NAU Volleyball and Football Gear Up for Away Games
NAU Volleyball and Football Gear Up for Away Games

Kade: Welcome back to NAZ Today i’m your
sports reporter Kade Gillis flagstaff volleyball traveled to the Golden State
this weekend to push to 20 wins on the season but the Carlsbad Lancers
postponed such celebrations for the Eagles luckily for the Eagles the weight
probably won’t be too long as they are currently taking on the Mohave
Thunderbirds I say that in confidence because I’ve got quite the set here
people Mojave has not won a single match that’s right match not game match
against the Eagles since 2007 that’s 12 years for those of you struggling with
math like myself another team that’s been dominating this season is the
football team for the Coconino Panthers who moved to seven and O last week and
are currently ranked 11th in the 4a state rankings as of today the formula
for the Panthers success has been pretty simple hand the ball off and watch
greatness junior running back Zack Bennett is always the bright spot of the
team but it was senior running back Bailey McLaughlin who stole the show
against Mojave with 178 yards in three touchdowns you know what I love more
than the three touchdowns though the efficiency McLaughlin needed just five
touches to put up that stat line absolutely ridiculous and you know what
else is ridiculous NAU volleyball storming back down OH – to take down my
Montana in five sets at the roll activity center Taylor Jacobson sister
of former NAU volleyball star Lauren Jacobson finished with a team-high 17
kills in the comeback win the jacks have been going the distance lately after
marking a program high for straight matches to go the full five sets NAU
moves to three and three in conference play as they prepare for the Idaho
vandals October 17th NAU soccer will also be facing off against the Vandals
this Friday as they look to get back above 500 this year after taking down
Northern Colorado two- nothing behind the legs of sophomores
Anna Rivera and Maddest Montgomery the jacks find themselves at 6-6 & 2 & 2-2 &
1 in conference play NAU has out shot opponents in their last seven matchups
now they’re just hoping it’ll start trains leading to wins and finally get
them out of their average slump don’t worry I struggle with that too sometimes
something that NAU football has been struggling with is winning on the road
that’s right the jacks have played six games thus far and the story this season
has been simple three and O at the Dome and O and three everywhere else NAU
has been taking it easy this past week while resting for there by as they get
ready to face for and two Weber State at Ogden Utah and this bye week could not
have come sooner for the jacks a multitude of injuries red shirts and
early departures have butchered the defensive side of the ball defensive
lineman Jalen Goss chantez thomas brandon lawless and linebacker Taylor
Powell it’s just the beginning of names that the jacks will be out with the rest
of the year

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