My Son YELLS at his Scooter!
My Son YELLS at his Scooter!

100 thoughts on “My Son YELLS at his Scooter!”

  1. HenrikStones says:

    6:26 you hear this at night and think wtf

  2. Lucas Gawor says:

    "The louder you yell the faster it goes." Sounds like my wife.

  3. drash04 Music says:

    Lincoln probably would’ve lost his voice….

  4. RiD1 says:

    OMG, you have a son>?

  5. Blake Sukhu says:

    I have an air bike Ali 5 v2…

  6. Random_Satellite says:

    He screams like a chicken 😂😂😂😂
    (Not a hate comment)

  7. Tesla Boi says:

    5:30 Ears.exe has stopped working

  8. Adamaster says:

    I loved the Elf reference

  9. Conrad b Racing says:

    Now think about boys riding that during puberty

  10. J-craze R6 says:

    That peurbity screech

  11. Insternetaddict_GB says:

    That scooter is a really dumb idea

  12. Fishing is Lit says:

    Angry Birds is probably looking for a new sound

  13. John Burr says:

    Try singing into it really loud.

  14. Sameer Ramdeen says:

    I like how he holds a knife/sword to open a box

  15. Big Trolli says:


  16. Rugved Narvenker says:

    When all the employees in Angry Birds were frustrated from their work,but still had to make a product

    They came up with this

  17. I I I I says:

    What inside you’re sons watch history

  18. Zybak says:

    I found out his middle school

  19. russainrager says:

    Two filipino guys cutting one box

  20. Varad Kakodkar says:

    LMFAO!!! ROFL!!!!

  21. ImRoblox Station says:

    5:40 easy way to shut ur noisy kid up for a night

  22. Jack Cuautle says:

    I saw this in Ifunny 3 days ago and in the vid one of the workers yelled "Cut it out"

  23. Mizo Playz says:

    try a whistle (like the one the judges use in soccer) and see how much speed will you be moving at

  24. David Cooper says:

    Taking a page out of iJustine’s unboxing box with that knife 😂

  25. Daniel Dooijes says:

    Tears streamed down my face from laughing! That was awesome 🙂 Thanks for making my crappy day end with laughter and joy!

  26. Az Smoke says:

    Lincoln screams like a girl

  27. Hard Nation says:

    I just imagined a city full of these for rent. Like the Lime scooters but this.

  28. Daniel Siwerov says:

    What could you do to get rid of the anger? Maybe PUSH YOUR F**** scooter with your foot like every normal person???? This is America….

  29. Andrew O'Brien says:

    Girl scream

  30. Kenny Kolberg says:

    5:50 when you realize your son screams like a woman

  31. Paul Lin says:

    Love it!

  32. iBernard ! says:

    Wow Dan congrats on the twin

  33. iBernard ! says:

    Wow dan why have you never told us about your twin 😆

  34. Hassan Khalid says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂 nd zooooooommmmmm

  35. Ruben HD says:

    I was Dying when you could hear him scream and it would get softer and softer

  36. Splash Squado6 says:

    Why does he always take Lincoln out of school early and Dan's talking about how kids need to go to school

  37. HoopMixHighlights says:

    where do they live

  38. Meili Belnap says:

    im going to crimson cliffs next year

  39. Joseph Villuri says:

    just read a book on how unicef saved a kid from being a child soldier.

  40. Grady Summerhays says:

    aleks topics?

  41. Patrick Valette says:

    the perfect scooter for Greta Thunberg

  42. Tom Lloyd says:

    Imagine using this as a getaway car

  43. PieceUhPie says:


  44. Sidharth Santhakumaran says:

    5:09 voice cracks be hitting hard

  45. Bubbin Chubbin says:


  46. Emerson Campbell says:

    Bro I haven’t watched this channel in years and I noticed Lincoln has gotten older

  47. Ninety_ Rabbits says:

    I love this channel! Great content and very interesting.

  48. Nathan Lew15 says:

    Rides away screaming

  49. Austin Martin says:

    Can’t wait until the ride share scooters get their hands on this one.

  50. supercake021 says:

    Who else remembers when Lincoln had a squeaky voice

  51. Ourcarchase says:

    That editing at the start with 2 of you was amazing

  52. Brad Haughton says:

    I hope the construction crew like what the hell are they doing

  53. anna jensen says:

    Lincoln gose to crimson cliffs middle school

  54. FaKe Elite says:

    How tf is Lincoln in middle school

  55. Tritomat _64 says:

    Best way to lose your voice

  56. Ruben HD says:


  57. Mr Scorpion says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa then a car hears a goat

  58. Rocku Chan says:

    I have studied on UNICEF this year in year 4

  59. no name says:

    Is this just me or… Lincoln is really hot😍

  60. Vibhuti Narayan Patel says:

    You know who can make this scooter go at rocket speed is Freddie Mercury

  61. CrazyFastPixel says:

    Warning fire truck sirens

  62. AllVideoGamesForever says:

    2:52 lincoln's school reveal.

  63. Umer Khan says:

    Just get Gordon Ramsey and you can win the Indy 500

  64. Penny. Yahoo says:

    Which editing software?

  65. robuxawesomedude says:

    Wow dan is using a machete because he doesn’t have any knives laying around

  66. Penny. Yahoo says:

    It will definitely work when a ghost is chasing you in night.
    🤣🤣🤣 6:06

  67. Penny. Yahoo says:

    This is the funniest video in your channel.

  68. domain magic says:

    rich as hell but his kids still go to school in a middle of a desert? I would not want to be growing up there.

  69. thomastran79 says:

    "Not going to destroy it."

    Who are you and what did you do with Dan?

  70. Team 1k says:

    R.I.P Lincoln old voice

  71. st0rm Callum says:

    Who gave Dan a knife. WHOOO

  72. Ariang X says:

    its going to slow,, something must be wrong

  73. XxStevenGamesXx says:

    Give this to the hulk boi be going 100 mph+ on the freeway

  74. DCW Films says:

    I love how exited he got!

  75. Happy MX-5 says:

    Tesla model s 0-60: 2.4 seconds
    Bugatti Chiron 0-60: 2.4 seconds
    Tesla roadster 2.0 0-60: 1.9 Seconds
    Bring the anger 0-60: aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  76. Glitzy says:

    Holy damm I watched you guys 3 years ago and now Lincoln is way older than I expected!!!!!

  77. Kitsune Hue says:

    Here’s my solution to protect your vocal chords, just play some loud music.

  78. Maniboy1k says:

    If my neighbors kids buy this😂

  79. pontus laurell says:

    that is hilarious xD

  80. Ryan Snow says:

    Byu all the way

  81. Nathaly M says:

    Imagine its the middle of the night and ypu want to go to the store and this is all u got to ride lol youlll wake up the whole neighborhood

  82. Normal Ryan says:

    I just got click baited

  83. Keshav Goel says:

    Love you guys

  84. Nle Choppa Is goated says:

    Me and Lincoln have the same Kyrie spongebob jacket

  85. Minecraft Expert says:

    He sounds like tanner fox

  86. Kelly Milbrandt says:

    Put this in next video hey Dan that is weird because you have to yell into it

  87. MrTacoPug says:


  88. Kim Archuletta says:

    Two Daniels just what we need👍🏼🤗😂

  89. Badrul Alam says:

    You should change the title of the video

  90. Nathan Xiong says:

    This reminds me of monsters inc because they use yelling/ screaming to use as energy

  91. Bennett Hackett says:

    This is so funny! I want to ride these around with my friends and go screaming down the street 😂

  92. Hi Im Normzy says:

    Voice cracks

  93. Cousin Commandos says:

    Lucky them

  94. Mike Roberts says:

    can you imagine if elections where held like this….I really was liking this channel.

  95. ツburst mistyy says:

    I lked the part when he went AAAAAAAAAASSSSAAAAAAAHHH

  96. Daniel Dimitrov says:

    The kids voice is changing

  97. Pascal Bumann says:

    Tesla Shoes should have been on the family channel as well. They wouldn't have been destroyed.

  98. joshua gutierrez says:

    Best video ever

  99. Pedro Pita says:


    Me on the scooter: f***************************k

  100. Cfans Fandan says:

    Smart thumbnail

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