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Hello Nick would 30g a number 5 1 1 6 1 Then playing disc golf for about 10 years now professionally since 2014 currently sponsored by in of a champion discs adidas VIP Zuka carts record real estate and my wife and mom and I’m going to show you what’s in my bag today Got my Zuka cart, it’s Definitely a back saver. I’m 38 years old. I started playing when I was almost 30 years old and definitely Beat my body up for the 22 years of skateboarding I did Well, let’s just get right into it. I’ll start with my putters Throwing putters right now. I’m throwing a Well, my my Tour Series stamp on the Nova some nice pretty swirls in that one Dead straight grippy out, of course like this here at a Horseshoe Lake They have lots of baskets up on hills. And this will just grab the grass and stop right when I want it to a little bit straighter a little more overstable KC AVR it Right now it’s it’s pretty over stable I’m trying to beat it in two straight So I can throw it for similar shots as the Nova but have it slide up to the basket a little bit more Just broke in half my my one that was go to straight disc that I hate stole 17 at USD GC with so that’s going to go in a Nice shadow box and go up on the wall Something very reliable smoky rhino champion Rhino, I can Power Grip it I can throw it as hard as I want and It’s definitely going to get the job done Potting putters I’m putting with the Nick Pro AV ours Now I prefer to call them the Nick Pro AVR since somebody is in the repping these anymore, but I Have enough of to last me a lifetime. I really like this disc but stiff it goes really straight for a really long time No bead premium Glide few of those beauties It’s going to mid ranges Starting with my flip. Yes Just a whole 12 time rock Flips up fly straight I can get it to flip over a big workhorse for me Next step same disc a little more overstable newer If I rip it hard, it’ll fly dead straight. It’s very reliable Nice old 2005 USD GC rock over stable Right in between the last rock and the gerotor. It’s love this disc special blend Champion Gator super reliable I don’t flick it much mostly for backhand Hyzer spikes. I used it a few times last year in Las Vegas At Texas and Emporia for very windy days I’ll use it for putting in those instances Move it on to fairway drivers Got a nice old Barry Schultz leopard Flips up fly straight a little bit of turn to the right finish Next is a t-bird Basically will do the same thing as the leopard tiny bit more speed get a little more distance on it and Just a little bit straighter Next is t-bird Same as that one but a little more overstable Extremely over stable got my tour stamp on it I try to keep a new one in the bag at all times for windy situations or if I just need a over stable shot Old first run 2015 Sexton Firebird, it flies pretty straight now, but with a nice reliable fade at the end been throwing it since about a week after they came out 2015 go – for sure I Wish I have a couple of the 2016 2017 It’s definitely enough to last a lifetime, but I’m trying to transition to My stamps so this is basically the same as the sexton it’s glow Firebird a little bit newer a little bit more overstable than that one and It’s Firebird. I throw this for flicks It definitely gets the job done Oh Got a nice purple Thunderbird and a Forge Road Runner. These are actually for you draw breath to the media. Yeah Back in a first run Thunderbird I feel like it’s right in between mighty birds and destroyers can almost get destroyer distance with a t-bird flight this one’s nice and beat in still has a little bit of stability to it so I can really get on it and then a new PD C Line PD same as the Last Thunderbird but more of a Firebird flight a little bit faster speed so a little bit of distance then my Firebird silver I’ve one wraith in the bag Pretty straight wraith. It’s a bomber for sure a tailwind This will fly it probably farther than my destroyers will Moving on to my favorite disc. Well, actually I got this Sidewinder swirly Sidewinder beautiful disc Use this for rollers mainly especially out of a course like this 550 foot holes, this will get right up to the basket. No problem Now on to my favorite disc the destroyer starting with the flippy estranja Own red got this from a good friend Brody Miller It’s definitely a staple in the bag it flies so nice flips up. I can use it for rollers Big bomber tailwind shots. It’s a beaut Next is a J-3 line AJ the red run they’re Perfect. I can throw it as hard as I want get a little bit of flip out of it and a nice fade at the end Old to line AJ not flippy those is a pop top Very over stable reliable for Ya headwind shots I use it for sidearms and Very reliable nice and swirly love this thing then I also bag a new 171 gram bottom stamp pop top destroyer Even more overstable than that last one I use this for when I don’t want to throw my nice bandy discs on dangerous holes or Nice headwinds this thing will definitely hold the line and I can get some good distance out of it since its 171 grams Let’s move on to my cart what I got in here have no idea what I have in here I’ve got a phone Hand warmers, it’s cold out here. Not like the East Coast right now, but man Got my chalk bag in of a chalk bag keep my hands grippy Glove for the left hand some banana bread that happen Anna bread. No nuts. No clunks End of a beanie for when it gets cold Dehydrated car keys Wallet got a little bit of money in there Yeah, I think I’ve wanted a few see teepees Leave these in here for CT PS Anytime it somebody hits metal. Give them dollar. They had an ace give him five Every time. Okay, Sharpie, of course Got of a Mini Mini This is actually kind of like a good luck charm. I’m a little skateboarder guy Reminds me of my roots. He stays in their sweet little Popkin top cover Got a Allen wrench for the super cart Probably the best thing in my bag my most favorite thing my my son gave me this it’s a good luck charm He gives me a new good luck charm every year This one says love you. Dad on the back Means a lot to me. I always keep it in my back helps me get those birdies for sure nice new end of a towel Love these things asleep That’s about it Thank you for watching my in the bag look forward to tour in this year, I’ll be leaving February 9th For the wintertime open and be playing all the big events, and I hope to see you all out there. Thank you

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