NFL Conference Championship Picks & UFC 246 (Ep. 776) – Sports Gambling Podcast
NFL Conference Championship Picks & UFC 246 (Ep. 776) – Sports Gambling Podcast

This NFL conference championship picks and
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I figured we’d go by ah ah ah ah ah ah ah the hashtag Christian luckily given names
why not shone on this on this fine Wednesday on the fifteenth day of January of the year
2020 where I come out yes on this and on this NFC slash AFC championship weekend.
Guess where I am wearing the ultimate receiver Jersey.
Here to be your Nelson the Ryans about to receive some good vibes in the form of Mojo
pics of course we started things off. What a long journey it’s been Ryan.
Shawn did you know this was a 15 year event spot for Erin Rogers. Really. Stay tuned for
many more nuggets like that for the draft. Yeah of course. And at the start of the NFL
season off legacy stadium had a live viewing event. We saw the Packers defeat the bears.
You know you’re aware in your Jordy Nelson jersey because you’d lost the lock challenge
to to Billy of the EPL and fight Joe and so you had to wear the Jordy Nelson jersey. But
then the Packers ended up covering it was a really ugly game but a good start to the
season. A win is a win is a win.
I’m hoping to bring back that good juju because I did have a great weekend that first weekend
shown I didn’t I hit that bat and then lost a bunch after I wasn’t talking about betting
on football. Oh or just talking about. I mean I had a great weekend.
No I also did not have a great weekend betting on football. I had a great night betting on
football. I had a great weekend brother was out there
for his bachelor party but we’ll be going back to beautiful Las Vegas movie close to
locking down a little event live stream hang. Stay tuned for that. Yeah if you’re gonna
be out there for March Madness the plan is for us to get out there Wednesday afternoon
hangout Wednesday night all day Thursday all day Friday and then get the hell out of Vegas
early Saturday morning to March 18th to the 21st in beautiful Las Vegas hit us up at podcast.
We’re gonna be there. I know we will also be doing we’ll be hanging out. I think one
of the days at least Thursday probably over an hour west gate boy Jay Kornegay hooked
us up watching the games in that sweet sweet theater setup they have there. I know we’ve
already made plans to hang out with the best fruits crew.
We’ve got a lot of plans. Shawn you know the first through a Vegas is don’t make plans.
Well these aren’t real plans. They’re just basically we’re going to watch games here
for at least part of the day. The proper response is we’re working we’re
on our work we’re on the clock. My wife. Sorry honey I got to go on a business
trip. BIZ What do you do. You know what. I don’t know if I can call you tonight for bed
girls. Daddy’s gonna work 13 straight hours. Watch it. See one of these thirty two first
half unders you. Sure. Cash. God I can’t wait. Super Bowl’s not even over tradition unlike
any other. We will be well obviously you know we break
it down the conference championships we’ll recap the divisional stuff first but stay
tuned. The return of Richard Slayton for the UFC 246 count McGregor’s back and I don’t
know what happened we just drifted away from talking UFC rich really knows this shit and
gives out a bunch of good picks there at the end of the podcast so stay tuned for that
while we’re while we’re plugging the network of course the college experience as always
EPL show the fight show and Ryan McKee host of NBA odds pod if you’ve been tuning into
that he just gave out the magic over the Lakers against the spread magic won outright. Markell
folds going toe to toe with LeBron James. The serious case of Marco for what the hell.
Of course guy looks like a complete bust of the Sixers. They get rid of him. He succeeded.
Well Sean you definitely want to go subscribe to the sports gambling podcast network feed
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talk about later on this show later we have on to talk about that UFC fight Billy.
Ah our guy our guy get a little fiery on Twitter this week.
Our guy also Packers fan so definitely big weekend for Billy Bob big weekend.
But we need it is it is he our friend from across the pond because normally you have
the friend in the desert that’s Las Vegas and. Yeah. So I would say Yeah he’s right
across the pond. He our British representation. Yeah. He’s
going to be breaking up a fight. I said a lot of words. He’s got an EPO show. He’s got
a fight show coming up this week jampacked week for the network.
Jam packed week for the network and Ryan. We couldn’t be doing all these podcasts we
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deposit box. My bookie. Jason Garrett is in New York City.
To hang out with them. Why are we talking about this right. Oh we got it. We got to
do a little NFL news that we know we are not a show that passes rumors.
We don’t participate in the spin. This is a no spin zone.
There’s no rumors. He is the he is the guy they’re interviewing
for the O.C. job. Oh yeah the offensive cheerleader positions. I’ve been crushing this one on
Twitter. That’s a solid line. I’ll give that to thanks. It’s any thoughts. You know it’s
kind of weird as the non play call and head coach who gets fired so that the people that
were employed use the head coach didn’t think you could call play you know.
His experience is just something that the Giants organization really respects and they
can really see that as an I could not call playing Baha.
Well are you sure. Why wouldn’t why would you want anything about the last 10 years
of the Cowboys to leak on to the Giants. What about the last 10 years of the cowboys if
you like. You know what. Let me get you a fucking shine box.
John Mayer probably has some shoes right that could use all shot.
That’s true. Is John Mara the new Jerry Jones. Mm hmm. Wow certainly behind the time checks
and balances. I don’t think that too only Steve Tisch would
let it happen. He seems like he’s a bit of a loose cannon to attach to people they should
have gotten rid of. All right listen if they hired Jason Garrett is is the Eli Manning
to the Giants organization. He was there before the backup quarterback.
You know he’s. He’s part of the family. Once a giant always a giant shot. That’s what they
say. Well OK if you’re saying that then we got
to talk about Odell Beckham giving out free money at the national championship Odell.
Does it always have to be that is a disgusting. I meant to hit this the Odell job take the
boat out to him the boat trip the boat trip that sunk the well.
It’s funny because Morrow was one of the original guys on the Titanic probably right. He was
the one like pushing out the people in steerage class so you could get a life up hotel.
Oh he’s estimating about himself. So annoying so annoying. Is it real now we’re going to
investigate whether the money is real or not they should be paying the college athletes
just but Twitter a noisy cycle. At 3:00 it was great.
And see the to investigate if O’Dell was giving out real cash then it’s like both coaches
in the national championship game to receive million dollar bonuses.
Yeah. Odell definitely gave out money right. Yeah I mean there is video of him giving it
out. He did it on video so that everyone could see him do it. What is there to investigate
the fact that they had was trying to recruit some more fucked boys. The fact that they
have to investigate just shows how insane the NCAA is. I’ve concluded by investigation
it was real money. God let such there’s just such such fucking idiots. Speaking of fucking
idiots. Let’s let’s get to the game recap. Starting off with the only game I did not
get correct when it comes to eight yes pigs. OK.
I did not like that. Kirk Captain Kirk and the Vikings catching seven points in San Francisco.
They went out a little bit of a mojo game we did. We did hit on Jimmy G will throw an
interception. San Francisco throwing the first interception those were two of props that
hit. I don’t get it. They kept picking on that
cornerback for the 49ers Witherspoon very stern.
Jake had that sweet touchdown where it wasn’t a great throw or anything. Kirk just chucked
it up over there. He made a great play on the ball right into
the end zone. Why would you not keep going after that guy. Instead they just kept giving
it to cook. Clearly the 49ers run defense was just clogging everything up.
So football is a complex sport. It takes guys like Andy Reid it. Takes guys like Freddie
kitchens. Well now Dave Gettleman pointed out that the
top four teams in rushing yards though were in the playoffs so maybe Zimmer is is living
in that rushing yards all rushing yards matter world where you just gotta pound the rock
regardless of just it’s not working. The most concern working stop it the most
concerning thing about Gettleman statements are that Gettleman is allowed to talk to the
media. Yeah that was really it. All right I get it
dude. I get what you. I understand you’re trying
to say like you’re trying to do the I told you so and I’m sure if you wanted to talk
now we’d be like we’ll get Derrick Henry Derrick Henry is the single reason that Tennessee
is in this position but you know if I’m the Mara family maybe we just don’t let him talk
for a little while maybe we try to repair the PR. Let’s just let’s just let’s just see
what this new coach this new coach is up and all the right sound. Let’s just think.
All right. Joe judge. So nothing nothing crazy to take away from for me for this game. What
I do think happened was Jimmy G we kept waiting for these games for him to get exposed and
I felt like he kind of got exposed. But the Shanahan’s credit he just said second half.
We’re not letting Jimmy G throw the ball and he had 90. I mean this was like early in the
season where they took the ball away from Kirk Cousins and just pounded the rack with
Devin cook. Yeah Jimmy G completed eleven passes and eleven of 19 he threw one interception.
He could have thrown more I think there were definitely some close calls there and it makes
you wonder they just gave the ball to Tevin Coleman twenty two for one of five and two
touchdowns and they schemed up a great game. Yeah.
No I think they took advantage of the rest disparity and I think you know we I willingly
disregarded the fact that this Vikings team was not the same team on the road outside
and they were just the same old team on the road outside. I would say hard to imagine
a world where Jimmy Garoppolo can complete 11 passes and have a chance to be there and
Rodgers Yeah I mean yeah what are they going to.
Well we’ll get to that in the second. Ryan let’s move on to the next game here and that
of course is the matchup between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens.
Now I guess I picked Tennessee plus nine and a half we both had the under correctly at
46 and a half. You unfortunately you’re on Baltimore set now on Twitter the night of
the game. No I threw out a monster money line that is Tennessee plus three ninety five.
Couple of things that really sold me on the money line and a great reason why you should
follow our game and podcast these late breaking gut my gut. I was on the treadmill actually
about to leave for the game. Get back get getting my spot and my gut was
a rumbling Ryan. It was real. And my gut was talking to me because I’ve known Bush friend
of the program Scott Belzer. He had he had Ravens futures on and he texted me saying
I guess I should probably hedge with Tennessee Titans but there’s no way they win outright.
I’m not even going to waste the money on the hedge and just alarm bells are going off in
my head I’m like ya Oh my God. Then another actor friend comedian super funny
guy not a giant sportsman by any means Nick Rutherford writer for Rick and Morty so I’m
sure there’s some former SNL guy. He tweeted me again out of nowhere saying Can I get in
on this Raven’s bet. What do I got to do. I explain how to go to my bookie that age
he’s probably kind of stupid. It’s definitely what happened. And that again was like Oh
my God there come out of the woodwork to say to tell me that Tennessee MONEYLINE is the
play and that’s what I did. Lamar Jackson they forced him to throw outside the force
and make some throws that he just couldn’t he just couldn’t make some throws. And it’s
like this you have to either be all in or all out on Lamar Jackson there’s no there’s
no sort of middle ground that can because he’s become like the hot hot hot hot hot hot
hot dog. He’s become the plastic straws right where
it’s like you can’t you can’t you can only have a plastic straws are destroying the environment.
And you should get rid of them. They’re killing sea turtles or buying or hey you stupid fucking
libs. Give me my plastic straws. There’s no middle ground where. Yeah. He’s he has a very
good skill set. He deserves to be MVP but there are we saw it in the Chargers game in
the past we eat. He has flaws that if you catch him on the right day in game playing
around him can be exposed. Sean and the National Football League the
postseason is a collection of one game seasons unlimited success the small sample size allows
crazy shit to happen. Yeah. And Andrews let that let the ball bounce
off his hands and get that first pick and that was kind of the momentum swing.
But again the Ravens threw the ball 59 times. That’s not how you win with Lamar Jackson
now Lamar Jackson made a bunch of great throws this year and got another reason why like
Tennessee one of the props they gave out Ingram under seventy four and a half they they basically
all that said that guy was not right. I don’t know how I was still able to get under seventy
four and a half earlier in the week. It’s crazy. Yeah unfortunate for my my Ravens
future I didn’t know that Mr. Scott Powers or shared my opinion there also just like
this Titans team they just got something going on it’s that we it’s that team they’re the
team this year they’re the team that just I hear somebody compared Tannehill to Nick
Foles 2017 OK I think the difference there is that that that was a very good team in
the regular season that kind of it’s true made more but also the Ravens are the titans
2 and 4 you know and then Tannehill comes in seven and three from then on out and then
so now nine and three with two road playoff wins I mean look two things happened we challenge
the Titans to be great their coach said he would cut off his that those two forces combined
that’s all this is now. Sure you can get in the way of it this weekend or you can just
enjoy the ride. I’m done I’m done. Get in front of the bus.
Show me. I’m just Derrick Henry buzzards come from
right bravely dick. That’s an amazing visual.
Just imagine imagine him working at some logging company. There’s a lot of accidents nothing
like it. Mike Vrabel just comes up to the circular saw he know how to do it.
I it and noticed coach that we’re comparing your dog to a massive compliment.
And like you said he’s married. He doesn’t need it. Guy doesn’t know about healthy male.
You know I don’t know about that stance on not needing it.
I don’t understand that. But Ryan I need it every day. That seems excessive.
Couple of times a week. I’m feeling pretty sad. Baltimore Ravens they stack the box.
You can. How the heck is that stuff. Well we’re talking boxes one eight hundred five
energy enter jam like it’s healthy Mo Baltimore. They stack the box.
Sixty 67 percent of the time they had eight men in the box against Derrick Henry that
did not slow him down. Normally I think the stat was he sees a stack box like that thirty
seven oh God now I can’t stop laughing when I hear stacked box the slot was a slot sixty
seven percent of the time they did it so they they they loaded up even 30 percent and Ryan
Tannehill is the guy that can place the ball well and man a man to man coverage the coverage
like that Joe Smith ball that that 40 yard bomb like when they got that ball back the
second time and he just stepped back and just chucked a 40 yard touchdowns like oh dude
they’re winning this game he he’s sneaky fast he has a strong he throws a nice deep ball
I mean his problem was never that he didn’t throw nice people.
So now you give him a running back and you give the titans the ability to basically say
to totally just don’t fuck this up and he’s getting it done.
You know I don’t know. There’s a lot there’s a lot of fun stuff thinking
I was I was reminded today showing the Super Bowl is where Miami FL in that some beautiful
Miami Florida right. Could there be anything worse for the Miami
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jeep a game over on the derrick Henry Wikipedia page.
Yeah. How many times have you throw up to 25. He’s he’s got twenty two reps. You got
to be right on the gym. I could do two twenty five on the gym not twenty four. I could get
it up once oh once not twenty two times. Probably not. I’ll be out in the 18 to 19
range so I’m right behind Derrick Henry. Knowing Derrick Henry’s hair that one giant dread
is unsettling to me. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that but I dreads to me.
Oh dude you’re a Penn State alarm. You got to be careful judging people’s hairstyles
dreads to me. Look way more bad ass when you have that job
when they’re all separated. Though the one dread it doesn’t look as cool when he’s running
for the episode photo the Ryan have a yeah. The guy still looks like a he’s got a little
gut on it. Here’s a photo from the Ravens game his shirts up at his guys I you know
he’s just but he’s just he’s running like a fucking beast.
It’s it’s old school football it’s fun to root for it’s fun to watch and his postseason
career his ninety nine carries for five hundred sixty one yards. That’s ridiculous.
Yeah and I gave it out on the DFS podcast but he just set a record for the most rushing
yards last 8 games over twelve hundred yards. It’s insane. Houston they set a record not
a great one gave up a 24 to nothing lead to the Kansas City Chiefs at home. Chiefs covered.
We both had the Chiefs and the over KC minus nine and a half. Bit of a sweat. I’ll admit
it. It was my glock. Bit of a sweat though. Down 20 for nothing and mad. There were some
tie but holes here in Kansas City on that day. Shout out to the the Chiefs fan. Did
you see this story or. The stories that show the Chiefs fan who livestream himself leaving
the game you know got really nice tickets whenever he’s a huge fan and he left the game
in the middle of the first quarter and his name is Big Chuck on Twitter at C Penn for
the win. He left the game at the first quarter because
he thought he believed he was Kirst The comeback began. He actually he follows. He follows
us on Twitter. I can look back s so shout out to big buck Chuck is his Twitter handle
named seems like so he left and he assisted the team. That’s got to feel good. That feels
powerful and he can say we’re right. Oh he can say weed and they they hooked him up.
They now like all the local kids. City business. They got him a big screen TV. They got him
set up with some drinks and some food. Like stay here for thinking hey yeah whatever you
do don’t step inside the stadium so it makes you think that the chief Sands chief nation
keeps kingdom. They’re aware of the MoJo. They’re doing everything they can. Big Red.
Is this the way I would like to see. Out of all these teams I would like to see
the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. I don’t know if is going to happen but I mean they really
turned it on and you saw why this offense is it has gotten so much press over the years.
I mean really was like it was Lamar’s year this year. More homes injured. Not as insane
numbers as the previous year but then he comes in and has this game. How much do you blame
this game on. On Bill O’Brien I’d like to make fun of Bill O’Brien.
Sean I love that I left my house. So this is no bullshit. You witnessed this. It was
only for nothing I left the house. I was there. It was just me and my tin of
citrus skull hang I. I got back I didn’t look at the phone or anything.
Forty one. Twenty four. I there was a forty one to zero run while I was gone. Yeah.
How is that possible in the NFL playoffs. Sure. I mean this. This is so such a classic
Texans move. Good news for the Texans. They now have a little diversity in their divisional
round losses. No more 13 17. Bill O’Brien just a classic
doof. I went back and watched the replay. Andy Reid just murdered him.
Well Andy Reid destroyed him. Wait wait wait. Same play over and over again.
Yeah. When Hardman got that kickoff return You could feel the energy in the building.
They just like you just needed that jumpstart. I I I was sitting here when he didn’t go for
it on fourth down. He should have went for it and and I see why you wouldn’t go for it.
The fake punt it didn’t really bother me as much as other people because what they did
they mess up in the execution of the fake punt. I think they pointed out in the broadcast
kudos to them on a fake punt. You stop it right away you don’t give them a chance to
sniff it out and adjust which they did. Yeah but that dude made a great tackle. Sorenson.
And then he was also the guy who got the fumble. He had his head on the ball so Sorensen was
kind of the MVP of this of this turnaround. I don’t mind the fake punt like a court the
Chiefs off guard for the most part except Sorensen Sorenson just made a great one on
one tackle side. I don’t really hate that. I do hate that punt. I never like punting
on fourth and inches. You should just know how to run a QB sneak. The Ravens don’t know
how to run a QB sneak did that weird sideways QB sneak. Don’t overthink it or if you’re
going there’s two options. Do the traditional QB seek right up the middle or if you’re the
Ravens go five wide and just have Lamar run it off 5 y. Like there’s a I don’t know how
frustrating is it that the the the the offensive coaching staff for Sean Watson for Russell
Wilson. Lamar Jackson to some extent in this game
just they have no idea how to use the weapon. Yeah you have to Sean Watson and you can’t
can you. You don’t know what to do on fourth down it really.
It’s weird he almost ask any eight year old that plays Madden. They know what to do. Bill
O’Brien roll out. Yeah. Throw pass option to Sean Watts is not going
to slide. Sure the line he’s going to die for it. He’s a baller. This is remarkable.
This was a remarkable outcome. How do you give up 50 you’re up 24 to nothing
you didn’t just blow the game you blew the game and then got blown out.
It was I can’t recall NFL game let alone a playoff game where it goes from blowout to
close game to blow it the other way. It was an insane swing.
I mean I don’t know maybe. Maybe you’re right maybe the Chiefs were just tight.
The instead of trying to play through that that stomach bug finally bit the bullet went
back to the locker room took down a shirt and came out and was ready to go. That was
that that was that. Well you perfect transition here to the Seattle
Seahawks. Green Bay Packers 23 28. Green Bay cover the minus four we were on that even
even the four and a half if you got it late still covered. Basically came down to Seattle
not hitting that two point conversion. Why did we have to sweat. We did and why.
Well because Green Bay got up early and then Russell Wilson does his Russell Rose Russell
Wilson routine and it’s crazy. The Seahawks fans are like starting to hate Pete Carroll
now you go on Twitter Seahawks fans have turned on Pete Carroll and you look at Pete Carroll
the road he’s had here in Seattle is insane but I understand as a fan why he’d be so frustrated
if you keep running Marshawn Lynch for no yards and you have Russell Wilson like let
Russell Wilson help you let Russell Wilson. It just makes no sense since 2012 since he
took over they’ve only their worst season they had won nine and seven other that three
ten win 12 in 13 and 11 win seasons and a Super Bowl like what.
He’s had an incredible run but people are just so pissed. Well I mean I guess he’s had
out of it eleven playoff wins since 2012. That’s that’s an insanely good record. But
you can see why you’re so frustrated isn’t it.
You know he’s an old guy so it makes sense that he’s what kind of offense he’s trying
to run. I mean but he’s is also a new guy in the sense
that he doesn’t believe 9/11 happened. Well he’s a new guy and he’s a motivational
guy. Like he’s a rah rah guy. And I think the players like him I think the the part
where the fans obviously aren’t in the locker room they don’t see that clearly these players
want to play. Clearly Marshawn Lynch came back. Yeah. So he had to kick it with Pete
Carroll. Like there’s something there. He’s a player’s coach which is great because
it gets guys up for the game and gets the best ad here guys. But you can’t do that.
You can’t you can’t. You can’t go more than one play two plays
without Russell Wilson having the ball in his hand and deciding what he wants to do.
Tyler Lockett was going off Marshawn Lynch 12 cares for twenty six yards do you just
don’t need that. Russell Wilson was 7 for 64. Let’s talk about this because we saw some
great quarterbacks. I mean I love it because I was on the opposite side of it and I hit
my Jimmy Graham over two and a half. Miguel Wale prop if you’re starting or if
you’re starting a football team today. Howard I I have a hard time not selecting
Russell Wilson Yeah I mean if you’re I understand them a homes state like Mom’s is the one guy
I’d had to think about maybe the Sean Watson but Russell Wills what he does with this team
in spite of the worst offense and Russell Wilson you would say yeah he has received
gene and the experience it’s more than a clutch gene. Could you imagine the Eagles they almost
drafted Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson in the Eagles. He would the city would have loved
him. Andy Reid with Russell Wilson at quarterback what could have been who did they take instead
for it. I guess it was a third round and also is one
of those things where it’s like you know every part of Team pass on Russell Wilson so you
can’t rule two more times. Same with the Ravens passing on our agenda.
Clete Blakeman showed up when it mattered most. God of faith did not overturn even they
I almost freaked out because they came back with the we have additional footage and even
that additional footage. Oh wow. Okay. So remember the the do that came at us on
Twitter because of this hot take that there would be some shenanigans there were totally
shenanigans. Yeah. And and again I should have went more
in detail but the way Blake went does it. And if you’ve looked at these Blakeman Green
Bay Packers ref games Look just watch the game fast forward or watch the regular broadcasts
where you’ll see the react the reactions of the announcers who normally don’t weigh in
more like I don’t know what is this guy thinking. He doesn’t do it early and he doesn’t do it
the entire game. But in the fourth quarter there are going to be a couple of calls. Yeah.
Go the Packers way and that’s how you really fix a game. If you if you did it from the
moment it started it would be obvious but you save it till the end of the fourth quarter
where they need a couple close thing. So we needed in-depth report on this. Yeah.
Kudos do. Free free hooded sweatshirt to any listener who writes up a cleat Blakeman in
Green Bay Packers theory proof whatever 300 words do on my desk before the Super Bowl.
Hooded sweatshirt do you enjoy only 300 words. Well come on right.
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deck and such as. Okay Kramer let’s do it. Let’s talk. Conference
Championships. Conference Championship Sunday January 19th
12 0 5 p.m. on the West Coast. The Tennessee Titans and Mike Vrabel and his very terrified
penis head to Kansas City to take on the NFL as Gert penis Andy Reid.
Kansas City minus seven and a half minus 350 on the MONEYLINE titans plus two sixty fifty
three is the total. I don’t know if I agree with the total going
up. Mm hmm. What is it. Open it. No no I’m. I’m simply comparing to the game last week
against Houston. Oh OK. I was at 51. So you know let’s just. Just
that in a vacuum the Houston totals should be higher. Better offense worse defense. Yeah.
So I’m not sure why the totals going up Sean. Do we know what the weather is going to be
like out there in Kansas City. I would imagine it’s going to be cold. I would imagine it’s
going to be Tennessee Titans type weather. Mm hmm.
When we pull it up here Sean we got twenty two degrees. Not much wind and clear. Looks
like it’s going to be a nice afternoon day in Kansas City local time at kickoff Sean
3 0 5. Are they are there central so 2 0 5 Yeah.
Yeah. Anyway back back to the seven and a half.
It’s a it’s a just an absolute darling no. What are we seeing right now with the dollars
and the tickets we’re seeing 61 percent of the tickets. We’re seeing 56 percent of the
dollars on Kansas City as far as the total 64 percent of the tickets on the. Over put
only 18 percent of the dollars on the owners John. So a little bit to that point of that
number feels like instinctually that’s a big number.
I don’t understand why it’s two points higher than last week’s total what else what else
shown what else. Well I’ll start this off with the as. As far
as totals I’m going to an alternate total already give me let’s see. There’s a couple
I’m fine in here these all totals. I’ll start off with the North total of under forty six
and plus two thirty. Lock that up for a prop. Wow. That’s a low number and learned oh yeah.
I’m worried Brian. This is a gambling podcast. OK when you throw it out. Tennessee money
right here believe it. Are we doing pics again. We’re doing that
thing. What where we pick the game like every game every game. Don’t when do we get a break.
We were doing this for years all right. I don’t know what you’re getting at. Ryan’s
ready to retire. Not me. All right. So I’m not ready to retire.
I announced earlier I heard I I don’t even know why we should just we should just delete
this segment from the podcast. I told you I’m not picking anyone but the Tennessee Titans
until I can’t pick the Tennessee Titans anymore. Seven and a half. Are you kidding me. They
are street rats and I know what you’re thinking. Well Sean is this where you go with this.
This could be controversial. No. This is from our coach Mike Vrabel who calls these guys
street rats. Why. Because they’re scrappy. They’re ugly. They’re grinding it out there.
No one wants them. They were shooed out of Miami. No one thought everyone said well you
can’t be in Alabama running back. Right. Yeah. Derrick Henry believes otherwise this team.
How was Derrick Henry gotten better at running the football over these past six seven eight
weeks. Because Ryan Tannehill is at the helm of the quarterback and that last game Kansas
City and Houston a lot of the stat nerds a lot of the non gut handicappers in the world
will say momentum doesn’t exist. You watch that game and tell me momentum doesn’t. Tell
me Jay. Why do you giant butthole wasn’t crushing a diamond. You put a piece of coal in there.
14 karat ring would come up and no one’s gonna want that ring.
The point is momentum is real and this Tennessee Titans team has tremendous amount of momentum.
CHRIS JONES The defensive lineman for Kansas City who got to who got injured playing pickup
basketball night before the game. How does that happen here just a curse franchise buried
on an India. You know your stadiums on an Indian burial ground they did have a super
fans staying at home for the game. So I don’t know if it’s going to be an outright loss
but Tennessee Titans this tendency doesn’t get blown out at least this new look. Tannehill
led Titans team certainly there are some matchups that don’t completely favorite Tennessee.
They don’t normally do well against the tight end did pretty well against marquee injuries
and some of the Baltimore titans the public I’m sure is all over Kansas City and Tennessee
for one 1. Yes their last five against Kansas City 5 in 0 8. Yes. Their last five on the
road six in one eight yes in their last seven against Kansas City.
I mean Sean did you go back and watch the Saints hot too because you watched the tape.
Which tape when they played earlier this year. I think that is very much a possibility a
game very much like that thirty five I mean the difference there is Kansas City they were
missing a couple offensive linemen the first time but I would say the real difference is
the heat this Tennessee team has and and kind of just I mean they really have something
going on. It’s just that simple. Give me Tennessee plus seven and a half and give me the under
as low as you can get it because I think this is an ugly ugly game.
Let’s break it down. Let’s start with what the NFL wants. Does the NFL want Tennessee.
Ryan Tannehill too does the NFL want two weeks of talk about one of the head coaches dicks
cut off. Yeah the NFL the NFL want the Tennessee television market. Well and worth noting.
Or does the NFL want show time homes show time by home.
Andy Reid Tyreke Hill Travis Kelsey Steve Spragg no the hits just keep the rowdy bad
parent Tyree kill proud parent Tyree I feel like the powers are against this buzz saw
in this spot right. Come on the Titans are in the Super Bowl right.
Are they going to make this a game. They’re not winning this outright. We both agree they’re
not winning it outright. I’m not agreeing to anything. You’re right.
I haven’t given out my dog for this weekend yet.
It can’t keep happening. All right. Now you know it’s the were all Ryan’s must
stick together. I mean look this is the this is the exact
matchup that Kansas City is terrified of a team that can tell you they’re going to run
the ball down their throat and they will be able to run the ball down their throat they
had it they had a scare and they bounced back because they were going against one of the
worst coaches in the league right Mike Vrabel for as much as we’ve joked about it and I
don’t still quite don’t understand the idea of cutting off your dick to win a Super Bowl
but he appears to be a very good coach aye aye aye.
Well he’s a lot of things that Bill O’Brien isn’t and I I do believe if they can if they
can avoid going down big early this game will come down to the fourth quarter.
This game will come down to wanting to tackle Derrick Henry the Fourth Quarter and oh by
the way I mean. God help us. But I. Someone is going down in this game for the Chiefs.
I have a bad feeling I’m going to take Ryan Tannehill.
I’m going to take the Tennessee Titans plus the points give me and also give me Derrick
Henry over one of six and a half that’s insanely high. But this guy he just gets this right
and he wants a big number. That’s a very big number.
Yeah and he’s a very big man who’s done it eight games in a row. I mean you can try and
get cute and and complete and think that this bag’s defense that has hearts of champions
that led up 31 points against the Texans I mean what was a.
I mean sometimes shit just doesn’t make sense and sometimes it since football becomes about
a team since November 3rd. He’s gotten over a hundred yards every time except once.
No I I don’t know how you play the under on that. I’m just saying that’s a very very big
number very big number. He’s a very big man. Last three games to eleven
one eighty two one ninety five all on the road all against whose whose defense is better
at stopping the run the Ravens or or the Patriots or the chiefs the Chiefs show who’s getting
an extra day of rest to let the ice down those monster thighs and giant God of his.
Yeah I mean I think I think when you look at Kansas City though the main thing that
pops off the paper is that twenty ninth ranked defense against the run according to DVLA.
That is not good. It is what you’ll hear people say as well that their defense has improved
their defense has improved. I don’t think their defense has improved against the run
and we’re gonna see a team that’s going to commit to the run unlike the Houston Texans
last week who as we mentioned they completely shit the bed here.
Man it it’s so crazy to me that the week we’re gonna see the tennis. We have a chance Sean
to see him Tannehill and the fucking Super Bowl talk about devaluing the Super Bowl.
No it’s only going to ruin Eli’s any crops you got there Kramer.
I mean I would say if the Titans fall behind they’re gonna have to start throwing the ball.
Do you like AJ Brown. Do you like Jonas Smith. We threw out first sir on the DFS show.
He’s the guy that’s gonna have. He could be a half a catch guy right. Yeah. So first sir
over catches but I would I would say let’s let’s zig a little bit here. AJ Brown didn’t
do much last game. I’m not going to attack the catch prop I’m gonna attach the attack
the yardage prop guy AJ Brown over yards over yards let’s get to the next game let’s get
to the next game NFC Championship Green Bay heads to San Francisco where Aaron Rodgers
comes home gets the revenge spot all of the above.
Niners are minus seven and a half minus three sixty on the MONEYLINE Green Bay plus two
sixty forty five and a half is the total. I read a quote Sean I was going back and I
was reading about how Aaron when Aaron Rodgers didn’t get picked number one by the San Francisco
49ers and he had to sit there in the waiting room in the green room still flip phone they
wrote a story. They’re like they’re talking about how the
staff back there was all pissed off because they’re they’ve cleaned up all the other tables.
But Harold Rogers is sitting there waiting to get picked.
Apparently he holds that with him today. The table the table the chip on his shoulder.
Well I got a great family. I thought that same thing when I bet. The last time he came
to San Francisco and got his ass kicked. Yeah that was regular season. This is playoffs
playoffs Walter football brings up a good point.
The first time this team these teams played each other San Francisco was minus three and
a half. And now my seven and a half that were just
minus seven against the Vikings are the Packers and the Vikings the same team a one a half
point difference even. And that’s only key. No and and I think they
did. The 49ers did a great job of hiding out of hiding Jimmy Garoppolo and I think the
way you beat this Packers team is with physical running if you can do it right. Their three
losses were when teams were physically running against them but I don’t know if this 49ers
team can do it. And really the Green Bay’s defense has gotten a lot a lot better since
the first time they played of course the emergence of the Smith brothers not related. Now I called
the Smith brothers they’re not related. Every announcer loves to point that out. The 49ers.
They’re just trying to take the ball out of Jimmy G’s hands and I think that’s that’s
not sustainable in a conference championship. Right. Weird and and certainly you know they
don’t have Derrick Henry over there. They don’t have the exception. This is a stat I
loved. And this is really this is some this is a trend. It’s a very small sample size
but it’s a trend that makes a ton of sense to me. And it was my logic when this line
opened Aaron Rodgers. He’s only been a dog of seven or more how many times in his career.
That number is small. It’s probably something you can count on one hand it is Ryan twice.
He’s got the underdog twice. Of seven or more points to a.. Both times against NFC West
opponents in the playoffs covered the spread. Both times. One was that weird game against
Seattle with the onside kick and that kind of crazy stuff. So he’s going to be in this
game it’s going to be close. Give me the Packers plus seven and a half there is the La Flor
battle I think if you’re San Francisco the formulas pretty simple. It’s their defensive
line bucking up Green Bay’s offensive line which certainly could be the end of it. I
just think Aaron Rodgers he’s got enough of a history enough of a pedigree. San Francisco
does have the extra day of rest. Green Bay has struggled a little bit with the tight
end. You saw that against Seattle and San Francisco superhot as well 14 3 trade up in
their last seven in Green Bay has struggled 1 5 or 1 8 test in the last seven in San Francisco.
All that’s floating around overall. Aaron Rodgers ninety nine and sixty seven against
the spread. He’s due to just cover spreads and I think
they’re in this game. Give me Green Bay plus seven and a half wow lots said there.
Mike my first note is simply this and I’m glad you brought it up but how often do you
get seven and a half points with Aaron Rodgers twice.
Yeah. NFL seems like a good bet. And then let’s take it a step further we see.
Well. Oh shit. Green Bay actually has a better rushing offense
and passing offense this year. And if there is a weakness to this Niners defense it is
attacking that defense on the ground. Aaron Jones you know it didn’t make a ton
of sense. All people have been hyping him for years
now it feels like it never really made sense. This is what everyone was talking about he
looks the part. I heard a comparison that thrill Davis that I thought was pretty interesting
because there there is a little of that there and I think he could be the kind of guy that
can bust enough through the San Francisco line to give Aaron Rodgers those play action
led to Monta Adams go to do his thing because as I mentioned on the DFS show Sean onto Adams
has a has a half decent matchup I think he could absolutely go off.
I of course I like Aaron Rodgers. Of course I like fading Jimmy Garoppolo why and maybe
I’m also like just like I was blind to the Falcons at times earlier years ago. I feel
like the San Francisco team’s really good. I just can’t see it. How are they going to
beat Aaron. Why is his line so big. Well and the other thing is with the Packers
the Chiefs and the Texans have the say over the Chiefs and the titans of the same line.
Granted I think that you know oh Mike where the Packers the Packers and Aaron Rodgers
Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Tannehill could be in the Super Bowl. It could.
We have a problem Aaron Rodgers to me. He’s very good at picking on bad cornerbacks and
I don’t know why the Vikings got away from going against Witherspoon and maybe Lazard
is the guy that you look actually in DFS but I think I think he’s going to focus on whether
they’re not going to get away from picking on him maybe get away from Rodgers. Richard
Sherman doesn’t like Richard Sherman that interception cousins through like hit him
right in the chest. I don’t know. I might be wrong here but I
don’t think the Niners play a ton of man. But you can’t play zone against Rodgers though.
I think this is I think this game is not so clear cut as many people are saying and I
think again I don’t. They were the Vikings were seven point dogs the Packers are seven
and a half point dogs. None of that makes sense to me.
Let’s let’s go let’s go contrarian is it is it contrarian. That’s the question. It is
contrarian. Oh nice. Thirty six percent of the dollars are on the Packers.
So I’ll go. I’ll go over on the total. Don’t have a great feel one way or the other. Forty
five and a half probably feels right. But I would skew one of these teams will get to
28. The other 24 that’s kind of what I like the
under actually. Yeah. I don’t I don’t have a great feel for this total.
The other floor will will run the ball and I think the clock will be running a lot in
this game. Mm hmm. And I I’m going to go under so I’m going to
go for as far as props I like over Aaron Jones receptions.
It’s not out yet but it shouldn’t be crazy What do you think you would set at two and
a half three and a half three. The last game was two and a half. Yeah. So we’ll say we’ll
say two and a half maybe three depending on where the juice is. I like him to be involved
in the passing game. I’ll throw out this long shot prop. Green Bay. Wire to wire win at
plus six seventy five because I think there’s a chance they score first and just kind of
control the game much like they did against Seattle. I think they’re a better team actually.
The more I think about it I was going to say I I kind of like doing the Packers when first
half Niners win game. Whoo. Okay.
As a special if you like the Green Bay first half well how many to show how many games
do we have to watch the Packers just take the third quarter off before we take advantage
of this trend. No they’re horrible. They’re horrible second
half they take one of the really bad guys have a quarter of Florida’s doesn’t make adjustments.
I don’t know what it is but really maybe the play is Green Bay first half.
It’s probably what at you know what. Plus for the first half maybe four and a half.
Oh man. All right. I’m sorry. I’m looking at the Titans game
show we. We hope the correct game should be similar right.
Similar spread you would think yes. So. For you know it is for now four for the Kansas
City four and a half. And their first half team. So throw that Green Bay first half plus
four and a half in my prop section there. I’d rather wait for the money one. No I’ll
do. Yeah you’re right. I’ll go Green Bay first half MONEYLINE. So you’re on that as well.
And you like Green Bay. Well you’re so similar props of Green Bay first half San Francisco
game and also Green Bay first half MONEYLINE. And you’re said under 45 and a half all right
time for all right. Oh. I’m playing happy. Guy. I’m going over with the Adams props too.
OK so both receptions and yards. Well I mean Adams will play it by ear but I’ll probably
again stay tuned at gambling Park. Guess. We’ll throw out all these.
You know once they kind of go final. And of course like dog teeth there’s still plenty
of show left. We will be. Talking to rich Slayton. About the UFC 246. My lock.
Give me Green Bay plus seven and a half. My dog. The street rats themselves. No one believes
the Tennessee Titans. Except me. Hashtag. Tighten up. Tennessee plus 260. Not going
to do a tease. But a Kramer already get well. I have a massive future on the Packers.
John and I’m probably not going to be adding to it by betting this game. It’s just so hard.
I don’t want to. I don’t want to be boring but I it’s so hard to not lock up the Packers
getting seven and a half points. It just feels like such a big number. For popping my locker.
I don’t know where else I go. There’s only two teams there’s only two games shot I’m
sorry for my dog let’s go Titans. Oh my God tighten up I don’t
know how else to play this I can’t jinx my future if the Packers win that game I cash
a 9 to 1 future on the NFC Sean that then turns into a twenty to one future on the Super
Bowl I know it’s not going to go right but that this is where I’m going and and honestly
if I’m like in one of these props up. I think you just have to lock up the vanity
items over the catches you know and I’m going to lock up Ryan. My favorite prop of all prop
swap. That’s all right props up is America’s marketplace to buy and sell sports
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and not against the house. There is advantages there. You’re you’re cashing in on them looking
to cash out. It’s really just that simple. Last weekend guy threw 20 bucks and titans
in the Super Bowl 300 0 0 to 1 odds in November. Jesus sold that ticket on props up for three
five hundred fifty dollars. Some. He’s cashing in. Twenty six to one.
Meanwhile the guy on the opposite end. He just got a 10 to 1 ticket which is better
than no one else is offering Titans. Plus 1000 right now they’re one of only four teams.
Again props up dot com. Perfect place to buy and sell active sports bets. And I know what
you think. Oh gambling isn’t legalized in my state yet. I can’t go to prop shop dot
com. You’d be surprised a lot of states that don’t have legalized sports gambling yet they
do have they are they’re good to go over a promise and again you go to prop
Satcom you use that promo code as sheep you get a hundred percent match up to one hundred
dollars from a Code S GP void where prohibited and even even a special bonus to you the listeners
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of a free deposit bonus. No roll over on it. It’s just one hundred dollars you going to
spend buying sports tickets instead of betting them at a sportsbook. Joining us on the line.
Announcer For the University of M.M. a longtime friend of the podcast rich Slayton what’s
happenin rich. Happy to be here. Guys it’s been a minute
I have missed Ryan’s missed pronunciations I’ve missed Shawn’s overexcited announcing
that I’m on the show it’s really good to be here again.
All right go. He’s giving me credit for the mispronunciation.
Yeah admittedly that was I mean I’m not great at English I’m not maybe an eighth grade level
but Shawn is the name wizard. Oh yes it’s a b c it’s Ben’s song.
I forget who is bad at what Ryan did. I love you too Ryan to catch me trying to pronounce
some of these names. Boy or before the podcast got going so I’m
sure I’m going to have plenty of screw ups here. It was a good singer.
Me me me me me me me me my mom I’m pumped. All right we’re going to hit on some of the
undercard stuff for UFC 246. And of course breaking it down the big fight. Kind of McGregor
and Donald Sorokin so Rooney Wow that’s an easy one.
Did he ever get past the first name. I mean. I think record like I expect you to get right.
It’s because you know of your trash background. But the rest of it is just oh I can’t wait
for this first that the first fight on the card. I cannot wait to hear you try to pronounce
these names OK. Starting off one of the early fights we’ll
get to hear Alexi Olynyk versus Maurice Green. I think I did right there right.
Shockingly you actually kind of nailed it. Maurice Greene no relation. Minus one thirty
favorite against Olynyk a plus one hunter Dog. Yes you could say they’re pretty even
money the round totals seen at one and a half plus 150 on the under minus one eighty on
the over. What do you see here Rich. What are you doing. Well on paper there’s
a ton of reasons to avoid this fight right. Electric is a really talented submission grappler
with 45 submissions over a seventy one fight career and he’s crazy crafty right. He’s one
of the most crafty guys in the Simitian game. He once got a guy I think was Victor pasta
by letting him take the mound because he was stepping into an Ezekiel show which is a weird
forearm choke that by the way I think that Alexi owner has only done has done the only
two that were ever in the UFC. But forty five that number of forty five submissions is also
only three more of a number than the number of years Olynyk has on earth. He’s a 42 year
old maybe off a twelve second kale loss and he’s he’s gotten by. Okay here’s thing with
a letter he’s gotten by on his toughness a lot. Right. Able to absorb a ton of shots
to get in the position that he wants and go get that win.
The question on Olynyk is if he can still do that forty two year old.
I’m just gonna. It’s weird to see we’ve seen Tom Brady kind of fall off the cliff here
in the National Football League. I imagine there’s a similar clip for MDMA fighters.
How many guys are actually doing it still in their 40s.
It’s different at heavyweight. You know you can’t do a flyweight. You follow the fighter
even in your late 30s it’s almost impossible but for heavyweights weights these old guys
you know there’s a lot of heavyweights who are past 40. It’s actually not that uncommon.
I mean I think some guy’s been pushing 50 on occasion. It’s kind of crazy just because
it’s such a slow game at that level and you’re like Okay cool. So you have old man strength
and you can hug me up and rustle me around and Lennox that kind of guy. The only thing
is does he get hit a whole bunch and lately he’s gotten hit a whole bunch and that makes
it difficult against Maurice Greene who OK not to be disrespectful but to be disrespectful
more green is a six foot eight former fat kid who started trade in his 20s because he
was over 330 pounds and then when he got down to a slim trim to sixty five he found out
that there are very few men his size who are willing to fight for money and that’s how
he began his fight career. Since then to live there. Sounds like an episode
of Biggest Loser that got out of hand. John stumbled into an Emmy to make Green’s nicknames
The Crow he had a crochet boss. Was that what he does with your spare time
is he eat great stuff. Oh this guy’s. This guy’s already a legend.
All right I’m. That’s all I needed to hear. Give me give me Maurice Greene minus one.
He lacks the experience but the age. I mean he’s only 33 compared to forty five.
I think that’s big at minus 130. I inherently lean to the dogs but I doubt that all the
small favorite Kramer would Shawn. I. I’m going to slack you a picture of winning
right now but just having his picture up on my laptop is making me nervous for the children
inside the house. I’m going with America. I’m going with the crochet ball. So what was
the price minus one third. Oh yeah. Why not.
I mean you might as well here’s the problem is Maurice has really low fi IQ and might
be that man might be double digits to be honest. He’s not super experienced like 33 as a young
and in the heavyweight division right like most of these heavyweight fighters. You don’t
find a lot of 20 to your heavyweight fight and you find a bunch of guys in their 30s
and 40s. If Olynyk was anywhere near just past his prime. Like it was closer just like
kind of over the hill it would be a no brainer for the Russian. We just don’t know if he’s
past his prime or totally washed. So here’s what I’m going to say on this one is taking
Greens on a bad bet. For me this is fun. What I’m going to do is I’m gonna put one unit
on both Maurice Green and the first and Alexi and the first because it’s two forty four
Maurice Green and three hundred for Alexi. So I figure I hedge either way. So really
I’m just betting that it finishes in the first which if you go through these two guys five
careers it actually is pretty likely that’s going to happen.
Nice. Yeah I wonder. Yeah. You could either do that or just maybe just take the under
on the one and a half rounds at minus one eighty. But yeah I kind of like that strategy.
May price out even a little higher there. I think I think it does. I don’t know the
math on it but I think it does which is why I went with that rather than the under makes
sense. All right let’s uh let’s hop around here on
the undercard Anthony Pettis against Diego Ferrer Rio that wins feels good. You almost
got there. Okay. Yeah I’m going to give you partial credit. Sure I’ll take it. You did
get to get there was an F in there. So that’s pretty good for Rio. How would you say that.
Rich. What am I doing Father. I’m not even to try and read the letters are different
Diego minus 250 favorite pedis plus one ninety five. Dog does pedis have a chance here for
the upset. Well at one point about five years ago patties
looked like the future. Right. He was 18 and two he had four finishes in a row and he had
a lightweight title defense. You can’t really just defeat I think name is Miss Melendez
he just taken out and then dose on beat the brakes off him and showed everybody that the
way you do that is by applying consistent pressure. And that was the first of three
losses in a row it’s been win loss win loss ever since and pedis what he really excels
at is fighting against more passive fighters who give him the room to take those big shots
like when he knocked out Stephen Thompson recently. The problem is hey there’s not that
kind of fighter. He’s an offense first pressure fighter who can grapple as well so that you
will let him decide where the fight is going to take place. He can get out of control which
you know part of that is the pressure on Pat as part of that is an opening. And that might
have been a death sentence against the pedis of all that the five or seven year ago pedis
in 2020. This betting line feels like it’s right on the money if he does the correct
call here minus 265 might be a little stiff but it’s worth a one unit bet if you do want
to scratch the itch if you’re if you just have to do it.
Hash tag de gens only. Yep yep. There we go. Take pedis by the finish
because that prompts that plus three seventy five and that seems way more likely than Pettis
winning three round decision. Yeah. Kramer what are you doing here.
Well I was going to say that would be what I would. I would say does does fight go the
distance Sean. Yes. Minus 150 know plus one turn I was going to suggest the no plus one
10. Mm hmm. Almost seems like it should be the favorite.
SEAN OK. I’m looking at the over under total here two and a half. Do you have this Ryan.
So is this correct. Is this the most recent update. You know I wrote it down a couple
hours ago. Yeah this looks. Yeah. All right. You would say you want that juice. Is that
what you’re getting. I’m going back and forth. So the under is two and a half at plus 130.
So you’re right. I’ll take fight will not go the distance and that’s the minus 110.
You don’t want to get get boned in like the last two and a half minutes of a fight. Yeah.
All right. Moving on we got Claudia get Ella versus Alexa Grasso. I think I did a decent
job on that. Both these fighters pegged at minus 115. The the over under here. Let’s
take a look at this. Over two and a half minus three hundred under two and a half plus two
forty rich. Which way you lean in here on a according the oddsmakers pretty even bite
and they’re right. This is my don’t bet it. This is my avoid
it with a ten foot pole. Colleague Dahlia should win this fight but she is wildly unreliable
and that’s what this betting line reflects. I am telling everybody. Don’t. Don’t put this
on a parlay. Don’t bet the straight up and down line maybe don’t watch it. I don’t know.
Just stay away from this fight all the way you can. It’s it’s the third rail of this
event so complete. Stay away. That’s not going to stop me from
I think. I think you can maybe throw in I’ll do a slight
play here on under two and a half foot plus to forty even two evenly matched. Usually
you’re gonna go the distance but I think two rounds that some one of these women chokes
the other out knocks them out. It’ll be fun. You would be somebody would throw like a quarter
unit on. So give me a little taste of the under a plus to. This is just kind of an outside.
These are 115 pound chicks. Sean. Yeah but nothing is ending early. This is going all
the way on. And that’s why it’s a crazy bet and I wouldn’t
suggest it to the listeners. Well I never realized that these two fighters
could just take turns kicking each other in the face and it wouldn’t end.
I really like you now I want to watch. See Sean I’m really in the grass those massive
leg reach advantage five and a half inches. She’s got two and a half inches with the conventional
ARM long cock. She is from Mexico. I don’t know. I mean it’s the same out here.
Here’s my thing with here. I appreciate the UFC very progressive. We
got lots of women’s fight in women’s fights in the game but I don’t really like play watching
little dudes fight right. There’s only a handful of little dudes I’ve ever really enjoyed fighting
and those are the ones that could finish fights. I think with with the women it’s like some
of the shoots I don’t need to watch this but if you’re telling me hey we’re going to watch
it I’m obviously going to bet on it. I’m going to take Grasso and also Sean gonna tell you
juiced it up a little bit by parlaying with the over that’s a stone.
Yep. OK. The over. I’m gonna give you some numbers here Sean.
Just to show how bad of a call you’re making in 15 and in 16 16 combined fights in the
UFC. These two have only gone under the full length of the event twice in 16 fights.
So you’re saying there’s a chance Rich. Yeah I got to go against the grain everyone’s zag
and I’m zigging over here. Hey congratulations on.
Another. Another female fight here on the undercard Holli home against Rockwell Pennington
Rockwell does she have a. What’s her fight nickname. Well I’m working on pull that up
Kramer. I actually don’t remember that one. Yeah and. Well Jesus Christ Sean you knew
it. Did you know I did it. I was just Rockwell Pennington has to have a bad ass fight Rocky.
OK. There you go. Oh. Oh Holly homes fight name is actually way better. Yeah. The preacher’s
daughter. Oh Jesus. That’s it. That is pretty sad as well. She actually. Yeah. That’s gonna
be an interesting sermon. The dad’s just like go out there and slay
them in a battles. Holly home minus 130 favorite against rock.
Well Rocky Pennington plus one hundred dog. The over under for the rounds sitting at two
and a half but crazy juice on both sides over two and a half on the rounds minus five forty
under two and a half plus three ninety. So they think this fight is not going to go the
distance. Are they correct. And is Holly home the correct favorite Rich.
Yeah I think they got it right on Holly home. Here’s the thing five years ago she was on
top of the world. A. just knocked out Ronda Rousey and one of the biggest paper viewers
of all time the world was a waster. And since then Holly’s two in five and coming off a
really nasty beating from a man in New York. Like I read like a career change or potentially
on the other side. Kel Pennington is an unremarkable athlete and she has the record that goes with
it. That’s pretty much the entire story of Pennington she’s she’s in a division she she’s
moderately marketable and she keeps fighting people. That’s what her career is. This will
probably be a slow boring fight. The bets fall in line with that. But I think home is
is is a decent bet both standalone and as a parlay minus 133 kind of feels like a steal
And I think that’s mostly because of the fact that she’s she hasn’t been great against top
tier competition as of late. And what happened against Nunez Rick Pennington isn’t a man
a union. She’s not any of these people she is again unremarkable Holly Holmes more talented
more physically gifted at minus 133. I say you go ahead and take her you can even you
can lay medium on Holly home in my opinion and you can probably parlay it as well.
It’s a pretty safe bet. I’m also going to rock your advice there I’ll go home minus
one third. I caution you guys sure because here once when I head over and to take out
the bedding show and I see. Oh all right. Holly home getting 75 percent
of the tickets yeah. 60 percent of the money on rock cow ranch.
So you’re saying some sharp money on rock spending. I don’t know what I mean. Or is
it or is it just the casual guy the casual better the casual fan. I don’t think a casual
better is making a bet on a Tuesday was fight for the year right.
It’s probably it’s probably late action but I’ll be home even for a casual guy like myself.
That’s a name you know in your head you’re thinking OK.
He took out the bad ass chick you’re gonna drive. Yeah.
Yeah. If you’re gonna play Holly home maybe like you guys are saying you can get Holly
home by decision plus 1 10. Yeah I mean if there’s that much juice on
the over it’s pretty safe to take the decision. I’ll just I’ll just lay it at home minus one
30. What are you doing. I’ll be contrarian. OK. ROMNEY Rocky.
I’m wearing I’m wearing the green. It’s not for Philadelphia it’s for the Green Bay Packers.
But there’s some connection there. I ran up some steps today wasn’t the light wasn’t any
sort of special library or the stairs that Rocky ran up but let’s go with rock so the
dogs barking. Let’s go into your hog rack like. Slight Rocky
petting. I just like to imagine Shawn’s actually laying
his bets as we have this conversation and he’s making somebody finally fun terrible
decisions so rich. Something that happens since we’ve talked
to you last. We were doing a college football podcast and myself and Colby were having a
deep conversation about college football. Apologies for digressing Sean’s barely paying
attention. No well you next thing you know had the you
did the spreadsheet and you mispriced the McGregor you had McGregor as a plus to what
we’re talking about. So we’re out of this college football conversation.
Next thing you know Sean’s computer goes. Place your bets please.
I had logged on to my bookie got a great sponsor of the podcast and I got inside track in some
online blackjack earn my own sports gambling. I guess a highlight of degeneracy that knows
no. I feel like you need to get a good tattoo
of just of betting a twenty two on your arm somewhere. I don’t know why.
Yeah. Never go over baby. All right. A degenerates. This guy. He’s taking a break hasn’t had a
drink in three or four months according to him. In spite of the fact that he has his
own line of whiskey personal dream for myself Carter McGregor facing off against Donald
the cowboy McGregor a minus three fifty. Coming into this the over under for the fight said
it only one and a half rounds for this five round fight it’s not a title fight but it
it has that feeling of a title fight the over one and a half is minus one thirty five the
under is one and a half plus one of five. So they’re saying this this could be decided
early which seems like it normally benefits McGregor. I love McGregor just because he’s
an average student talks a bunch of shit and it’s fun for the sport but I think there’s
there’s probably some value here on the cowboy at plus the 75 that feels a little inflated.
What are you doing here Rich. Wow. That’s a really interesting interesting take
on that one look. Let’s talk about Donald Sterling for a minute right. Surowiecki is
a really popular guy. He’s an exciting guy. He has more finishes than I think anybody.
He’s also lost all four of his title shots. He’s lost every time he’s had a big fight
lost a whore Hey Moss of it all lost a Robby lost to Tony. He’s a professional fighter.
The Andy Reid of MMN. Yeah I mean he’s a professional fighter and
a talented choke artist. That’s what Donald’s roadie does is he falls short in the biggest
moments of his career and he’s on a 2 5 losing streak and he’s covered in controversy right
now because people are finally starting to figure out that he might be kind of a redneck
which I don’t know how they didn’t learn that earlier. You add in what I call the alto effect
which is where Jose Aldo who was the scariest baddest man on the planet who I used to joke
about the fact that his sisters once threw him on a fire and was a baby. And that’s why
he’s a burden on his face because that’s the true story. So why would you punching him
ever make him scared and the buildup to the McGregor fight ruined him. It wasn’t the fight.
It was the buildup it got inside of his brain. There was too much attention and Aldo just
totally lost it. Sharon has been under bright lights but I don’t think he’s ever been under
the scrutiny of this to this level of. You’re fighting the comeback. McGregor on the other
side of it from McGregor It’s simply a question of where he’s at. And does he have cardio
right now. Like how long was his last MDMA fight. I feel
like it’s been a long time right. Not that long. When was the could. I feel
like it was like 18 months ago was that right. Two years ago two years since we’re two years
sounds about right. Look Connors the better fighter he’s the better fighter he’s long
he’s rangy he’s dangerous he’s accurate. It’s really a question of if this goes late into
later rounds how in shape is Connor. I think he’s got I think Kobe’s the cabbie by actually
more than anything showed that he’s a better grappler than he was and I don’t think that
sorority. I don’t think so has the grappling advantage that maybe he thinks he does. I
also don’t think Stoney is gonna grapple it. I think he wants to knock Connor out because
he wants to take take out the big dog in a big way. And I don’t think that benefits him.
I’m actually kind of surprised that the line is where it is. I think the line should be
is only that where it is because of Connor’s layoff not because of the the skill gap between
these two fighters and be a bigger favorite than even if it was you know minus 700.
Well to me this is like Anderson Silva or GSP back when they’d be fighting these like
decent guys but relative tomato cans as you point out Andy Reid’s UFC who looks like a
giant I mean how many times is the holster only been knocked out like that can only happen
so many times before it’s just your body just starts again kind of McGregor is going to
crush him He’s so hungry he he’s again minus seven. I’d be laying Connor McGregor at minus
seven hundred there’s a lot of opportunities Sean for our clients to get down and make
some sweet sweet cash on this one yeah. This this this fight line seems like it’s
too close to me in my opinion I don’t think that given Scaroni enough dog points or McGregor
training McGregor with the respect that his record and his talent deserves the straight
lines at minus 350 right now the finish is at minus two twenty five it’s not even worth
taking the finish because this could easily be a five round fight. It’s very very possible.
I think the line might get closer as we get closer to fight night just because that’s
typically what happens with a big fight like this one more people start to start to lay
on the dog and then it starts to move a bit. But even right now take it at minus 350 if
you can get this at anywhere near minus 300 or below.
You’re walking away with free money yeah I’m looking I’m looking at what’s going on with
the betting right now and it does appear like money is starting to come in on Donaldson
money. We’ll see those Irishmen are crazy up in big
numbers. They’ll be they’ll be laying they’ll be laying some serious cash.
Yeah but they’ll be late. They’ll be laying once they get there for five week trip. Right.
So you have really up until midday tomorrow probably like late midday tomorrow to see
if that line keeps shifting and then you know if if I mean certainly by now. But you might
be able to get it at minus to ninety five like minus twenty five minus two seventy five.
If you’re lucky. Here’s the craziest part. There’s this fight
has already been bet very heavily and 61 percent of the tickets are on cowboy.
So people are itching on they are scratching that. It’s a big enough dog where people are
like yeah. Connor McGregor hasn’t fought since October 6 2018. He’s rusty. He’s gonna have
ring rust. But like Reggie alluded to earlier there’s a massive talent gap here.
Yeah I see this fight going McGregor’s way obviously because he’s from Ireland but also
again I think he’s a much better fighter. I do think what’s going to happen in this
fight is thrown he tries to knock him out early. McGregor kind of defends him a little
bit and then just slowly picks him apart with his boxing his stand up game. And I think
this I think this actually goes almost a full five. I think what will happen is McGregor
won’t be able to finish him off in the late rounds but he will be clearly winning the
fight. So I’m going to say McGregor minus 350. Lock that up. But I like the over minus
135 and I would even try I’m over at my book. Had a G right now. McGregor by decision is
plus eight hundred I think actually not bad. I think that’s a little bit of a long shot
that really has a chance of hitting you actually I think you’re really not making a bad call
on that to a certain degree. The thing to remember about this fight is taking place
at 170. This is not a one fifty five fight and we know we’ve seen McGregor fight at 170.
He got tired once. I think he’ll Pace himself better this time around. Throwing is also
not not a huge 170 either like they’re both a little small for the division. But you know
McGregor’s McGregor was underweight last time I heard the last interview I heard of his
about a week ago. So you know it’s it’s one of those situations like McGregor could make
one fifty five for this fight easily if he wanted to. Which is crazy. So that does take
away some of McGregor’s power and gives the knockout a lot less credence than what’s the
over under one and a half he said. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Take that over.
Yeah. Yeah. I and a lot of times it just seems like when these huge fights get that hyped
up there’s a little bit of hesitation where they don’t want to lose the fights. If the
ref if it’s close I think they lean to keeping the fight going because they’re out there.
When you get into these main event type fights I think it just ends up leaning over especially
when you get all that hype and all the attention. People are just going to want to stay in the
fight. And I think that always helps out a little bit with the over.
Kramer what are you doing. Well I was just trying to think to myself when is he so we
bolt we all agree this is gonna be a boxing match yeah like or at least yeah.
Maroney is going to try to be knocking out Connor McGregor if that happens when is he
ever lost a stand up boxing match. He hasn’t in the MDMA.
Yeah yeah I mean he’s lost one one very clear one and that was a people people forget even
though it’s finished on the ground. Nate Diaz be kind of a record. Yeah he he he beat him
up real real bad sack on the strong. And that’s also a legit like top level boxer
in the UFC. So yeah anyway we’re I would lean into this is I actually think if if Donald
Maroney makes that mistake of fighting on their feet I don’t think it’s gonna make the
distance but if he tries to play it smart and as you point out we could see I mean I
believe Connor fatigues anyway just because he’s gonna be rusty it’s there’s not many
fighters we’ve some we’ve seen come back from a long hiatus and show no rust especially
if it drags into the later rounds I would say this John if you want to if you want to
have some fun I would say play MacGregor to win in rounds four and five.
Mm hmm. Twelve and twenty two to one OK. All right so you’re OK. You can also play the
play The fight goes the distance of 4 to 1. I like your angle of Connor by the points
but I think what I’m going to suggest the seventeen thousand unit well play for this
weekend. It’s a baby fucking we’ll meet in honour of
Jordy Nelson. Eighty seven unit play. Yeah. Just Just don’t overthink it just just lay
up. Just go deep behind the screen. Yeah I read ballers here. Yeah exactly. Rich what
are you doing here. Yeah I think. I think the minus 350 is a nice
line. I think it should be a little bit further. I think it should be more like minus 450 minus
five hundred. I say that that’s too deep the numbers are too good.
Not team McGregor they’re all right. Love it. All right. So for my lock for the card.
I think over in the McGregor fight at one and a half I love it t at least get to that
second round minus one you’re locking that down. Yeah I feel good about that my my dog
my upset my longshot is McGregor decision plus eight hundred. Kramer what do you do.
What’s your what’s your favorite bet of the. McGregor just McGregor minus 350. I know after
I watched that video of him being an asshole to that old guy at the bar that I was like
fuck this guy I’m not fucking company of course I’m going to bet on him Yeah he he’s fun the
UFC you know as Dana White needs this guy like that’s why he’s fighting cowboy Riley
cowboy is the tomato can right in is he’s gonna make a good fight but he’s going to
lose and that’s what they need him to do so Conner can step back up and have another massive
pay per view event. So Conner gets it done my dog I mean is it
fair to give out a plus 100. It’s not much of a dog right. All right it’s
at least at least partly something you want to throw parlay up some something that people
can get a little a little bigger adds up. Let’s do let’s do Grasso and the over OK Grasso
and over and the over two and a half in that fight. ESSERMAN Right. Okay. All right Rich
I’ll go to you. What do you what’s your favorite bet your lock and then something bigger long
shot maybe a parlay. So my lock and I kind of I almost feel bad
about this lock to a certain degree because it seems almost rude to the history of the
great sport of Mixed Martial Arts. But in the prelims on the ESPN prelims Macy Barber
is fighting Roxanna Mota fiery and Macy Barber’s 21 year old hits like a truck and Roxie is
a legend. A 37 year old tiny submission specialist legend who who hits like a soft wind. I’m
pretty sure at this stage in Roxy’s career that Barbara can avoid the ground and beat
her up on the feet and the line right now has Macy Barbara and minus 900 Mike which
Yeah. And I think that’s actually pretty fair. Roxie is really sweet and really nice and
really cool and has always been someone where you’re like you’re a professional fighter.
And it’s because she’s one of those tricky subject submission girls. But here’s the fun
part. If you switch to if if you switched on the Macy Barbara fight and take Barbara
I believe by Finnish it’s minus to twenty five. Oh so you know you increase the odds
from minus 900 to minus two twenty five. And honestly I think that she’s going to I think
she’s gonna beat the heck out of her. So I think that’s a pretty pretty fair bet to take.
Nice. I’m I’m. I’m right now looking to parlay that. Kind of regret I like.
Yeah because that you would almost you’re getting and you’re going to be even money
there that if you if you want to hedge that minus two twenty five so you can come back
with Roxy with this submission. For like plus twenty six hundred. Oh okay.
You bet sir. Wait wait. You know not to plus twenty six.
I don’t know. Plus fourteen hundred. Roxy by submission is plus 14. Yeah. That’s actually
the one. You know what. I’m the same fight. I want to take that as my long shot right
because that’s the only way that Roxy wins this fight is if she catches like a weird
arm bar or something because it’s 21 year old draft. Yeah really.
But look thinking about that you can lay two and a quarter to one and you can heads back
with 14. Yeah. Yeah do that. Hell. Free money. All right Rich. Before we let you go here
I know you had some thoughts on UFC 247. I am so I can’t wait till we talk about this
in depth when we get there. But it’s John Jones versus Dominic Ray us for the light
heavyweight title and this one I’m personally excited for because as you mentioned top of
the show I was the play by play commentator for the University of mixed martial arts rest
in peace. It was an amateur fire organization in the Los Angeles so Cal area and Dominic
Ray as was our I believe our middle way and light heavyweight champion. I called his first
four fights I saw him start as an amateur and he’s one of the few people I saw hundreds
of fighters go through there. He’s one of two people who I said had a real shot at the
show and not only did he get to the show he’s undefeated and he’s fighting for the title
against John Jones in February. I’m super super pumped about that fight. I could see
what the line is when it comes around because I think there are people going to go. I think
it’s gonna be really heavy towards John Jones and I think that Dominic Raiders might end
up being a decent dog pick when we get to that event.
John Jones is minus four forty five. Ray is plus three forty five.
Wow that’s way closer than I thought it was going to be and that’s I think that’s actually
a pretty sharp though those odds are pretty right on the money.
I love John Jones no matter what he does. I’ll keep coming back. It’s hard to bet against.
All right. Likes to party. So do we all. Yes. Thank you. Thank you for calling in rich.
And where can people check you up. I can go on all the socials at rich Slayton
if you play clash Royale for some reason the. The hit and mobile game. I’m the lead play
by play commentator for CRL which is their professional league and have a bunch of stuff
about it on my youtube so look me up on YouTube rich Slayton and you can see more videos about
that. And you know hopefully you enjoy playing phone games.
Well you know. You never know. We are definitely a lot of dudes. I assume it’s a dude laden
game. So I mean it’s a game. So it’s dueling.
Exactly it’s video games. It is the same. It’s dueling. Thanks as always for Richard
calling in. Thank you guys. Tune in to the sports gambling podcast for the sports gaming
package. I’m Sean stick in the money green and he is Ryan Good luck this weekend Sean
Kramer. Let it ride.

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