Norwegian Joy Galaxy Pavilion & Arcade Tour
Norwegian Joy Galaxy Pavilion & Arcade Tour

Hey everyone today We are on the Norwegian joy cruise ship and we’re gonna give you a tour of the galaxy Pavilion and the arcade so check it out Hey all you cruisers, it’s Ken here from Northern Viking Explorer bringing you videos on travel exploring and discovery today We are on the beautiful Norwegian joy and we’re gonna give you a tour of the galaxy pavilion and the video arcades So let’s get right into it So the galaxy pavilion is located at the aft of the ship on Deck 16 and it is a 3d 4d experience They say it is a 7d experience. I don’t even know what that is, but it’s pretty cool they’ve got tons of stuff in here like these Formula one simulators where you can look at multiple screens and Racecourses it is amazing So for a ton of these games or rides if you want to call them not you do wear virtual reality goggles You can see these folks here on the racetrack They’re wearing them there right on their face and it immerses you right into the video that you’re watching And makes it feel like real life. You can see these folks here on the right hand side also Have a face mask on them. So they’re not constantly cleaning these goggles Right behind us here they have walked the plank and this is a virtual walk the plank It’s amazing how frighten people to go out from walking a fake plank, but it’s pretty cool. Make sure you check this one out Next to that, they have Robo Wars virtual robot fighting you get to sit in these little carts and do that and they’ve also got WiMAX right here virtual hand lighting. How can you go wrong when you’re at sea jump on the fly max? These people are soaring over the city Having a ton of fun Back here. They have a really cool virtual reality racing experience you can race against all your Friends and show them all your skills are driving and the seats on these they twist and they shake and rattle So you feel like you’re right in the car these two here don’t seem to be able to stay on the road But they’re having a ton of fun Back behind us here You’re gonna jump in this Jeep and be immersed in a virtual world of dinosaurs where you’re being hunted down This one is called Jurassic escape watch out for those t-rex’s So next up is the typical arcade with games and tickets and then at the end we’re gonna head on down to deck seven Where there’s a second arcade right next to the local restaurant. So this arcade here has a ticket station It’s got all sorts of your typical games your fighting games the house of dead Jurassic Park, let’s take a peek inside this Jurassic Park game Star Wars battle pods racing games you’ve got split second back here where you can challenge all your friends Air hockey And back in here They’ve got all sorts of ticket games where you take your tickets and you can trade them in here At the price hub for all sorts of cool stuff They’ve got fishing games they’ve got Haunted Park – Guitar Hero. If you are into Guitar Hero you can do that here flying tickets Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory all sorts of games here where you can win prizes Giant keymaster and they’ve got ice ball back here as well Knock in this area of the galaxy pavilion. You’re also gonna find the entourage Area for your teens, but let’s head on down to deck 7 and go check out the second arcade right next to the local So here we are. It’s right next to the local and again, you can play guitar hero You can make one of those squish pennies if you like. They’ve got Deal or No Deal All sorts of games for winning tickets and prizes. Hey, you can win some ducks right there if you want to Mater over here at the end Everybody needs some tomb raider while you’re on your cruise Lane master show off your skills at some hoops Martinez is droppin those three-pointers, but the Vineyard Vines guy is gotta beat They’ve got halo for you here And also another Star Wars Galaxies pod So I hope you enjoyed this tour of the galaxy pavilion and our kids on the Norwegian joy If you did, make sure to smash that like button also remember to subscribe To northern Viking Explorer because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I would love to share with you Thanks for watching today and happy cruising

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