New Subaru Outback 2019 Review Interior Exterior
New Subaru Outback 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Subaru Outback SUV 2019 model it’s right here with me and I’m
really happy to review it for you guys I will show the interior exterior and
every single detail about this car I have to tell you from the first time
that this car really impressed me with the interior the exterior it’s not
something that would blow your mind or something with the design but but
actually the interior it’s so practical that’s so much space inside and you
would see it in the moment when we will go there but first time I want to show
the exterior and the lines I want to tell you that this car it’s the shape of
the car it’s a little bit longer than the normal cars and the height of the
car is not so not so big so those are the rims that come with the car standard
they are pretty ok they fit well with the car in my opinion I think those rims
are 18 I’m not sure I have to check it out where is that here yeah exactly so
we have 18 inch rims on this car I think they fit perfectly you can also
add a bigger ones I think the car will look a little bit better now here in the
mirror or something cool that I want to show you it’s this camera here you can
see it has a camera under the mirror this will help this camera will help
with Lane Assist and also with those safety systems because Subaru I think
it’s one of the one of the single I don’t know I’m not sure if other car
company have this adaptive cruise control system on the windshield I will
show you a little bit later also the windows are big you have some chrome
design around the windows there also on the roof here you can add some extra
trunk luggage there so it’s very practical also down here we have some
plastic to protect the edges of the car where
useful in a long time so those agents those best it will protect so from rust
from chips from scratch and all that stuff it’s all around the car so this
thing it’s very practical in time so the car body will last longer in good shape
also here we have the fog lamps on the side right here and then we have the
same plastic down here and then the exhaust pipe it’s under the car so we
don’t have any exhaust pipe not even a fake one then this is the back of the
car pretty simple we have yes borrow all-wheel drive because it’s four-wheel
drive out the back here we have the back reverse camera and to both light on the
number plate so no no LED also in the back here we have no LED as well in the
back so yeah this is kind of a lack but I have to tell you you will see in the
interior the practicality of this car it’s super awesome the spoiler look also
very nice we could break light up here so a little bit of plastic in the end
but the shape it’s it’s quite nice and as I told you right from from this
position you can see that the car is a little bit longer it’s at this line from
a side to another that go all the way in the front so now let me show you this
system so you can see here the cameras the rudders are right here on the
windshield those system is for the adaptive cruise control emergency brake
and also the cameras around the mirrors there will help with this system so
quite interesting all other cars have the rather in the front but Sbarro chose
to put it on the windscreen also in the front we have a LED light the fog lamps
are normal light and the high beam and low beam it’s LED so that’s cool thing
also down here the spoiler the grill it’s kind of simple we have a front
camera here Sbarro logo and some chrome design and air intakes
there to cool down the engine so the in the shape it’s pretty simple it’s
nothing complicated here the hood it’s also simple nice two lines on the side
so I guess yeah we have also here on the left side Outback logo so the name of
the car and then here we have keyless entrance in the car so you just have to
have the key in your pocket and you can lock and unlock the car just with your
hand so that’s a cool thing to have on the car these days I really like this
feature automatic lift gate here in the back it’s something in the back here and
that way i cannot he cannot open it because it feels like it’s something
there and you don’t want to open it’s like a wall behind me so I will do it
manually but just as an information it’s automatically it here look at the button
is right here on the plastic then going forward we have a big entrance in the
car and the trunk also flat floor down here so that’s pretty awesome you see
how much space we have in this car and I’m quite blown my mind
also on the right right side we have the speaker here so also Harman Kardon
speakers so don’t those are some of the best on the market speakers here we have
a handle that you can pull it and fold down the seats from here hooks and also
another hook here another handle some space here in the left side
those are trunk protection I think you already know it
I don’t even need to show you you can also take it out if you want to carry
bigger items and I like the fact that it’s everything flat here and look the
surprise under the trunk it’s a huge another huge trunk there where you can
load your stuff almost the same like in the electric cars look how easy it is to
fold down the seats in the front just pull that
and you have a flat floor you can’t even sleep here look how flat it is super
awesome I like that feature you can also take this out very easy I want to it now
but you get the idea if you take it out you have huge space
there also on both light here for the trunk light it’s up there on the roof
then if I go here in the front let me show you from this side as well even
though the seat are folding you still have plenty of space on the legs under
and it’s a big space here to carry many things right there on the legs from it’s
huge space so we can carry many many many stuff in this car so this car in
practicality it’s it’s great it’s great really great yeah I guess that was
strong guys opening the lift gate in the back so it’s very simple I like the
entrance in the car it’s quite big even the windows are huge the shape of the
windows the way they design it is super awesome also the doors feel great as you
touch it good quality rubber I think it’s on these doors but you have soft
material on the upper side even down here we have this leather great quality
materials and on the armrest as well we have leather so a very good quality very
nice design on the doors even this buttons with a little bit of
chrome there they are nice some small storage storage space there in the door
for a bottle and speaker going inside the car now some plastic here at
entering this plastic down there to protect the car folding back the seats
and I like the fact that look guys here on the side usually it’s plastic in most
of the cars but in this Subaru Outback we have the leather so it’s great
quality and then we have this handle this is magical and though I call it
like that because you will see it in the moment you can fold down the seats Oh
all the way back like in a limousine and you will feel inside like in a BMW
7-series it’s quite amazing you you will see it in the morning when I go inside
so you can pull it like that in normal position or you can pull the magic stick
and push it all the way to and then you can even sleep there you can drive for
many many miles many kilometers without any problem in the middle we have cup
holders the two cup holders and an armrest in leather as well and up here
on the roof again and both light so no a lady on the roof
as well and then we have handles cooks on the side everywhere quite classroom
up there we have to write for the trunk you already see it before and then I
like this part here with leather it’s quite awesome quite impressed also the
seats are also leather in good quality I guess super make great quality look at
this letter this letter it’s this type of letter that has great quality and you
cannot scratch it you can see I try to scratch then I can’t because it is great
quality I’m quite impressed to see that Sbarro make such a great seat also back
of the front seats we have a storage space there and also all the way leather
the Vans here there are classic vents I think you see it on many cars they are
very practical like like I I can say that two USB port also very practical
these days in the middle we have kind of step there and then the legs room it’s
quite awesome I have plenty of legs room you can see here for yourself and then
you can see the seats in the front are in kind of a normal position maybe the
driver seat it’s a little bit in the back but other than that just I have
plenty of space I still have plenty of space and then yeah
huge space usually the seats have to be a little bit in the front and I can also
stretch my legs onto the front seats a little bit there so that would be not a
problem at all on my head room I have plenty of space maybe maybe two hands
there ten fingers around it’s quite huge space the visibility I think it’s one of
the best in all the car again before a lot of glass there great great
visibility also the comfort it’s fantastic even I can sleep in this car I
can drive million miles without any problem you
feel like in a BMW 7-series great job Saguaro I love the outback
interior I love the comfort I love the space here even very tall people can sit
here without any problem going in the middle guys as you see before plenty of
space on my legs no problem with space in this car I have to tell you no matter
how tall you are and the head space as well in the middle huge space and the
comfort in the middle it’s also good I can fit three people here without any
problem without any problem you can drive with three people even for a long
trip so I’m quite impressed and I have to tell you I like that I like this car
very much it’s a great car they did a great job with this Outback so great job
tomorrow also we have a small glass here on the roof while you can open it and
come some air inside and also here in the middle we have two armrests in
leather very practical we will go now in the front and I will show you the
dashboard the dashboard look also awesome and we have some great new
technology also to car have the emergency electric brake not the
emergency just the electric handbrake I mean but pretty awesome I’m curious what
do you think about it you can the core have a long shape that way you
have so much space because it’s kind of a very long shape I kind of like a tool
or something SUV tour huh that was never invented
until today that is me so I I can call it like that the new SUV tour state come
be so on the doors great quality as well soft materials nice glossy plastic with
some chrome insertion leather on the doors also down there we have all the
way leather in the middle for the buttons are also nice and they have good
quality then some small storage space I was it was I wish it was bad bigger
Harman Kardon speakers great sound inside this car with those speakers also
saving position for electric seats so guys don’t forget we have electric seats
in the front here on this bottle all track very simple to adjust it the way
you want it quite awesome so another plus for this great car now even the
carpet we have there Subaru Outback name on them here we have the fuse box if
something happen you can change it from there
then we have the lane assist blind spot and all that trunk and all that buttons
right here and then we have some the same as on the door is plastic glossy
and then soft material all over the dashboard so that’s awesome the quality
in the interior it’s it’s very good even now we go back to those amazing leather
seats that they also look nice and they have this great quality leather but they
are very comfortable and for long trips they are super awesome I like them you
can see also some folds there in the seats yeah great great sit
I like them I really like them and I like I really like the interior of the
car feel comfortable inside give you a nice nice comfy feeling and those seats
so soft material like a sofa they are great for long trips I have to tell you
very comfortable great visibility on the windows on the mirrors big mirrors there
you have the blinds for technology same like on the woody handles great quality
on the roof mirror with LED with light not LED glass support great practical
normal bulb light inside the car no LED up here to bed but other than that the
quality it’s awesome really awesome also the mirror it’s nice and big and you
have a good visibility there here armrests leather some storage space down
here plenty of space here to put your stuff I think there I still have a 12
volt port not sure just have to open it yeah or I think so I think it’s a 12
volt or two down there inside and then we have two cupholders in the middle
here very nice design the center console I like the design of it electric and
break the cameras button also we have the stick here for changing the gear
automatic and then pretty simple it’s nothing complicated very simple to use
and then in the front we have the USB port and a 12 volt port right there and
also you can close and open this very simple practical space there even here
in the glove box is quite big it’s quite huge these clocks I like it and then the
same plastic same great quality on the dashboard soft material everywhere some
kind of Awesome the visibility also around the car it’s great as you can see
here and then in the backseat front shit the dashboard it’s awesome
you have a good good visibility also the banks here are simple and nice great
soft soft materials the dashboard you have a speaker there the vents up here
pretty cool and then some glossy plastic on the blinker buttons then we have the
navigation system here in the middle start/stop button I will show in the
moment the navigation as well then we have the kinematic system right here the
design of the kinematic system and the center console and the multimedia system
is quite awesome even the steering will it’s great leather good quality it’s
real good as you as you grip it has a nice grip and a nice design I like the
the buttons I like the way it looks with all that function here clappers for
changing the gear manually even here and we have the pole in here buttons there
telephone the speakers we can change it even down here we have some adjustable
buttons and then on the right side as well we have the adaptive cruise control
and all that safety settings on the car so other than that the quality of the
buttons or the materials on the steering wheel it’s very good I really really
liked it I liked visibility from the driver side of you you have great
visibility on the cockpit here the cockpit we have a digital cockpit in the
middle on the side we have 200 meter speedometer but in the middle we just
have this digital display where you can see all kinds of information the
climatic system it’s very easy to use and nice I like those glossy black
buttons and they look very nice and they feel great whereas in touch it also you
have heated heated seat and yeah super simple this humanity
system to adjust it the way you want so I like it’s really good – one of the
best in my opinion so up here we have the multimedia system also it’s nothing
fancy you don’t expect to have something like the new Audi or Mercedes but it’s
kind of simple and doing his job you have some shortcut button here at home
you can see at home you have all kind of radio and what is important these days
for example the map telephone the application the car information media so
here you can see some kind of consumption service and all that things
I don’t want to go into detail too much because I think you know it already most
of you know all that stuff and so that was the video guys I hope you enjoyed
the review with the new Subaru Outback please subscribe to my channel check out
my other videos thank you for watching and see you in the next video bye guys

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