(*NEW GOLF DRILLS) How To Hit Driver Straighter & Farther!
(*NEW GOLF DRILLS) How To Hit Driver Straighter & Farther!

(driver striking ball) – Hello there, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject, how to
hit your driver straighter, pretty important. I’ll show you a key variable,
and if not how to own it, how to come pretty close. (driver striking ball) (driver striking ball) (ball tapping driver) (upbeat music) Well if you’re new to the channel or if you’ve watched the videos before but haven’t subscribed, I’d
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you’d go ahead and do that, let’s see how we go with the video. (driver striking ball) So, three big variables that are going to affect how straight you
hit it, solidness of contact, miss it, the ball’s going
to go all over place, club face angle, that’s
the one we’re going to pay attention most today. Believe me, PGA tour players
have good swing pass, they hit the ball solidly, they, even they don’t always
control the club face and it is by far, I promise
you, the biggest variable, other than contact, in
how straight you hit it. We are going to work on that today. Now we know that the club face has to be pretty square to the target line assuming path of impact, but
let’s first touch on backswing. How important is it that the
club faces square going back? I would say reasonably important. It doesn’t have to be perfect, there’s some players with
the face a little closer open that have been great, although I would caution
the average player. You get that face to open,
it’s going to be difficult for you to play well. Here’s the thing I would
really check on, though, don’t check where the face is down here when the club is parallel to the ground. The place to check the face is more up here after you made your wrist cock. Let me show you a couple of great players. Adam Scott, one of the
best drivers there is on the left there, let’s
stop him when the club’s about there and you can see slightly that club face is still tilted forward but as he gets more up in that
fully wrist cocked position that’s when it looks more
straight up and down. Tiger Woods here, of course, and we’re in between
frames a bit, but, yeah, definitely tilted forward a bit and again, it’s more up in this area that you start to see the toe of the club truly up so, that’s where you
should be checking it. If you want to hit your ball further and I know most people do, I’ve got a free course for you down there in the description box just help yourself. All right, certainly
where as we practice this we’re going to need a
grip that is reasonable, we have other videos on grip,
here at the YouTube channel, touch on something interesting with the grip though at
the end of this video, really squaring the face. Here’s a big key for you though, when you get up here
and you check the point, a mirror’s great but I can more or less see where the club is
from my advantage point here. We know we want it more or
less toe towards the target or face slightly forward, don’t place it there with your hands. So often when people start
thinking about the club face they just put the club in position, they loose that nice togetherness and that nice flow in the backswing, just do it again and again
until you get the feel for it. It really isn’t that difficult. Make sure it’s not too manipulative. Make sure it’s easy for you to
get there, not too contrived. If it’s within that relatively narrow band and it’s easy for you, just
do it until you’ve got feel, you’ll have it. Okay, now as they say
for the moment of truth, that’s impact, that’s where the ball gets it’s information as to what to do. And we’re going to practice this with the stick on the
ground and a lineman rod. You can certainly do this at home with grouting on the tile or a rug. What you do is you get set up, I can certainly see when my
club face is square at address And what I’m going to do is make my swing and come back and square it back up and start to map that feeling. Several things though, you’ve got to do if you’re
really going to get good at this. Number one, do it sometimes
with your eyes closed so, I’m going to get set up here. Bam, check it, I opened my
eyes once I return there. Develop that feel. Listen, you could read
about riding a bicycle but until you’ve gotten on one, you’re not going to know
what balance feels like. You have to do this stuff. There are no path formulas. Next level, vary it a little bit, both with eyes closed and opened. I’m going to go to the top this time, you won’t be able to see the details, I’m going to come down a little bit open. I can feel that, I can
see that face is opened. Get better and better at it. I promise you, if you can’t
manufacture both left and right as you’re swinging, you don’t own center. I promise you that, so work on this. And then of course we’ve got to start to do it with the bull, so let’s try that. Now if a little kid’s learning to walk, you don’t put them up and
down a steep staircase the first day, nice level ground,
so start on a small scale. We talked about this, getting
this check point up here, stay more down in this area initially. I’m going to try a shot here. Not going to hit it very hard. (driver striking ball) That ball actually went a little bit left, I must have had the face a hair close. On that scale too, you can get
solid contact pretty easily, you start to feel what open and closed is and again, here, vary it, sometimes deliberately open the face without changing anything
else and so and so and just take your time. You will gain skill, just
as you would if you spent hours and hours riding a
bicycle, you get good at it. And then of course, as
you get better at it, ratchet it up all the way back and see if you can manage
it on that scale as well. Okay, key variable number one, we’ll touch on here at the end. If you’re going to consistently square that club up at impact, you will do better if your arm is at a natural angle. Now, try this if your at home, get yourself in a dynamic
position like you’re going to guard someone at basketball. Don’t think, just put your arms out there. Whatever angle your arms are at or if you like if you
stand up and let them hang. That kind of angle is what
you want your left arm at if your a right handed golfer. So, practice taking your grip
where when your finished, ‘ that arm feels about at that angle that’s natural for your physique. Okay, one final thought here, this wasn’t so much a
session on swing path, but it is very important,
remember as you do these drills, don’t go at the golf
ball as you start down. Let the club work down toward the ground, let it get to the side of you and then work it’s way
over towards the golf ball. That’s the way you want to meet it there, throw a little bit of that in as you go. Let me try one here. (driver striking ball) That felt about the right kind
of sweeping path in there. It’ll be easier to square the club face if you’re not to steep
and choppy at the ball. Hope this helps you. Well, thanks for watching the video. Hope this helps you with how
to hit your driver straighter. Please hit the thumbs up or like button if you liked the video. It helps me, helps me build the channel. We’ve got a lot of ideas for new content coming your way down the road. Leave a comment or
suggestion if you have that down in the suggestion
box and I’ll get to that. Thanks again, and bet of
luck with your driver. (upbeat music)

12 thoughts on “(*NEW GOLF DRILLS) How To Hit Driver Straighter & Farther!”

  1. Tokiepie says:


    Also this was really helpful. Iโ€™m still a kid and my driving isnโ€™t the best so this helped so much.

  2. Jimmy Fish says:

    I really like your content it helped me with my driving.
    I am a low handicap golfer but my drives go left to right, this video really helped

  3. G Man says:

    What you said was great because I just started doing that draw away a few months ago and Iโ€™m hitting it much much straighter but you did say further in the title. Where was that in the video? Did I miss something?

  4. James Fondren says:

    Is this a reupload?

  5. JohnD says:

    Adam, the club face really closed? << or did you right shoulder go OUT and across on that one going left! So many times in order for us to hit it we try and do it with our upper body instead of releasing with our hands and arms!

  6. greg papa says:

    Swing looks good Adam

  7. Chacarron91 says:

    Amazing stuff! You're the real deal! Thanks!

  8. Max Moreno says:

    Thanks Adam every time I watch I have a little epiphany the swing path part was very enlightening. My friends think I hit very straight and I can fade and draw when needed, but I don't know if I will ever be happy with my swing always a work in progress. All the best and thank you

  9. Larry Vawter says:

    I am a very high handicapper , your videos are extremely helpful . overall to achieve straight consistent drives is to just relax , keep your left arm straight …just slow down . As one person told me just be Larry and not Tiger

  10. camelCase says:

    Been playing very consistent bogey golf this season. Only takes 2 holes of mistakes to destroy a score card. How can you put together a mistake free 18 hole round?

  11. sachin srivastava says:

    Sir is 10 finger grip is good for swing ?
    I use 10 finger grip but so many too many golf teacher say that it is not good ?
    I am very confused ?๐Ÿ™„

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