Nike Victory Red Hybrid Golf Club Review, Features and Benefits Video
Nike Victory Red Hybrid Golf Club Review, Features and Benefits Video

Now this here is the Nike Victory Red hybrid.
Now Nike have been pretty controversial with some of their driver crowns over the years
and this one has certainly has been very controversial when it comes to hybrids. They’ve pretty
much gone against the grain and designed the colour scheme on top of this club pretty much
different to any other hybrid out on the market. But let that not put you off too much because
this is a quality club. It’s designed for better players as it has a very small compact
head. Better players are going to love this. It’s pretty god off the fairway and super
useful out of the rough. And that’s exactly what a Rescue club was designed for – to be
a club that can help you out of tough situations. So many modern utilities have got bigger and
bigger in size so it’s refreshing to see a small one. Better players are going to love
that. That’s not to say that there isn’t some forgiveness if you don’t hit it quite
on the center of the club. It has a nice feature here when you look down at the club at address
the markings here do accentuate the sweet spot. But if you do hit it out of the heel
or the toe there is a little bit of forgiveness thanks to the Compression Channel that has
been very successful for Nike. Now the Compression Channel has been changed in a later model,
the Pro version, but I think this one is pretty good too. It also has a quality Aldila Voodoo
shaft. So it’s a strong compact utility club with its small head can be useful out
of a range of lies like I said. And certainly if you’re not put off by the looks this
is going to be a quality club. This is the Nike Victory Red hybrid, check it out on Golfbidder.

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