in their scooter. It’s not “cool.” I don’t know. It’s very difficult for us to
get people to wear helmets. So unless they make it a law
where you are required to wear a helmet, it’s just not gonna happen. So all we can do as a dealership
and what we have done is continue to reward those
that do wear helmets, so… There’s an awesome officer
with UPD and he swings by all the time to talk about
new things that we can do. We’ve handed out gift
certificates to people who are wearing helmets, we’ve handed
out t-shirts to people that are wearing helmets, and we’ve
given them lots of helmets to keep on hand in their car,
so they actually will keep like 10, 15 helmets in their vehicle,
and then that way when somebody does get into a little minor
fender bender, and luckily it was nothing serious, but the police are called out to the scene, they’ll hand
them the helmet and say “Now will you wear this?” – [Austin] Oh, that’s awesome. – [Collin] You know, like, now will you
protect yourself, now that you’ve been in an accident? And they give ’em a free helmet. And it’s courtesy of us. But there’s only so much we can do. Know what I mean? I’m on an editorial board. I got asked to be on the
editorial board for Business in Greater Gainesville Magazine. That was a couple years ago. And it’s cool, because I’ve
gotten to write for the magazine. Which I enjoy, but… But we meet occasionally to
talk about the editorial and the progress and the direction,
and it’s pretty interesting. So that’s at noon, and hopefully that usually takes about an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. And then we’ll be onto the
next meeting, with my buddy John Darr. He’s awesome. John’s like… The insurance guy of Gainesville. So… He’s helped me with so much, man. You know what they call this Austin? I’m the COE and the janitor. (laughs) Small business owner life. In the old dealership in August of 2007. – Where I’m like this. And I’m wearing these shorts. So I don’t want to say that they’re… – [Angela] They’ve been around? – [Collin] Well, one, they’re high
quality shorts, ’cause look. – [Angela] They don’t even look. – [Collin] Right? – [Angela] They don’t even look that old. – [Collin] Nope. – [Angela] They look very good quality. – [Collin] And that picture, we
gotta find that picture. Here’s that picture here! – Pop it right there.
– Pop it right here. Got that? Don’t mess that up, Austin. (thumping music) Alright, who wants to go
for a ride on the golf cart? (multiple people shouting “me!”) (laughing) – Hold on, let me get Austin. Hey-yo! (lively modern music) – It’s 7:53 PM. We just had a little… So it’s Friday, we used
to have Beer Cart Friday. Which we still do sometimes,
but like, not all the time. But it’s very cool to be able
to hang out with a few of the team members after hours, just
chill, relax, talk about the week, talk about whatever
they want, whatever I want. I don’t know, it’s a lot of fun, so… Here we are, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Mike, you got something planned? – [Mike] I’m just trying to get though the day. – [Allison] He’s super stoked. – [Mike] That’s like my least favorite holiday. Or day. Like, I hate it. – [Austin] April Fools, he loves it. – [Mike] No. – [Collin] He loves it! Believe me. But… – [Mike] A holiday based on deceit. – [Collin] It was a good day,
right, it was a good day? – [Mike] It was a good day. – [Collin] It was a busy day. – [Mike] We didn’t have to
use our AK, that’s good. – [Collin] Do we have an AK? – [Allison] It’s always a good day. – [Mike] ‘Today Was a Good Day” … come on. Come on! Gotta play it in the background
for you, and you can finish up. – [Collin] So anyway, it was an awesome
day, we’re gonna get ready for quarter two, gonna
have an epic quarter two. We gotta catch up because
we’re really behind on trying to reach our target of 1000 units and… We’ll try to get there, so… See ya tomorrow. Oh, and we’re looking for video interns! So if you are awesome at video
and you want to come help us this summer and intern with us,
then please give me a shout. [email protected] Guys, what’s up? If you’re not already doing
so, be sure to follow me on snapchat, ns4lcollin. There’s a lot of action happening there. A lot of action.

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