My Hat Collection 2015/ わたしの帽子コレクション 2015

hi everyone Oh today thought I would do like got a hat collection video because I have so many hats and that’s because that’s one of the reasons to say why you have a messy hair and I always everybody here and I just put on a hat and it’s so good so um so what I’m gonna do is like I’m gonna talk about way to scrum and like it’s kind of like a try on collection I guess so yeah it’s the first hat is this hat and it’s like straw and this was pretty expensive for this kind of hat and I always had this but it would I always got the cheap one saying it would always be like in a weird shape if I weren’t like you know five-time to something and I got this in Kamakura weather the next one is I got this at Disneyland and it’s like we need to prove any kind of thing I don’t really wear this often next hat is I got this in when I was in Korea on the streets like in Korea there’s a lot of like shops up shops up on the streets and I got this so this was pretty cheap and I really like it it’s like a winter it’s like a snapback for winter and next one me I think I got this ad for a 21 I just like the way it fits it says turn the next beanie next one is a beanie again and it says Emmy and I think I got this in Australia I think it was cuddle on my god it was like five dollars so that’s pretty cheap and I got em because my name is my initial is M and looks like this not a preemie this is like a joke kimchi’s beanie so I went to the pop like store in Korea like they had it for one day during Christmas or like the day before Christmas in the next tab I got a hats on but the brand is NCAA and it’s like this it’s like pretty good fit so next one like I got it on the streets in Korea again and it just says lost la San Jose and I don’t wear this often they so I got it for my friends and because I was leaving the school so they gave me like we will never forget you and I really like because I never had a strike to be me and girly you the next one I got it from my friend again but this is like a little bit different from the other snap backs because this part is shorter you can see so oh no let me see it but it’s really shorter so it’s like a different use the next one is another these guys and this I got it from hats on again and this one’s pretty good fit as well and this is M and my favorite color is purple so it’s like appropriately outside situated cute next one is like a hatter it’s not really had I got a catches concert yes like the roof anything pretty warm suzka shirt and the second phone and I can put your hands through it so and the next one is I got it from my friend again and he was sleeping so he gave like yeah and he had a lot of snack packs and we were almost like be like Oh give me give us some and then so he gave each one of us like want each this is what it looks like this is I got it from dotty and it’s like one of those straw hats because I like this because I has a feather so it’s more formal than the other straw hat that I showed you before and this one I got it at Uniqlo really good for the price I don’t know to show

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