Nocatee Golf Carts
Nocatee Golf Carts

Hey everybody it’s Josh Rogers. I’m here at the Nocatee farmer’s market. And I wanted to do a quick view
of all the golf carts out here. It’s really cool, really fun. Nocatee
is a great golf cart community. So I wanted to give you an idea
of what everybody is rolling up in. And then you can choose which one you like the best. Evidently it’s all about the wheels. So you’re going to see some pretty cool
custom wheels that these cars have on them. Check out this one, that’s cool. You got to have the roof on it for that hot Florida sun. Hey if you guys are thinking about moving to Nocatee. Or anything Nocatee related go on YouTube.
I got over 300 videos for you to watch. Everything about model homes. Builders, communities, drive through tours, aerial tours. Look at these low profile wheels that’s cool. We’ve helped 35 families buy
in Nocatee this year already. And it’s only halfway through the year. So reach out to us especially
if you’re local or out of town. We do a lot of legwork for you. And make the process really easy, streamline. Tons of benefits with it too. So there you go. Those are the golf carts of Nocatee, pretty fun stuff. So check out all the other videos. I’m here for you guys. Nocatee lifestyle, Nocatee homes,
Nocatee real estate and Josh Rogers. I’m here to answer any questions
or shoot any videos that you want. All right will talk to you soon bye.

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  1. Warren Noon says:

    Hi Josh, Great Video! Feel free to visit our location at the Nocatee Farmers Market and say Hello. We're there every month with a few to select from. We would be thrilled to hook you up with your own custom cart.
    904 234 2049

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