New VW Golf 8 2020 Review Interior Exterior MK8
New VW Golf 8 2020 Review Interior Exterior MK8

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new VW Golf 8 it’s right here and I’m really happy to
review it for you guys I want to show you every single detail of this car and
we will go in the interior exterior and a little bit of driving images so I hope
you will enjoy it so first time we will start to the exterior of the car and we
will see as always it was Robin kind of facelift the the old golf because it’s
look almost the same I like although this new LED lights
designed the facelift of the cards it’s quite interesting and the daylight the
blinkers you can see it’s following blinkers they look fantastic also also I
can have amazing high beam cornering LED lights and in the night they are
fantastic they’re they’re really good I have it on my previous ball valve in
golf Jetta a and it they are amazing those LED lights I have to tell you
great visibility in the night and also the design it’s pretty nice we have LED
also in the front on the mirror blinkers and also in the back the shape of the
car it’s it’s kind of similar with the previous go f7 and I think go of eight
has a little bit better I already know me because Volvo can claim that all the
diesel and petrol engine they will have 70% less consumption so the fuel
consumption will be lower you can see there behind the front logo we have the
rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that cool
feature and also the camera for Lane Assist and reading the traffic speed
limit it’s also there in the front we can see the car have six parking sensors
this is a good thing and also in the back we have six parking sensors this
car have something called car two weeks from new from both wagons kind of the
car can collaborate with other cars and on the Internet
you know the traffic and you know how the road in front of you will be and
they were new also the car have a full adaptive cruise control and all that new
technology as you see in the back also six parking sensors the new design to
fake exhaust pipe down there you can see the exhaust pipe and under the car will
be the real exhaust pipe so they chose to go like that following blinkers in
the back full LED in the back and I like I like this new design of the back I
like this new LED lights they look a little bit like a little bit like the
new Volkswagen id3 so this car right here in front is the new engine air they
say ESO is the hybrid we have backup camera as well same behind that logo as
both of them usually do and also nice spoiler nice design simple car keep the
shape but it’s kind of making a little bit of a stick to the old car I also
like the rims of the car I think those rims are 18 inch rims right now on the
car and they fit pretty good in my opinion they look very nice also the car
come with I think four five hybrid engines so it’s quite cool it come with
a 48 VAT volt technology this is the new one 48 volt lithium battery the for the
test engine that’s really great on this car right particularly on this car that
you see now in the moment and the consumption it’s ten percent less so
that that’s pretty awesome and then as an information the car the engine will
have in three free a petrol engine hybrid engine so one will have 110
horsepower 130 horsepower and one has 150 horsepower of course this car will
come with Jetta a variant so will be two variant of jet
so one will be 204 horsepower like the previous Cove 7 jet air and another new
one does 40 GTE delivery 400 245 horsepower this will be the Jetta a
version the most the most powerful version and the battery for the plug-in
hybrid will have 30 kilowatt hour lithium battery and 4000 claim you can
drive approximately 60 kilometer with this car only in the electric mode but
as I know from my previous car from my previous golf 7g day you cannot drive 60
kilometer maybe you can drive around 45 kilometer depend on the condition of the
road so blinkers LED as you can see here this is the style model like it yeah
like you see it before then if I’m wrong to Ransa tires so we have Bridgestone to
run satire those tires right now are summer tires the best summer tires in
2019 are on the car I have it as well on my on my Audi a3 same tires also the
mirror have a similar shape and the blind spot technology it’s same as on
the ADI behind the wheels LED light on the brake light up here here in the back
and then we have this beautiful spoiler also look very nice and interesting ID
IQ light this is the name from the new LED light from Volkswagen this
technology they use it also on the new car like ID free electric or I see on
set as well the new logo from go from Volkswagen looks super nice I like the
new logo as well they use it also on this Golf 7 and I find it super
interesting now if you are interesting from the interior we will go in the
interior as well I like the rims the way they fit the rims on the car and
also this yellow color it looked fantastic also the trunk is similar with
the previous version is very practical you can fall down once it to seeds all
the seeds it’s almost flat down there also
something new that they add on the car on this cough was was engulfed 8 is this
hook that you can pull it out very simple just with the button inside the
trunk pretty interesting I like that and also this ambient light in the night
that illuminated floor when you go inside the car now let’s go inside the
interior it’s much much change and I love the interior I love the new
interior you can see here we have this 12 inch screen very beautiful for
multimedia system it’s very similar with what we see on the new id3 electric so
you can see there not so many buttons you can you have to use it much more
like a touchscreen they make it much more simple also the dashboard it’s very
simple that’s soft material like a rubber on the upper side it’s very
simple to have a very good visibility from the driver point of view the
steering wheel although it’s it’s still the old one I was expecting to have a
new steering wheel a little bit more complex but the also the vents are
simple directly in the middle in the perfect position now we see also we have
some glossy black there on the blinker button in the middle other than that the
steering wheel yeah I wish it was different but it’s a perfect steering
wheel I have to tell you it’s very good also you can connect your your phone
your mobile phone to the car and you can mirror in link and use Android auto
apple carplay you can connect your car and you can see all the information from
the car rider right here we have the buttons like a touchscreen right here in
the middle around the blinkers you have clima you have assistance systems you
have menu and have different mode of driving so you have all these shortcut
buttons right here in the middle quite interesting how they choice to do that
and also the blinkers and then you can see on the screen
depend on the mold for example a system system you can see here the golf come
with the newest test our system systems from Volkswagen they claim they have the
new technologies the first car that come with this kind of semi-autonomous
different driving mode sport equal comfort like you see on the audience
well and then you have the radio here and multimedia and all that stuff it’s
quite interesting and different they change totally this software behind this
multimedia system in the middle but the colors are great I have to tell you
great colors also we have ambient light in the interior of the car you have 32
colors that you can change inside the car and I love the ambient light I have
it also on my old gold 7 and it’s gorgeous I have to tell you it’s
beautiful also the heated seat we have right here on the touchscreen you have
to push the touchscreen the climatic system like this days all the car choice
to put it on the screen so you’d have to press the buttons on the screen we have
different modes here like worm and and all that stuff in the climatic system
they change a little bit the things you can change the focus of the of the
speakers and you have plenty plenty of plenty of settings there
I like although the new digital screens the multimedia and also the new active
display digital full digital 10-inch beautiful design although the other
things like the doors panel and the roof it’s much more similar with the previous
version the seats are also great they have great design also to make great
seats side support sporty seats super awesome seats in my opinion I like also
the quality of the seat seats it’s gorgeous like walls women used to
do so no wonder at all those seats here that we have in the video if there
fabric material like almost all the people that travel
they will have they will actually have I’m not sure if in the middle its
Alcantara maybe it’s a fan table it I’m not sure the Harman Kardon speakers
amazing speakers great great sound toast button on the steering wheel even if the
steering wheel it’s old those buttons are very ergonomic very good quality
they do the perfect things that they should do and they’re in perfect
position it’s very easy to use it I tell you I have this car I Drive it the
previous model with the same steering wheel and it’s gorgeous here I like the
new light system like new buttons like a touchscreen that I see it on the woody
already have the same Samoa T’s and it’s super awesome also you will see it on
the IQ ID free also you can charge your phone here in the middle super awesome
technology and very useful these days for for who has this phone that it’s
well it’s capable we have the new navigation system as well it’s work very
fast it’s it has no log and lag at all the 3d maps very easy to use very good
colors and brightness and actually you can see this system DC we can also speak
with the car in Athens yeah I don’t know who use this because I never use it in
the car but you have this option I love the new digital cockpit this is
fantastic this new digital cockpit on the Volkswagen Golf 8 it’s amazing
it’s it’s great you can customize the way you wanted to let’s try the right
side you can have two telephone audio you can even have two navigation here on
the right and then in the left and it’s one of the best on the market today
great colors nice visibility so I love it it’s almost complete you don’t even
need something more than this in the car today also you can see here the ambient
32 colors very beautiful the quality of the door is similar with the previous
model so as an information to know and that’s it with the interior I think the
car has a beautiful design beautiful shape I’m curious to see the price but I
think the price is almost the same as was with the previous version depend on
the option depend also on the country we are I think goes well and said that this
car will be available at the end of 2019 in December we will see now when this
car but I think the orders will come in the beginning of 2020 maybe you have to
wait a few months until you get the car now I want to give you some information
about petrol and diesel and gin des Vosges haven’t claimed that consumption
it’s it’s go down to 70 percent from the previous version so the new growth also
includes a petrol and diesel and natural gas tje
and for two four-cylinder petrol engine with 19 holes horsepower and then 110
horsepower to four-cylinder diesel engine as well 150 horsepower and 150 15
and 150 and a cheetah GE the gas version will have 130 horsepower and yeah I
think that I think you understand what I mean if you don’t understand just ask me
in the comment I will be very happy to answer you so the car will have four
cylinders so all the version will have four cylinder the petrol and diesel one
will have four cylinders so the petrol engine we have 19 horsepower and 110
horsepower and the diesel engine also four-cylinder and will have 150 and 115
horsepower and the gas version 130 horsepower so with that I finish the
engine so anyway I’m really curious to see this car on the street and I don’t
know I don’t know what you think but I think also gonna make great cars the
design it’s beautiful it’s very easy to park it has a great handling because I
know from the previous version from the from my my of gk7 was fantastic great
handlings easy to drive the consumption it’s also
super awesome because the the aerodynamic it’s it’s quite good and also the all safety feature that come
with the car Lane Assist and the emergency brake and adaptive cruise
control all that are very very good also the light the new LED lights from IQ
light the way they call Volkswagen it’s it’s gorgeous in the night so you have
great visibility also if you see here in the image I think the car come also with
a panoramic sunroof up there I’m not sure if that will be all over the roof
or only the front part I’m really curious to see that and we will see in
the in the next weeks for sure and yeah I guess that was kind of my review guys
also you have on the car I have to tell you and head-up display it’s optional
you can add it optional if you want it but I’m not sure if you still need the
head-up display when you have all that information on the digital cockpit so
anyway it’s good to know that you can you can have that as an extra and yeah
I’m really curious to see this new intelligent from traffic card two weeks
I’m really curious to see all that technology on the car to see how the car
can communicate with other cars for example with other cool
and send information about the traffic about the road and all that stuff uh
yeah that was guys I hope you enjoy the video that was my review with a new
Volkswagen Golf eight when this car when this Cole fate would come in my country
I will be very happy to review it for you make a test track a few videos also
with a new multimedia system and I hope you will really enjoy it so guys I hope
it was helpful for you please subscribe to my channel if you want to see the
newest dis car on the market also like it share it thank you very much for
watching my way my videos guys and yeah see you soon in the next video so stay
safe and track say bye guys you

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