Nocatee FOOD TRUCKS & Nocatee golf carts
Nocatee FOOD TRUCKS & Nocatee golf carts

Hey everybody it’s Josh Rogers. I’m here in Nocatee It’s a Friday night and we’re here at Food Truck Friday. And I just wanted to show you a quick couple clips here. Of all the golf cart parking here in
front of the Nocatee Splash Park. You know Nocatee is all about the golf cart lifestyle. Pull up to Publix, pull up to get some burgers, get some ice cream. Super cool everywhere you go there’s a golf cart parking, golf cart trails and then we’re going to go over here. And they probably have about
gosh maybe 12 food trucks. So what a great time to come hang out
with the family middle of the summer. There’s a cupcake food truck.
We’re going to go check those out. All right here we go. So anything and everything you can
think of, fire grilled pizza, barbecue. There’s a grilled cheese food truck. Gourmet food truck, cupcakes. Farm fresh salad, smoothies, soups. And then come over here I’ll show you. So many choices how would you ever decide? Maybe we get a little bit of everything. But back here. It’s great. They set up a big reception tent
for everybody to relax under. And then there’s some live music over there as well with the band playing. So every week is Food Truck Friday out here and it’s just awesome. So Nocatee lifestyle. Guys it is funny, it’s a lot of the residents here say they drink the Nocatee Koolaide because it’s real. And it seems to be a recurring theme so exciting stuff. All right. And so you guys later.

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