New SIGMA ROX 12.0 Sport | GCN Tech’s First Look
New SIGMA ROX 12.0 Sport | GCN Tech’s First Look

(energetic, techno music) (energetic, rhythmic music) (energetic, rhythmic music) (energetic, rhythmic music) (energetic, rhythmic music) – This is the Sigma ROX 12 which is a brand new bike-specific GPS head unit. Sigma asked us to take a look at it and we thought well, yeah, seeing as that we were impressed when we first saw the Eurobike. We’ve heard great things since then absolutely and we’ll tell
you all about it as well. So, this is a first look. Technically I have already unboxed it because I wanted to make sure the battery is fully charged so we
can go out on the bike in just one second. But, for the sake of this one, (light music) tada! There you go. So there is your head unit. Look at that. But, we’ll leave that to one side for just one second because there’s some other cool stuff in here as well. This is
the sport-specific set. So, it actually comes with some additional sensors as well. Like a speed and cadence sensor and a heart rate strap as well. There is another more paired down option without those additional sensors. But, there is some cool stuff in there. If you’ll forgive my whilst I find it. Aha! Like this. Which
is the out front mount which also comes with an
adapter to allow you to fit a GoPro to it as well. Which I think is a really nice touch. Back to what you’ve come to see though, the main event. This is the head unit. As you can see it’s got a
nice, big three inch screen on there. Touchscreen.
Although it does have buttons as well should you prefer. So, you’ve got two on the sides to scroll through your
apps or your screens and then you also got a
start lap button there, stop button, and then a home button there. Now here is next to an iPhone for a size comparison. But, actually the
comparison to the phone is quite a good one anyway because this runs on an Android platform. So, in use it feels very familiar. You scroll from side to side through various different icons which are kind of like apps. You also swipe down for a shortcut menu. You swipe up for navigation. And SIGMA say they did design it on the same principles as a phone. One crucial difference though, this does not have a sim card. And so for connectivity, you connect it up to WiFi and then from there you can sync it
with the relevant platforms, like SIGMA’s own data center, where you can then analyze
your rides afterwards. Or, as you can see on here,
apps like Komoot or Strava, meaning that when you
get back from your ride and it connects automatically to WiFi, your routes and your rides
will upload automatically should you wish. Or, perhaps more importantly,
you can then download routes before you go out as well. All the functions that you would expect from a top-level GPS unit are here, the connectivity is M+, also Bluetooth, to allow you to pair it
to a variety of sensors. In this case, I’m just going to pair it to a Quarq power meter because the training functions, the power analysis is
really advanced as well. Including, if I just scroll through you can see I’ve got pedal smoothness and torque effectiveness as well and it also work with Rota for their ochre analysis as well. Now, you can set up up
to 6 data screens on here in addition to your navigation screen and your workout screen
and your lap screen. And each one of those can be set up with a variety of different data fields. Meaning that I think I would run out of mental bandwidth before I run out of options to display
data on the head unit. Now before I attach the head unit, I will also tell you that you can buy additional different
colored covers for it. Either to match your bike or, in this case, to
match your personality. Because I think wild orange just kind of sums me up really. I’m
just that kind of a guy. Now given that this device has everything you’d expect from a
top-level GPS head unit, it’s fair to ask the question then what else has it got that you might not expect to find. Well, for me, one of the things is this little icon here which is workout. And that gives you the ability to actually create your
own interval sessions on the device itself. You could create them somewhere else and then upload them on there but, this actually allows you to build them here. You can see I’ve created two already, two of my favorites, brutal and savage. You can actually follow
them indoors, of course, or outdoors as well. Given our location here in the quite incredible Dolomites in the Alps Piave Valley, I’m less concerned
about training right now I’m more just desperate
to get out on my bike. So that will lead us very neatly on to perhaps the strength of this device which is mapping and navigation abilities. The ROX 12 uses open street maps meaning that you can have anywhere in the entire world on this device completely for free. It comes preloaded with the maps from the country that you live in and those closest to you. But, should you want another continent, you could simply go
online and download them. But as you can see they’re
pretty darn detailed given that these lines here are just hiking trails. They also come loaded
with an address function and indeed points of interest. So if we go back to navigation screen you can actually see
that you can use those as points to navigate to along with a total of nine ways of using this device for navigation. But the one that has
absolutely blown me away and I think is marginally bonkers is this, draw my route. So this gives you the option of literally drawing an outline on the screen and then the device will plot a route based around your squiggle. Now you can change how it
selects the best routes for you to ride using this
little customizer here. So you can see I’ve got it
set to favor major roads over unpaved roads and cycle roads. It’s actually set up for road riding but you can please swap that around to favor mountain biking if you so wish. But, rather than have to fiddle with this every time you decide to go on a different type of ride, perhaps instead of a road ride you go on a gravel ride or on
a mountain bike ride then it’s also got four what
are called sports profiles. So you can have each one set up for a different style of riding. Road, mountain bike, gravel or whatever and it will remember your routing options for each one. But, not only that, it
will also remember your display options as well. Say, for example, you
might have a power meter on your road bike, but
you might not have one on your mountian bike meaning
that you wouldn’t need the screen with all the
power data on there. And so when you change your sport profile you therefore, wouldn’t
have that on your device at that point. Happily, the route that
it has selected for me based on my preferences is the iconic Sella Ronda which is excellent news. Whilst I’m doing it, I can turn on live Strava segments so I can keep track of my progress in real time compared to my personal best or
the king of the mountain on those climbs. And then something that
really is incredibly simple when you put it into the context of all the other tech
we’ve been talking about, but I think is great and would work for me are eating and drinking reminders. So, if you’re anything like I am, and you can very easily forget these most basic but crucial of functions when on the bike, then this
is going to be a great idea. In fact, back in the day when I had an old school bike computer, I used to look at the time and make sure that every 15 minutes
I had a bite of food. But, its a hit and miss technique. But, now though, a reminder can pop up on the head unit and you can set those reminders to come on based
on either distance traveled, time elapsed, and even
estimated calorie consumption. Genius. All right, this Sella
Ronda is probably not going to take me all that long. I have got 16 hours
before I need to recharge this head unit. Although, actually if I
set it in low power mode, I’ve got 40 hours apparently. Which would definitely make
the eating and drinking reminders that bit more important. (bass thumping music) (bass thumping music) (bass thumping music) right, well if you’d
excuse me, I’m just going to enjoy the rest of this bike ride. Before you go, make
sure you give the video a big thumbs up if you like what you see. If you got any questions as well stick them in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them. Now, if you want a little
bit more landscape porn, I’m right here now today then why not check out Chris and Emma doing the Maratona. They’re having a little bit of a GCN race. That one’s on screen now.

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