Neil deGrasse Tyson Rates Exotic Male Dancing, GZA, and Galactic Apparel
Neil deGrasse Tyson Rates Exotic Male Dancing, GZA, and Galactic Apparel

(drum beat music) (drum roll) – Well excuse me, this
Miss Universe pageant, can someone please call it Miss Earth? What hubris we have. This is universal, no it’s Earthwide. I study the universe. If there’s a Miss Mars, she
was not in the competition. In name, it’s very overrated (laughs) to call a pageant of women on Earth and the winner Miss Universe. Come on now. (drum roll) Guys don’t have many
options and so what is it, it’s maybe our cufflinks, the tie, a vest, that’s kind of it. I wear cosmic ties, I
have more than 100 of them and I have aesthetic
thresholds for them by the way. No Captain Kirk, (laughing) no Enterprise. It’s gotta be some artistic attempt to convey what the universe feels like. You see me in this so yeah he’s
kind of weird wearing that. Come to an astrophysics
society conference. I am wearing camouflage alright because everybody has got the geeky tie. (drum roll) Now that’s been done twice, first by the Voyager 1 spacecraft. Carl Sagan convinced NASA to
have the camera turnaround, the onboard camera, to take a picture of the inner solar system with Earth in view. And I think it’s
underrated, I think people do not reflect on this fact often enough. When you look at this from
space, the only reaction you could possibly have is what the fuck are you doing on this speck we call Earth? (drum roll) Nobody doesn’t love whipped cream. I think whipped cream has places where it belongs in this world. I think definitely hot cocoa. It’s great on ice cream and
of course it’s great straight. (laughs) So and just a reminder, heavy cream is lighter than skim milk. That’s why it rises to the top. Don’t let the words fool you. The physics will set you free. (drum roll) GZA has got his own thing,
he’s accurately rated. There are people who are
not taking you to new places so they’ll satisfy you
in the moment but then beyond the moment, they’re easy to forget. And then there are people
who have thought more deeply about what they’re feeding you than you have ever thought for yourself. In this you can grow and they
leave you in a new place. This is where GZA is. (drum roll) My field, astrophysics, we
name things like we see them. It’s not overrated, it’s not
underrated, it’s just there. People see our words and
they take them like candy. There’s Mars bar. Even though the dude’s
name is Mars, I get that, but still it’s called Mars,
I’m taking the planet. Milky Way, Orbit Gum, Eclipse Gum. Moonglow bath beads,
Celestial Seasonings Tea. And not to mention car names. Saturn, Mercury, Geo, Prism, Nova. My favorite in the day, The Galaxie 500. Oh my gosh, the last of the land yachts. (drum roll) Yeah, I’m kinda disapointed in myself. I was graduate school,
I’m in graduate school and we’re not paid very
much, we are paid by the way because we serve as teaching
assistants in the classes for which undergraduates are taught so we’re paid for that
but it’s not very much. I simply wanted more money. And at that time I was
in really good shape. I was a performing member of
two different dance companies and one of my fellow
dancers upon hearing my financial woes said, “Come on down.” I said, “Down to what?” “Oh, we dance at night
at this male strip club. (laughing) “And the women you know,
put money in your thing.” I said, “Alright, I’ll have a look.” So I go down there and
they come out dancing with asbestos-lined jockstraps
that had been ignited and they come out shaking and dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis’s Great Balls of Fire. In that instant, I said “I think I’ll be a math tutor.” (laughs) Now why didn’t I think that before? (drum roll) In my recent book that is titled Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, I try to bring the universe down to Earth. When we have this vast
universe to reflect upon, to explore, to offer a perspective that lifts us above and beyond ourselves, we call this a cosmic perspective. It just, it puts you in a new place, a new understanding of our
relationship with one another, our relationship with the
rest of the life on Earth, our relationship to life yet to be discovered in the universe. Not only that, a relationship
to the atoms and molecules that comprise the universe itself because those ingredients within us share common origin with those
ingredients found in stars and that origin is other stars. We are not just figuratively but literally stardust. That’s simultaneously
humbling and enlightening and I would say in the
spirit of this program, by far the most underrated
fact there is in the universe. (drum beat music)

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  1. badmønbryan says:

    This man can explain taking a shit sound interesting

  2. Punk rock In the wrong hands says:

    “Liquid Swords is the greatest hip hop album of all time”

    – NDT

  3. Tiffany Alexandria says:

    Hahahaha! I love neil deGrasse tyson.

  4. Xay L. says:

    one of my heroes

  5. Joshima M says:

    I adore how his problem witb beauty pageants is the name of the pageant

  6. Jilm M says:

    GZA/NDT in 2020

  7. Allison Tricity says:

    I find Neil deGrasse Tyson to be kinda pretentious but this was worth watching for the exotic dancer story! Great balls of fire!

  8. EscapistVibrations says:

    that vest is fly af

  9. Madison Riley says:

    bye abuser !!!!

  10. Jesse Sherer says:

    "I'll have a look." He said it so surly and begrudgingly lol

  11. budd smoke says:

    2:01 when someone touches your floating earth globe

  12. Que Bottoman says:

    I hope you see the feeling in his eyes with Cosmic Perspective…

  13. d00bZubElEk says:

    Not too often you hear him ask
    "Wtf are you doing?" Lmao

  14. Lim Nafi says:

    Definition of a nerd..especially when he laughed at the whip cream joke he made
    But can definitely learn alot from him…

  15. Louis Vivian says:

    ummm, can someone gif neil saying "what the fuck are you doing" for me?

  16. Terrence Marcus says:

    He just blew my mind with that last line..god damn I gotta finish his book now

  17. Amrit Basi says:

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  18. Mr. Rob says:


  19. João Magalhães says:

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  20. Theodore Bouchet says:

    Tyson is an overrated overweight lying piece of shit i can't stand him

  21. Hylexia says:

    2:10 Mr. "well actually" himself used a double negative xd

  22. sarah pagan says:

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    Damn, straight dropped some serious knowledge on us at the end there. That's why I love him lol.

  25. GuyOnCouch says:

    Did not expect an f bomb

  26. kamikaze khan says:

    Smart people always have to remind you they are smart…stfu

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    Hearing him say "fuck" bothered me very much

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    6:23 [Cosmic Perspective] – well maybe not in the Universe but certainly on Earth 😉

  31. TheMrWillje says:

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson walks into a bar. The bartender says "good evening"
    "It is to us, but to other people on this planet, it is morning, noon and night" says NDGT
    "Okay…" the bartender says. "What can I get you to drink? It's happy hour"
    "And why should this be happy hour? It is just like all other hours, which humans manufactured as an division of one day. It is comically arbitrary and has no cosmic significance."
    "Dude just pick something"
    "And what does it matter what I pick? What I ingest will make no difference to the earth's rotation or the position of the stars"
    "Dude, just get the fuck out"

  32. Terrell Hewitt says:

    My life is changed

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    Cosmic ties


    painful too watch

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    Carl Sagan 2.0! Nothing but love and respect for this man

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  39. plainollonley says:

    Sooo, I am like totally grounded you were intrigue by being a male stripper ( hippie)who loves school and you wrote a book so I can stop asking you for quick facts and I am NOT a weirdo I just have a cosmic perspective. Yay and to be fair Earth was once called Gaia but I think Jupiter was always been 🙂

  40. Tré Jones says:

    One of the most listenable men around today.

  41. aina-louisa carter says:

    Is he high?

  42. Yhorm says:

    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard NDT say fuck

  43. Jessie Dahl says:

    well, vapid women liked to be called pretty. so why Miss Earth when they can be called Miss Universe? thatll get more superficial women to enter the contest!!

  44. andre medina says:

    the physics will set you free…

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    such a great man

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    The vest is beautiful

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    Neil Tyson is the king of pseudo-intellectuality.

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    my brain: 2:00

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    He knows astronomy decently well though not much better than many modern scientists in the field. He’s more of a spokesperson for the community. But my problem is that he tries to dive into philosophy and he’s bad at it. The universe and astronomy are of course very closely related to philosophy and it is from there that we derive a great deal of philosophical thought. But he fails to draw much from it. I think Carl Sagan was far superior to Niel Degrasse Tyson in that regard.

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