Nike Golf Course Classic SKU:8880253
Nike Golf Course Classic SKU:8880253

Hey what’s happening? My name is Joe. And this is the Course Classic from Nike golf Now these golf shoes have a sporty silhouette that’s made with a waterproof synthetic leather here on the upper Down in here, we’ve got afolf-specific, pressure-mapped outsoles designed Not to track dirt but still keep you really stable It’s got a sturdy, flex to it to give you ton of support out there on the links They’ve added a little bit of extra padding up around the collar and in the tongue and especially down here in the footbed You know a new pair of shoes could improve your golf game. But not at all, at least you’re gonna be looking good. They’re from Nike Golf

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Joe, can you walk in these on the street, or are these only for the lawn?

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