Nick Kyrgios Praises Nadal After Longest Match vs Khachanov | Australian Open 2020
Nick Kyrgios Praises Nadal After Longest Match vs Khachanov | Australian Open 2020

In the longest tennis match of his career,
Nick Kyrgios outlasted Karen Khachanov 6-2 7-6 6-7 6-7 7-6(10-8) to reach the Australian
Open fourth round. In this 4 and a half hour epic, Nick outplayed
Karen to go up 2 sets to love and had his first match point opportunity in the third
set tiebreaker. After letting this chance slip away he had
another in the fourth set tiebreaker, but once again just couldn’t close it out. Adding fuel to the fire, Nick was on the wrong
side of an unfair ruling as the umpire incorrectly gave him a time violation. Nick after diving for a backhand, skid his
hand on the court causing himself to bleed. He didn’t want to give the ball kid the
bloody towel he used to wipe his hand, so the extra few seconds of negating prompted
the ump to give the Aussie the violation. Rather than imploding or giving up, Kyrgios
kept his head down and kept fighting in the fifth set and despite his drop in energy pushed
things to a fifth set 10 point tiebreaker. Kyrgios, after dropping an early 3-love lead
in the breaker was neck and neck with Karen, until the Russian broke to go up 8-7. The match was now on Karen racquet and rather
than buckle under the pressure, Nick hit a scorching backhand down the line winner followed
by netted backhand from Karen. On his third and match point Khachanov missed
another match point sending Kyrgios on the ground in celebration. With the win Nick reaches the second week
of his home slam for the third time, and when speaking of having to play Nadal for a spot
in the quarters, he had nothing but positive things to say about the world number one. I’m really proud of Nick for his performance
today. Like I said he was thrown a lot of curveballs,
but rather than give in, he fought and made it through. I think with all that’s been going on in
his country and people such as McEnroe motivating him, he’s going to fight until the very
end this tournament, especially in this next match against Rafa. I feel like if he can take advantage of this
special backing he’s been getting thus far, he can truly make noise in this tournament
and get that first big break we’ve all been looking for. Meanwhile we can just focus on the present
and near future and I’m really excited about what’s next. Were you surprised by Nick’s fight and fortitude
in this match, or did you expect him to stay strong? Also, what do you think about his words on
Rafa? Leave your thoughts in the comment section
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    How far will Kyrgios go in this tournament?

  2. Lady Wander says:

    I want Nick to finally win a GS he is so talented he could be the future gen but he plays around too much smh

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