Nancy Drew 12 The Secret of the Old Clock Part 2 Miniature Golf Course No Commentary
Nancy Drew 12 The Secret of the Old Clock Part 2 Miniature Golf Course No Commentary

pretty okay I looked around go right
ahead the place is more like a museum in that
house was this Josiah’s clock everything in
here was Josiah’s you what do you do with these I put them on
the windshields of cars parked in the area
great advertise ever put them on cars at the lilac is all the time I’ve gotten
quite a few pupils that work as you’ll soon realize Josiah’s mental faculties
were starting to go I’m afraid he tended to ramble very little of what he wrote
in there makes sense what are you when you win barred bounds
what poet is the cat’s meow what will para my miniature golf course gets you
what’s glorious metal may be coder is in the rivet two to the right it looks like Josiah lent a trivet to
someone that I can’t make out to him the man onstage in this picture is that
Josiah yes that’s from a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that he directed
and starred in it closed after two nights he didn’t care you loved that
play now what were you surprised when you
found out that Josiah had left you everything
delighted yes surprised not really Julia was all alone you see surrounded
by people like the krandalls and that banker Jim Archer people who were nice
to him only because they knew he had money would you happen to know what
Gloria krandalls middle name was I haven’t the foggiest it was nice talking
to you the feeling is almost mutual you Oh a miniature golf course well you you we hit it too hard you we hit it too hard you you we hit it too hard you you you you you you we hit it too hard you
you Oh horsefeathers you you you you we hit it too hard you you
you Oh
you you you
you you we hit it too hard you you
you you
you Oh horsefeathers you you we hit it too hard you you you you you you Oh
you you you we hit it too hard you
you there we go hello are you mr. Waddell so what if I
am I found this receipt and I just wondered
what you could tell me about it let me see that oh yeah this was for that key
Jim Archie wanted me to appraise Jim Archer wanted you to appraise a key
it was very ornate had jewels all over it fake jewels as it turned out well I
told him it was worthless that cheapskate refused to pay me and told me
to keep it do you think I could have it sure once you pay the appraisal fee
which is a dollar and fifty cents here you go good here’s the key enjoy hello
I’m looking for a Jim Archer right through that door hello are you Nancy
Drew it sounds like Emily called you yes ma’am
Jim Archer I’m founder president manager and just about everything else you can
name when it comes to this fine enterprise I hear that some businesses
aren’t doing so well these days ever since the stock market crashed one
business after another has closed including banks President Hoover keeps
saying that a recovery is just to run the corner but you have to wonder some
people say we’re headed for a depression well that kind of pessimism is not only
misguided it’s pointless thinking ahead and taking action that’s what we
businessmen should be doing right now and I’m happy to report that we’re doing
just fine thank you excuse me Main Street banks Jim Archer speaking no
I don’t I’m sorry but yes I know but alright then just bring
it by sorry for the interruption how can I
help you do you happen to know whether the jewelry Emily inherited from her
mother was insured I know for a fact that it was not why because someone
snuck into the end today and stole it oh no I heard there had been a fire in the
kitchen but when it rains it pours doesn’t it
I told Gloria not to let that policy lapse why did she let it lapse
she felt that since Josiah Crowley would be leaving her a large sum of money when
he died or so she thought paying to insure her jewelry just wasn’t necessary
how well did you know Josiah Crowley well enough for him to name me executor
of his will an executor is the person who makes sure the terms of a will are
carried out why do you think he wound up leaving Gloria nothing I have no idea
truth be told he’d given me the impression that I would be well taken
care of when he passed on too but when I finally read his will it all went to top
him where did you say I keep his will he’d hidden it in a chest of drawers in
his house it took me months to find it when he named me executor he said he’d
tell me where it was hidden when the time was right whatever that meant how
did you say I died he was sitting in the public library reading when apparently
his heart just decided it was time to stop what was he reading his favorite
book the make up secrets of lon chaney the will you found in josiah’s house is
it possible that Josiah didn’t really write it no the thought that it could be
a forgery did cross my mind but an expert verified that the will had been
typed on Josiah typewriter and signed in josiah’s hand maybe Richard tobon bought
the expert off as far as the law is concerned the matter is closed miss drew
but it’s possible that Josiah is real will is still out there are you sure he
never gave you any clue as to where he’d hidden his will whenever I asked him he
said he’d tell me when the time is right although he got a safe deposit box here
about three years ago has it been opened Topham has tried to
claim its contents but he can’t find the key maybe he knows the real will could
be in there only he wants to destroy it now miss drew
I wouldn’t go jumping to any conclusions how well do you know Jane Willoughby you
know Emily’s Guardian not well at all met her once or twice seemed a little
flighty what was Emily’s mom like had a good head on her shoulders friendly to
having a big slice of blueberry pie at the lila can was always a real treat
he’d be nice if Emily could carry on the tradition but times are just too tough
if she smart she’ll sell before the bills start piling up I guess I’ll be
going come back anytime don’t you ever use
this typewriter that used to be just I had crowley’s it was the only thing he
left me in his will naturally it doesn’t work the keys always Jam October 9 1929
dear mrs. Sheldon here is the but I said you could fall for your party and turn
please take care of it because I will want it back someday your friend
Josiah see I wonder if Josiah ever got his trivet back who’s Clara Clara
Pickford is this lonely old woman who comes in here every once in a while
took a shine to me for some reason insisted on giving me that picture
Josiah Crowley give you this clock yes unfortunately it stopped keeping time
almost immediately it would sure be nice to be able to open this thing is this your car yes it is bought and
paid for

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