New York Native CBP Officer Loves Year Round Golf in Arizona

♪ Music ♪ A few Things that I love about
Arizona so much is the weather. It’s beautiful, it’s warm, blue
skies every day, makes you
happy. And unlimited golf courses,
which I love to golf. This golf course,
Sewailo at the Casino del Sol, is one of my favorites
because it’s the U of A’s golf
course. So the maintaining of the course
is just exceptional. It’s fun, it’s next door
to my house. There’s just so many gorgeous
holes, and they’re challenging, and frustrating,
but it’s a ton of fun and it’s
part of golf. I’m from upstate
New York originally, came to Arizona and
never wanted to leave. I work at the Port of Nogales.
I’ve been there for four years. I’m a supervisor and
I absolutely love the work. Every day is busy and
you never know what you’re
gonna’ tackle. ♪ Music ♪

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