New Opel Astra Sport Tourer 2020 Review Interior Exterior
New Opel Astra Sport Tourer 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I’m here at Frankfurt Auto Show 2019 and I have right here with me
the new Opel Astra sport tourer estate or Combi the way you wanna call it and
I will review it for you guys here are the information this car price start at
20,000 euro this is the start price and this car right here in front of me in
the price it’s 39,000 almost 40,000 euro with all the option that you will see in
the next minute also here you can check out some info if you’re interested you
can post a video and read it we will start with the exterior with a new LED
lamps so this car price forty thousand euro with what you see right now in the
video so we have six parking sensors in the front full LED lamps in the front as
well the front grille it’s almost the same as the previous model a little bit
of face lift here and there and that’s the new car the interior is different
and I love it I will show you in the moment we will go in the moment in the
interior and you will see all the information there also outside I like
the lines of the car it has some interesting lines here the mirror as
Opel you usually usually do the blinkers here on the body so the blinker still
stay on the body not like the new Opel Corsa where we have the blinker on the
mirror here we have the camera for Lane Assist and reading the traffic signs
also here around the window we have this black glossy plastic on the upper side
of the window all the way through the back you can see the black line coming
to the back they do it nice also beautiful LED lamp design in the back a
little bit change if you see from the previous model a little curve down there
and make the difference we have in the back reverse camera also six parking
sensors in the back as well very very useful when you want to park we don’t
have any exhaust pipe down there that’s quite interesting the choice to hide to
hide exhaust pipe under the car and this is kind of not a bad bad things but yeah
anyway the wheels here we have black wheels sport black wheels 17-inch rims
you can also see it they look okay on the car because you have this black trim
black design on the car and they try to make a design to fit good with the rims
as well let’s go in the back to show you the trunk the trunk is huge I have to
warn you before like the previous model this model it has a huge trunk we have
flat floor entrance here in the trunk a lot of space here as you can see here
you can load many many plenty of stuff open it this and under here we have a
spare tire actually it’s not a spare tire it’s a space for spare tire where
you can put your repair kit and all that stuff
I like those buttons here so you can fold down the seats very easy you just
pull the buttons one second you have to sit holding down you don’t even need to
go there in the front to have all that space you can even sleep in the car huge
space huge interior space great job Opel in the interior it’s cool and also the
quality material quality it’s pretty good down here you still have plenty of
space to put something and I like the fact that this step there in the middle
is not so big so it has a little step there in the middle of the car also the
roof has good quality here in the middle we have some light LED light lamps they
don’t work now I don’t know why they don’t work anyway and you can pull back
the seats very simple very easy but you have to take out the seatbelt first time
on the side here we have some plastic on the side
so don’t expect to have leather but the seats are very well made leather
combination of leather Alcantara in the middle so this 40,000 trim level come
with leather seats with Alcantara the front back seat have also leather here
in the back of the front seat we have a big window good visibility from the
interior also down here we have kind of a plastic and down here leather so upper
side plastic here in the middle leather the buttons are normally plastic black
matte speaker also in plastic so the doors are not big deal the same like the
new course I you see my other video with a new Corsa you see that the tours are
not big deal but the car it’s big deal it has a lot of cool stuff so check out
on my channel the other video with the new Opel Corsa it is super cool the car
is great here in the middle we have a center armrest from leather also down
here we have heated seat two USB ports very useful in 2019 and I love that stem
is so small now a little bit of bling here in the middle we have Alcantara in
the middle of the seat they are very comfortable and it’s plenty of space
here I will show you in the moment so let’s go inside the car to show you the
space now as expected plenty of space on my knee for me it’s no problem at all
being in this car and also the seats are very comfortable a lot of space on my
feet there upper space Oh huge space look at that look at that
create space great visibility also in the windows we have a hook handle and
the visibility on the window it’s fabulous fabulous represent like it
almost no blind spot there in the back I like that I go in the middle right now
to show you the space in the middle as well on my knee
also huge space here and also you can see the
it’s our normal position so you don’t think I put it down in the front and on
my head huge space great job now let’s close the door actually I close this
door look at this huge space or other person so you can carry three people
here in the back without any problem I probably will see this car a lot of this
car on the street it has the full option premium pocket we will go in the front
and I will show you it has a new digital cockpit and also the new multimedia
system actually yeah not so new but the cockpit is it’s kind of new and it’s
super cool I like it a lot of great things here even the
steering wheel it’s leather and great anyway guys if you have question about
the car please feel free to ask me to send me your feedbacks
big entrance in the car and I will answer you to all the question don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel check out my other videos and like it share it
with your friends and I’m thank you very much for watching also keyless entrance
in the car here you can unlock the car only with your key in your pocket
big big window you know as well I don’t understand why they put that little
pillar there anyway upper side plastic as I told you here it’s also plastic
only here we have this black glossy plastic and a leather on the left side
in the middle of the tour right here it’s leather and down here plastic and
the creel speaker pretty pretty they are pretty good quality opal at the entry
down here the logo it is there also we have manually adjustable seats as you
can see here you can adjust the position the way you want it the quality of the
seats are great no wonder they are very comfortable I
have to tell you so I sit on them and you are great you are safe in this sound
is it any way going forward aluminum pedals there as you can see it and here
we have a space working your stuff the same buttons for the
light they don’t feel like super good quality but they are nice also the vents
in feel nice as you touch it and not the best but nice also here we have soft
material on the dashboard kind of a rubber or not sure what is the material
but it’s soft here we have armrests and a small space not so big space there and
I think there we have one USB port or an axial silly airport not sure I didn’t
see it so well also here we have a cup holder and a space and then electric
handbrake I like that and also 12 volt port here the center console is not so
super nice but it’s simple and practical this is the world practical the big
stick for changing the gear space down here in the front automatic system you
know it already and in the multimedia system it’s great it’s very responsive
nice colors I like it it’s very simple you can connect android apple carplay
it’s work so fast look at my fingers I just push it I think they changed the
hardware and the software because it’s very responsive it’s much better than
before and I liked it so well done Opel great job on this new Opel Astra with
this multimedia system it’s fantastic the colors are super nice also I like
the dashboard it’s simple and straight you have good visibility on the windows
no problem at all also up here the same now the stand well
it’s great great great quality steering wheel leather everywhere great grip nice
steering wheel in the front there we have the digital cockpit only in the
middle we have a combination of digital cockpit and on the side we have 200
meter and speedometer they are analogic so you can change what you like to see
in the middle you can also see the navigation or different settings there
so it’s pretty cool and pretty simple I like it very much the way you can
change different settings there and it is super nice super nice I have to tell
you I like it not the best has on the goal phone goes well or I would do
vermicelli or BMW but it’s it’s pretty cool it’s very nice baby clothes box
there as well nice dashboard with some black glossy plastic we have LED lights
up here on the roof also a mirror with two lights not sure if they’re LED but
just to light the quality on the roof it’s also good the mirror it’s also ok
the same like on my car like on my Audi and also the visibility in the back even
if you have a back camera it is pretty pretty good anyway guys I guess that was
my short review with a new Opel Astra tour or in state 2019 model facelift I
hope you enjoy it please subscribe to my channel don’t forget to check out my
other videos I have a lot of new cars from the from 2019 also electric so
thank you for watching and see you in the next video so bye guys you

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