New man in the kitchen at Thorpeness Golf Club & Hotel
New man in the kitchen at Thorpeness Golf Club & Hotel

Before this I set up a new restaurant in a
place salled Suffolk Food Hall in Worstead I like Suffolk very much. I decided to move
on from the food hall but decided I wanted to stay in Suffolk. Someone approached me
about coming to Thorpeness Golf Club. I like the area of Aldeburgh and Thorpeness and decided
that I wanted to have a look at securing the position here.
Making the food to a very good standard, improving it. It’s not at a bad standard at the moment
but to develop it basically, as in the restaurant food, the bar food but also in the country
club as well for events and things. My favourite restaurant in London in Leicester square called
J Shiki. It’s a fish restaurant and it’s been there for probably about seventy or eighty
years, now. In a place called Hadleigh about an hour away from Thorpeness they’ve got a
nice little Indian restaurant there, and I get all my Indian food from there. That’s
definitely the ultimate comfort food on a cold winter’s night like this.
My favourite Suffolk delicacy is a cheese called cheddar called Shipcord Cheddar. It’s
from Suffolk. I couldn’t tell you where exactly which part it comes from but it’s my type
of cheese. It’s quite strong, mature, cheddar cheese called Shipcord.
I do have hobbies er funnily enough I play golf. Very badly, but I play golf. So that’s
quite an advantage to working at Thorpeness Golf Club. And I also like football. I don’t
play it anymore but I am an armchair watcher of it now. And most sports. Cricket being
one I would always go to the Carribean. I have
worked in the Carribean before for about a year and I have been out to the Carribean
about twenty times. It’s my favourite destination by far
Be a footballer. Or a sportsman of any description.

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