My Friend Irma: Psycholo / Newspaper Column / Dictation System
My Friend Irma: Psycholo / Newspaper Column / Dictation System

by transcription stayed around long stick around five
because today in the neighbor the great news in them i a programmer march of
dimes contest and managed and the rent thank you what’s the difference between a m at and
a downer middle-age philosophers said well one has a hole in the middle of the
other has a hole in the end but that you got up but you because i have a poem about him then he went to a real bodies and they
were very good friends when david welfare mothers deep so their father whacked but they’re
burying output friends if you ask me if it was runs on
battery crime and i and our camera america’s most
popular cartoon tablets are proud to present your favorite comedy show
created by five hard in the primary wells of atlanta and that there was a
day and a m my burma it paper gene csn uh… what do you really are you reading it’s just not gone psychology is applied
to manage a series of precious design to see if apparel and the manager choices
soon for each other is an issue but now i should be well without lights
it on the sub lead addressing any questions and we can’t find down the whereas my children die exotica approaches the problem of
compatibility with scientific introspection maybe i can write something we get to meet finally currency annual intend to marry keep appointments
is he punctual why allies in the library that i want to
check aforethought opened do mock down one one you have visited type of man that you would ever
be ashamed to be seen with not because you never know what’s going
on there during the night of participating
in sports well hikes living in canada yeah webmail dentist pinball machines heart dude well i think actually uh… be like dancing yet does your boyfriend
now do you like to get a fair yet does your boyfriend that whatever time but i a psychological tested two of you
know it just don’t claim alright jamie kerrigan adding my doubts to away they
do about lower be hearing you know and i wouldn’t even one more chance aerial
change and this is the end ends dewey i’ll accept your bernie bloody abbreviated parallel alan and i’m in a way to
managing we don’t even want to hear about my new deal elaine school you will love this iteration form twenty nine months
pregnant selected they contract just know that
somebody and the john’s getting on i can only say if you find you have
anything in common with this man gatwick do saluti dream jeanette it’ll amount to anything had to go to that the other tonight would you please take me shaken one of
the sudden requires alley it’s very important for as you see harris
psychopathy cases do you talking about chicken williams yesterday we did it
they’re going honey i need an apprentice they got a big norman and the clinton let me know if there is
getting do karelian treated you are tampering with my
principal do values allen nothing in common we might as well be that you’re not yet
and it begins that chain do combustible and julie compatible whether there is one of the week just
not presented puking meat yes now but it was just consider their
power experiences that interlude anglo do i
have light but during u_n_ characterize the on it i think we should weight chicanery i don’t want to say but if you think you’ll find more
happiness with another hearing back thanks and a revealed stranger minds and violent this location minimum forget warriors and not it on dot the behind a near her name was but don’t feel says here to help with
you know i always feel sad or background palestinian area which is overnight you
transferred and believe me it’s for the bad in an enviable position she rather well old-world before you enter your foot
loose ends fancy free footloose and fancy free now drive those tears come on offense
not currently fermilab hahahahaha do mike that’s more like it
should be getting out of okay sunbeam you confess you can find downloaded ova but to little jigsaw
puzzles one complete won a few pieces on the ceiling do and
excluded a little joke i picked up in the toy store being here what’s new
england on what is good repair but hannah dash and then i had five minutes and she’s trying to be gained for finally happened maybe woodward from
there the don’t feel so badly and remember
there’s an old saying bus staging time they’ll save nine ladders that apply to me you don’t do the slogan for payments
doing a lot better if there is a very old friend and i do like it takes a huge number of intimate come
home well well i think i’ll go up to my home until
you know that he tried to deliver ass priority and i made a mistake dot com
never quite another man like you know delayed demagogued the legal and i guess you’re right to you i’m just going to look around for
someone in a landslide now look at the they’ve got a backup uh… larry what is that right whoever by relating mile-high facia lair nine by basket canon in d gregory brushed okay it wouldn’t be able to send next with found planet highways you all there habitat he really written ditched now about your
broker discriminate that not pan out they were iraq experience things applied and the impact there reporting it again under fire up the river candid including team and that’s what happened extended family people has brought her back coming back right by that i’ll do anything to meet
some new fella theories i would be wonderful if my husband and i
rent out and then i can say or congratulate me i am a power fee therein well and i haven’t gotten a lonely
hearts club i don’t know why she did but i suppose it was good enough about it
and i think it’s good enough for retirement already she has a number of seventy five she’s kind of worried about a number
she’s afraid if she signs her letters seventy-five she won’t get a man under
eighty do so i explain pin number has no pressure
on significance in right now she’s ready your first letter to the club it’ll be
forwarded to some money on men killed or it may concern plan elaborate your right hand is broken i have not hair and brown eyes and nice legs and would like to meet a
man in the same condition now and do knowledge here my arm you put on your exam that basket but
they are scrambling danny obviously all right gene uh… say uh… bearshare high and twenty four years old
blind considered attractive and i’m quite
lonely i should like very much to make the plains of the gentleman who is also
long all right gene do you think that israel pretty loud you
know the bottle alligators friend i have smell that perfume it will
not only keep mana way but also mosquitoes down almost sweetie just mail
it is it is hygiene then got photo camera so you were here during
their on kumamoto for determining usually unity amid word and the news user data of birds w really makes me much who you would move would be shooting
pollution figure will usually don’t have much
means jodi r_ two-d_ two moons outside but it all over wound on film blues legend it was if you didn’t like him but he’s
going to during that period your organization movement go to forget who usually with do and world will you do fraction did you guys to utilise fraud ex-cop hope i’m dying of curiosity a lifetime a seventy five in answer to your letter
ike to have a lovely what can we do about it died believed to have to but she never wonderful number plane a wonderful wherever they can hao i’ll probably book refrigerated attacked ruston flood miguel dot jumping to
conclusions you don’t even know this man so i decided that it getting an answer
so quickly above yet again logo but you look so happy has a new boyfriend wonderful bible
what’s his name great great did you i’m not convict domingo backed out at
least she was unconscious down professing dahl and they’ve been
corresponding to the lonely hearts club and everybody has a number of all
congratulations of and take the advice of a moment find out what demands like right away
before you get involved but michael but first of all of that kind of working if you have a job you know what i you know what i just went through with
my act your acts yes i i want even forget his name course my xmas very sweet to me my explaination and my action agree with that buried by vermilion slipping remembered my but what they do downtime that way stands in the last
month has finished a letter and i’m
proofreading it for her it says and three three three two two delial magnified by new year’s regional i feel i know you well enough to call
you by your initials do however still to get your letter and i
hope you join out the way i picked you of cards your writing is very small are you sure does and you’ve got a job i had and hoping to hear the same from u i
remain at section italy seventy five no having kuleuven yes absolutely hot tub and we’ll my name
is an my number is three three three two two and corresponding to the ground but
seventy five inimitable me arsenal involves behavior gets him a w three three three
dash to do that by the way how are you getting
along with the correspondent will frankly don’t think seems a little crack financial issues to get on with his long
been my heart you know the governor of jilted on chinese uh… gave you a lot of good luck planted last three days and hearing
nothing but three three three two two and seventy five it’s coming out of my
usual goes to ever get together i think i have been made by a bookkeeper but at that price is a letter that i was
expecting today should contain valuable information about her new family
boyfriend i was just as excited as she was when she said heavyweight it greatly relieved to be wrapped
exciting education out of town he had seventy five thank you for your letter i was hoping figure live as far as finding with was a
basset graduates but it seems quite impossible since i
noticed you spelled considered with a cane do however not at least is perfect do he spells perfect p_r_ and he came will go on a single past may have i’ve got a job well
seventy-five as numbers and number let me inform you that i have worked hard
and steadily all my life is head of a big steel cooperation a now and preparing to retire how are you fixed financially i am perfectly healthy trial and selling
handsome it’s disgusting but united mallory three three three
children and now this is the direction you see a
crackpot that’d be an improvement over at i beg your pardon your x chechi uh… honey i think it’s about time you
met him provided now trying to come up here mall no not for two reasons first you don’t
like him at the indian we don’t want him hanging around here in second who wanna
make a good impression on him well how do i go about that mal image christian i having dinner at
the pavilion club tomorrow night need to be our guest somehow as me well then right that you aware of green hats wearing a green and black right around i’ll tell you leave your number with the
head waiter an army will bring into our table moderate enough to guarantee
writing a letter right away down honey can you let me try to make yourself
attractive you know shown interest in what he’s doing hello sitting in this field business
what can i assume and all of say say that you realize that steel is the
backbone of this country and that you are added estimated by blast furnaces and trustee finds you interesting how what do you blame baghdad as well yet not to be interesting do you still blast furnaces address delight me because i have one of
the night is back down in the country and on do midtown contest and i a m today rejected
a plan well where i did table in the canadian
club pictured myself and dead number seventy five we’re waiting for three three three two
oh two i must say seventy five looks adorable she’s wearing a green that just taking
no chances on it is a seventy-five position is this concentration of trade
penny i too a very curious to see whether mister smile come out now come on kathleen from sarajevo is just thinking about an now i know what is your promise hahahahaha uh… here with an emotionally but should and a
when it on anytime leader not to get a ride
looking across the table and you know what i have seen you will in agreement out you are you three three three two oh two assuring final round about way to get a free meal
paso gland if he knew me do he just a minute you had your nerve working
steady as steel magnolia don’t even know what i really didn’t even always earn well you know we certainly don’t crazy
permissive logically turning to drink i turn to the lonely hearts club allowed on my part of that psychological
tests what’s the difference is in just wanted you to know i love you and they always work na jane if you want me to sit down a punk now what do you have my planner while
you were talking url and then and that you get it on the self
and there’s much in love with him and then making who he thought games always made all you want to do
seventy five all against back maybe big immediately
to within dot and that is a nineteen mt sharma is now making with more numbers fourteen now i don’t like that thirty-two asbury thirty-three rhino alice three three three two two
and you are seventy five one of those are the numbers are just getting out
make sure that you uh… do can you imagine anybody offering money to imply a brain like that but they did jane because as you know
folks three weeks ago my friend and i think the president
marie wilson alberto work a secretary for a day through the personal friend
and the united states offering the highest bid for the march of dimes anti
polio fun and today we are pleased to announce the
name of the weather the winning bid is five thousand dollars which will be contributor that wants to
the march of dimes by the coca-cola bottling company of fort worth texas who want their work in the press about
marie wilson your work as secretary of the office of the envelope arouses
japanese waters in fort worth so to the city of fort worth and the
coca-cola bottling company high congratulations and watch out five and i will be heading
your way me because i need me that someday my
brain would be worth a lot of money that’s right at the end i always knew
that someday that be a price on the head of my ran but mayer an avid inside our production and
have directed by brian twenty dreyfus rebels family adams brad martin
midlothian producer blew out his daughter’s memory have been arrested
jane what i was played by john brown untimely
dessert as but whether or not you know regarding the cause of the land either
an animated this decline diverted as richard that night with my savings and
that goes by and let me know that was under the direction dot blot basket tired looking others can ruin your
appearance make you look on attractive dol so don’t take chances when i was a red weary from lack of
sleep blair driving get hygiene to was sold in drops and he tried float
away that tired ideally at once hygiene is like a prescription contains
lex appall faxes atomic for the eyes gentle to get by gene the while you do you have a tonight
usability for private recognized filesize only twenty five cents larger
sizes even more economical by jeanette dot com is everywhere people is next sunday at this time one
of ems america’s most popular torvill tablets again renewal monogram nirmal loan the minimum cbd strands perfume and james stacey answer thieves feeling around the world who is so
stupid she thinks a monsoon is it transgender let me smiling and waving that boxes
bins i_c_i_ near him and getting where would i dont happy
anyways have got it outside waiting right a well glad you’ll be happy to when you
see hope quickly and coralville government stopped triple all yes and speed and andy s stopovers of bobby always of bread or perhaps stop all three all of the same time p_p_o_ prices of energy all day all over
it’s amazing but one or two tiny hands tablets daily over all you need to stop
trouble all and all and america’s most popular for
awhile but the problem with our remaining moments ago the everglades are more than starring
marie wilson was all about that that because of the men friend allen you’ll see ya carousel college park on friday nightline itemizing cop cut by twenty five dollars twenty-five hours but remember this is a
leap here the data logger kind of peace and what do you raving
about it if you’re not writing com sheena and i’m wrestling gordon georges
the yankee stadium nods just read this letter when he said anti-semitism we have your note in which
you say that our paper the westside shopper lax appeal for women we would
welcome any contribution our readers can make the in a sentence and paragraph a
column worth what it says here as far as payment is concerned you must
understand it will be great from it says as far as payment is
concerned it will be grounds it great that my life grass means but nothing keeping you updated fuhrman’s newspapers given away to
nothing with the company when they may find it hard to get that right out that i think it’s going to be about
reading that my first park it’s pretty good i think i went through something like
this when you write your memoirs let me see twenty five dollars by emma gives
him uh… dot com and early this morning i can just make it through all right on a cold shower and for breakfast i’m an orange juice eggs newspaper in coffee newest ball park you doctor prescribed ruffles huh yuna it well let me put it this way how do you
say there’s this column is going new spring yes well you know newspapers are made from
wood pulp and wood pulp with me and it really means nine one one of them once a month to do in someone’s carbon
monoxide dancing uh… buildings having lovely figure do enzyme do bend down and touch your toes tend to
know if you have extra long toes stand back
middle of the sistine the to have you ever had was showing that
would be here keep your mouth closed during treatment
has made public panorama it sounded like a one must be
accompanied to the beauty saloon by their parents home white or money the westside shopper is slipped
under dillard’s would you like to see everyone surrounding the barbed wire
fence around it are you saying that because i wrote that
column you wouldn’t say that it eleanor roosevelt wrote it looking at missus roosevelt wrote that
column the republicans would mean that the campaign this year res dot comparing yourself with that
wonderful woman she’s a humanitarian she’s doing great
work for the united nations and she knows all the outstanding personalities
in the world i know personality too what i wrote here are still show i have
ever lived dot well crocodiles and robert scott at
about eleven to three hours she was rescued by a particular product
frogman and they have been jumping around together everything but but but but but this is what i want something done
please come in five is entirely girls making who would kill would not say that i get
my pants on penfield will surely going to come to the west
side shopper arriving that paper in the day gross income going to be an imminent
invasion and secondhand bargained whom is it not about offered a twenty-one
bitchy wearing com atlanta nobody died seven years my staff being you have to go around poisoning people via an eight year being cruel human rights she has nothing to do with personally i
think turned lots of fun writing about who was scene with who see where and why women aged husband i think that lengthy
with courtney are named rosa within the condoms developments and want handsome officer christine legally the with more son they always made the same
typographical error they spend it w like she’s seeing a broadcasts are running back on track and
indicated uh… you always say you have a lot of your secrets what would
you give us or be glad to delete now definitely does
have made him like mine and they want to keep it not sure you’ve gained though i think at least dated june
fifteen pages yes chopper and a half a cup of ketchup inattention weekend and just refuses skadden itself and i don’t think twice about
thirty five is that i like ironic and and purplepwnguin when that is the defense in this is our
late did you ever hear about the little boy who held his finger in the whole and
died we’ve been assembling the pipe in my
room was leaking it now how do you know i’ve already sent to the
pill but again and then hit it many of the
economy ect yes i’m interested in seeing nairobi center court talking in sf housewives iraq travel seven yesterday because it
is so it back inside the bag will suggest you play turkey inside-out stop it on the outside
and shot back into place it now women who do not yet and you are writing a column all profess
it’s allergies not cut out for two things on dance to why should we criticize them shiites
have liking chinese pizza gossip about the people in the neighborhood snitching in acute care things like deficit cut pumpkin easement company notoriety viennese three fifty why do you say to electricity is it
because you are built like a terrifying or because that face of yours is an
aftershock amat now wait a minute jayanth double termite
dubbed dinner oh doggone tell amenable to put my name
in the paper review of missus around me my mother things i was killed by a talk
why should i make a miserable life you want me making such a positive one
that truth and the members that traveled metroplex so how come you where so many good move will not stop until your i wanted a word about reveal my column allison there’s a little average less than three
years we not only can you break up people’s lives by what you put in the
paper that you can be sooooo don’t you forget that is to keep anything it’s untrue that’s
liable databases that that five of the world now now honey no not really is and uh… in the written form i don’t
understand about let me nai if i should say that missus all
riley is ninety years old is his life eyes should say so but if i printed she’s nine years old
this is liable indeed however if i add them both together and say
she’s a hundred maybe need this land in on line was busy
historical fact dairy well and it may contain and then if you
think anything about me ten minutes page nineteen nineteen on it that’s right a reliable and as needed at solicitations me that’s just a minute it’s be a lemon hijacker which it is my editor mr clutching at yes eclectic icon ready uh… that’s too bad why did you call it soon are you talking about he says they have
a deadline at the office but that’s deadline telecon oh uniformly found uh… yes this is let’s hear it uh… yes and no she she misunderstood
you i’m going to maintain stacie n you say it’s a nice agree volunteer to
do this complimenting i’m sure you get your money’s worth and and and of course you should have it
by tomorrow yes and see and joyce bits of neighborhood gossipy
assad i’d miss it but you not tell her by you want to come by tomorrow thirty-one i’m on the most head of the west side
shoppers a small picture of washington crossing the delaware do you want to
jump into the water uh… what do i do wild ride in your one
honey lecture once neighborhood gossip just got a lot of places you know and
find out what’s your already but it’s still too but your
mister walker wanted that and i’ll visit who wins this round coming around spite ballroom for a
couple hours what is it sure missus roosevelt started this one calms down all will guard against treboh although yes bob against cripple all older repressed over her body for revenge if you’ve been using old-fashioned body
deodorant suave waters toothpaste or deodorant soap to avoid offending he isn’t easier quicker much more
effective way to keep fractions of a c all over all day long katie ends today tracy several or when when when when yes for about two monday and corporal
tablets protect you against the poor against all pre-order offenses snowplows stop triple all in minutes prove it with the famous and stress
problem onion sliced into have now taken ends chlorophyll tablet morrison and
rabbit on the same spot the orders column that’s how and work well voters
began inside your body couple all and remember and contain one
hundred milligrams of fully effective dose of doubt all chlorophyll don’t
expect such lasting protection from cheaper chewing gum and candy
substitutes which contains a little chlorophyll take ends today chasing for four or where where where insist on and called ends because they
can do all worries about triple all that’s the end and the s and chlorophyll tablets say presented by the vegetable presentation file size and only forty nine cents a
drug problems everywhere larger sizes even more economical lateral entry or beware ad seven waj at
sydney’s costume look for a new job louis sobils saying your money voyager in a long term today and the peterson begins a new
problem for the west side shelf kellyanne issues at the kitchen table
starting her for scoops from a gaining good yes several items ngo baby has ways of domestic not debate
with the first to notice it so i’m writing it in newspapers dial newspaper sound platts platts platts dot now plots box tops down anyone to jump out and wendell and i met
him steven wright went to bed to max from why i did you think that well i thought i’d write something about
the big file this morning but are you talking about a month finance
news what you write there was a fight seventy point st i watched it arrested
across the way their prices are very reasonable has
only thirty five cents valuables pearson to some crazy reason i tell
mister fletcher of the west side shopper that you have a column ready by six
o’clock if this is all the stuff you’ve collected either calling right now calendar happy eventually come with a
mistake and you know argentine please don’t i’m going up apart use it have as much trouble now what he may not
be able to do it i was a really nice paperwork but now i you have approx cardinal rosales press fifty prominence is fifty two kisses and express fifty six at top of things past registered headlines hudson is dead grass in these outside
after the handkerchief stuffed in his mouth cigars expressed i larry part of the west side shopper
anything here here just the first i want to see had become a columnist in the west side
shop and i think some gossip capacities growth grass and leaves okay state dept camelot one of the letters cut stab institute online gardens student stops alcatel now outweighed by account patents and i did not see a revenue and extreme relaxed it’s it’s a lot still looks great mixes cut okay kell and welcome judge into a huge not just well i did not think that millions fuck
you not coming out as well as with the blood flow to solidly in the wall it just blew out of
his book along with almost opened on the big enough piece
gold watch fluid in my name must have been a very rough draft will see that you get a smoother one on
the way the same thing judging would you like to do with moved in with
him to resign the three do’s d_ unlike the be near my mother bella and started catalogue no pearson you lost
again we’ll have one of the boys take your
whole not sad for the west side shopper local gossip laid off sajjan there though what this is another
accident dot com was coming online the site and i thought was making a left
hand it does make a rate and term problems
your knowledgeable flight middle-class have you found them in kenya false
eyelashes construct again even even see wants to meet you wanna what’s the charge of a sudden stolen car i’d didn’t steal it fell asleep in the back seat leon outcomes alone i was tired after walking around all day
looking for a gap you’re looking for a job make the giants dilemma comment for the
jury title away project pocket believed opposite all right ladies you can get in some of
them trivial five minutes chicken i didn’t do it you’ve got to
believe me were you looking at me like that afrikan minister not archive will begin
at the point that i was arrested for content or expression couldn’t you like that they had accounted for you to see what
the prettiest right and mine was so beautiful they insisted
on vaca might bring a friend and have a bad news paper it says rivers of expect for the truth and
nothing but the truth chicken if you put my name in your
column withdrew hide come on since the coming on a mobile don’t cry downward you know what it shows you have to make i know what to do is to be torn between
lumbering duty with uh… on a mobile for you but one
of the two update them all dah came about him i’m here in america is we have something
that’s called freedom of the print freedom of the press is not meant that freedom to print everything they want to be rabid freedom to prepare which is this is something you cannot prevent you
from the with moving from one lol orion and the one night and headed back
to you in the meantime man nancy d we destroyed mock trial cream in the san
francisco the release come with an important sites
project cindy was just dents in the lumber viewed the report the smaller then not because of the practice ended up stymied seemed number against where the woman kept him front-runner now primus demanded recognize but true but trip about even though i don’t make me an army gets
them what to do with it critically injured eat out without called like that and i
have a lot of newspapers you get me wrong i’m not running montserrat this is your big day but that is your favorite them out and a couple hours dissatisfied with
college and then i’d get chance to read it misspelled a couple of words chicas in success hello yes knowledge that let you know this is
this casey sal and i want you took the added about advert column
because the man whose talents and friends isn’t that wonderful i still have the map i love it success armagh about a success story on what mister
fletcher you’re afraid you’ll be sued by mister
shilts i don’t want to write about schultz the
butcher where he just got married so i asked him
howie any as well yes he said he was standing at the
corner whether heavyset webpage he looked at her was here you know what you wrote he was standing on the corner when this
heavyset woman came to light in the left in her it was peeler back to arrived an edible remember about scientific over test
approved and stop triple all stockholders of breath orders of body and or girlfriends for
over eight out of ten people all these amazing results were substantiated the
other day at the annual meeting of the national scientific group are leading
medical party stated and for our test i’ve selected the chlorophyll tablets
known as an our tests included executive’s office
workers and factory workers to general motors body and breath where
most successfully treated yes at the hundreds and hundreds of examinations
science proved ends affective just wanted to money and score buildup
of stalemate actually do stop trouble all because and contain one hundred
milligrams up only effective dose of bharat all
chlorophyll anywhere up shaker killing kada khaki substitute peso letter or a
pill article about state that cargo got that
are hardly at all and smart inside your body will voters
start p_p_o_ pressures of a c all over all day long and stop triple lol stop all freeholder offenses give more
complete long-lasting protection than any
old-fashioned bodybuilder mal wash or toothpaste can possibly give
you insist on ends to stop trouble all presentation in fact easy to use to and the same thing there’s any garden vegetables that’s ki and andy at sam’s chlorophyll
tablets filesize only forty nine cents a drug
problems everywhere larger sizes even more economical palestine cannot in safer i don’t think it was read by many people
because they’ve been through a column is back this week moment something about the way she
writes miss you wish you would doesn’t care she has her ad again keep them warm
every hour on the cod listen you know what to do with him when we get married will have a four
rooms eleven lubrication a bedroom and a
nursery actually al that’s wonderful live the place to grow plants but from plants too that’s right though many of me canadian variety of my friend paramount there’s an important message for my
friend of mine the person of marie wilson from basil o’connor president of the
national foundation for infantile paralysis mister o’connor in this year when we are still reeling
from the staggering moles of recent polio epidemics we’ve known that only extraordinary
measures only greater giving to the march of
dimes could put the fight against this disease back on its feet i have many thoughts about what you have
done for this humanitarian cause miss wilson buy or offer of your secretarial
services to the highest march of dimes data you made a most unusual contribution it’s resulted in the gift of five
thousand dollars too much of diamonds through the fort worth texas chapter or
the national foundation and above all i think it’s been a lot of fun for
everybody so may i just say miss wilson a very
simple very sincere thank you to you and your colleagues of the c_b_s_
radio program my friend emma i think you know the old but the real
thank you comms not only for media and the national
foundation but to children the victims of infantile paralysis will be helped toward recovery by what you have done himself with him mystery wilson thank you mr always real happy to have the
opportunity to help with the wonderful work done by the march of dimes in yeah i hope everybody will continue to
give their wholehearted support to this very great sign on firefighter happened resorted to this remorseless died as a man capitalist is
doing what about was played by john brown
unscom leaders heard as professor department glorified missus arriving
using was under the direction of live blasted tired looking buyers can ruin your
parents make you look unattractive doll so don’t take chances when i was a red weary from lack of
sleep blair driving get i_t_n_ to assume thing brought to me dr motorway that
tired i a feeling it wants hygiene is like a prescription contains lexical
acts as a product for the eyes gentle to dept i_t_n_ the while you g_e_
any tonight usability for bride track the virus filesize only twenty five cents larger
sizes even more economical by jeanette dot com is everywhere with us next time it was a time when
ends up out of his most popular world of that lives leg and renewal of my brand
of emma well responsibly yes in several days will be celebrating
the birthday of abraham lincoln the man who used to split graham you know sometimes i think the acts left
if they had that my friend paramount by the state you know why i say this you have a nice
i’d take a package of anne’s and placed one on the bottom of the class so i said
armor what’s the idea and i said welding pricey the yes but has the right idea because everybody wants go free protection for voter offense sooner or later ends up with bands america’s most popular chlorophyll
tablets he and and the s and score built up with stop trouble all all all all guard against triple all holders of body over suppress
over a pet stuff for free all of the same time keep you pressures of a sea all day all
over it’s amazing but one of two tiny and stuff but still
they are all you need to stop triple bowl bands are really affected logo that was
a problem with that favorite comedy for over the advice on our den starring
marie wilson is our month meant that there was a dead end steve there’s quickly they figure out indication i get that
work today honey bachelor systems of shorthand the fifth
men in the great why do you have to prevent the further your macpherson’s augiecrazy thank you all right what fishing trip fierce air as your attorney i wish to
advise you that you must may x regrets twelve missing bottles what’s the explore senses only alone rachael what is regret twelve missing bottles one of the church after we lost the case um… life do i think you better take it from here all right to you but he said that it gets old fed up with being a stenographer i mean it’s perfectly normal most people
would like to change jobs you must remember that so if that’s the
only other fellas now i whatsoever that’s tonight at the end of the kind of
dr seventy five how do you want to use there is no
escape was always marriage i’m sarah aphrodite humari out you just
be working under different names third money maybe take a bomb approach to work it’s not to say that i do think that it
was a six hour plus now now i guess i mean bridging ideas start date secretary well if i happen to know that working
girls only escape his marriage so i’m content to work weights and wayne and waited and wait leader died away or do you do dat before your hair out menu waves and
weight playing argued that the other way up the
quicktime jab at first chance i’ve given our support for the country of professor trip option carlos to what truly throughout the
province for the live wild the other the show’s story for you problems that seriously with a little
job at the top of the electrical store for them victory over the state of the files and
smelling salts five will say services or other kinds of
different on that’s wonderful professor did you get a
ride school i got a better job right through
to duty fuel but i’m not playing for these people at the peer to peer out
there dot sooner that’s just what’s so will go for part of the vote
vote too a bunch of louisville the running around
the practically nothing two months leaving behind a base for my country and
that the the or from the expression on the saxophone
players plays one on what’s going on the me corporate really start so glamorous you’ve called this
lab mein we’re gold called ritual pots cure both consider them out there uh… remembers the little boy people
for my over all the problems with small one slash friends that there should only when
three fear you play know my father sold i have
work duoc about even then i love music unlike
at the home and was the result for their mitsubishi do you prefer are you having a glamorous job market
houston opera for it’s you and you mind you have professor refuses to listen to me but
you get rid of advice or even on my feet receipt of the the setlist for all the glucose is not
gold yeah i know that this issue how do you know i had to watch out there
in the appraised the novelli list of what i mean in terms of
their old say more before you leave wetlands that got to do with it nothing business saying for paul jumpers do providing remote group above are true to
the future messaging the professor’s changing this chapel
add-on follow honey the professor happens to be a talented musician who
want decide to secretary could you be can be a model house as i have nicely its finally happening that you know i got them for my mother well they’re not my brother’s legs
everybody has around him the i think you better status where you are
encounter blessing spoon comment o_j_ trying to get to do morality evers fusion if you have made a restaurant planned
for me they will not work deliberately has stumbled and got so far you could be where the old ones because
so alag ori triangle the newspapers in my soul loan i will not taken awfully cute they’re
canfield at you ride in the mood to swing that big deal
of work um… not another thing what is it this time alkylene stilt son
muchos and selling them for and tables the nothin so wire this one can’t miss with mexican jumping beans in paint a
flower so the paintings hotel over by the but do cal wonderful it was that it dot com uh… i better leave before i blow my
divided sofa set so that they t_l_c_ leggett enough i’ve been feeling
so blue grants or words to pressure you
truthfully if it were the first is made for you somethin room concept i did my job
itself and not it’s chicken is just temporary after we’re married will go on our honeymoon then we come
back you can look for something else allow is getting on my nerves high peak
hours than forgetting to put the paper in the typewriter do it should be up close and having a man
of police cars a letter will follow the on have missed over physical platform anything about i think that’s too bad i certainly will
right away which article in the professor
wilkes-barre rehearsal he wants me to pick up another brody’s room to bring it
back stage at the theater paul anything for the professor taken show we take a
taxi oracle weight all plus a cough all right now forensic on chicken i think we’ll have to walk okay now has only thirty five blocks cad poking taken is the state interests yeah i was the first time i’ve ever been
backstage streak cited well alive it must be a i have to be stuck with a close to
divert the jobs are well let’s live to configure added now going to get a progress report on
the way down here what do you think you’re going sister
went looking for professor provided that i want you to his boss wants allow the
show is on the great card only the magician is
doing is that would you mind if i want to nong come over here at the kind of the
week he stopped drinking what do you talk in a police found fifty
thousand bacteria have a better once alone the assistant last days the country estimated they got the carpet
already it out with a fantastic that you have to
scratch your back on my right from the that the trustee and birkenhead so yet but we’ve got a sauna tomorrow night summaryplot wise so i have read about it
with the with the sources six-packs people would you despite a professor capac prayer for you with happened there thomas did not occur but i’ll eat it said i would write rivers’ show business
what but that’s a good day that’s all you have to say good bad so i
just wanted to be so you would have frankie what’s wrong something mark life uh… races there that are really sorry
references trick you get eighty bucks a week of expenses
pick the groundwork because the lights read everything to be sold and i have
with the great photo look what it’s like tomorrow night
c_r_a_ rock for right so you think if you’ll be alright show
several recareered sherbet great to see you tomorrow at seven six three forthright salad how you when you get this part of
professor provided i like am i right about your business huh which amounted to a more wonderful thing
capitalism of course a few weirdest lover mia
farrow artillery do when you talk about shortly system it’s not what do you mean check just got a job with a greek i dot e is this a new level yevgeny dollars a week expenses for a high level approval is certainly a liberal i never wanted to keep esplanade repeat
job working for that lawyer-client anyway from now on certain here on your own you know that i work for me affect and gonna be he’ll manage she no longer chick and believe me this is only the stock they saw unit then additionally ability april ninety
sec and then you get when you got the stuff they shoot out of accounting and his followers ball or or all guard against cripple all lets listeners of and talks
to his buddies can you give me really effective
protection against a vocal orders of breath orders of body in order
of france i’ve never found any old-fashioned
delivered that could take care of all three yes and chlorophyll tablet stop
all three of the same time stop triple all it’s the new safe and pleasant way to
the state preciosa daisy all over all day long but how about these cheaper
chewing gum ur cabbie products they contain coralville to but mafia any off
of knowing where does the label st paul much chlorophyll a content you right now i’ll look at the ends
label it states very clearly that bans contain one hundred milligrams of tara
toll chlorophyll awfully effective those that’s why only one or two with evan’s
tablets a day stop triple old stop all three over a fence is all day
long old although all guard again triple all october expect such long
lasting results against report from cheaper chewing gum or can be
substitutes for contains so little chlorophyll and so it’s all thank you because they start acting instantly
inside the body will voters began soul for pennies a day you get pam’s
longer-lasting protection they are pleasant tasting and safe as
any garden vegetables get the end and the s fans for both of us and be sure you’ll
stop purple all trial site or reported i incentive dot
coms everywhere larger sizes even more economical the well i don’t know what happened last
night but i’m a certainly acting strange this morning she’s standing in front of
the mera making faces she’s laugh off fastest trying at fast saying regards ashish jain jump off a one-way do she didn’t make it hello i don’t know what the world are you
doing interfere with my career every year here we go out gets here you’ll find out please don’t interrupt start not to be that is the answer i may have asked how many times what is
this all about black anti-aging you’ll find out what now gets here yall got to
country o_j_’s how yet well this year the nose just think it’s in the deadly jane chicken is going on the state um… killers easy don’t you’ll be a skeptic jail
attorney this goes on natural there’s no telling what but always going
to go i got an idea why is this all about ur i don’t talk to me gene talked to my manager managing now let me signed a contract with him
last night out contract with ad austin and it’s perfectly legal it’s one
of those regular contact it sure people have versus not make now now just a minute kids that we get this
straight you mean that uh… my is really going on the stage that’s really
what what about a job there she’s quit yes gene you know how i hate that job
pearson you know sex then listen al arm is not going to leverage ab until she
has won a take its place she’s got another job i tell you seize on this day killing whites powerfully well what can you tell can you saying
paul can you get so top all prompting mounting a balance of all
of the indian knows allied demand out what she’s going to
build this to you he’s gonna do with their thoughts its clients please let me tell no as your manager
have a few december’s romaine i insist on knowledge in all week early is making
a devoted owner if you want to see it will tell you the
time and place but not until we’re ready now if you promise not to be dropped chicken and me have business to discuss by all means ecstasy now look first of all chicken animal
peterson is not a state gotta have something catch lamps always like baubles most of them with more clients let’s see if there was sandra bernhardt maiden switch it around yeah you you make a term of heartburn
very discreet never mind the cracks j would like to get something continental
parisians you got a french dictionary chicken all
i have is a bottle of perfume bonnie c here manager only cologne that’s kinda clancy but began and no one could say the act smell down planted by yourself audio sure that they could save from hunger developed i can be applied this any
longer i’m going out to be richard act you know you coming to my baby are my honey i don’t know what you and
your so-called manager option but if you wanna make a spectacle of yourself now
don’t ask me to have any part of it by kids whether envious date and immigration a tone of what i’m doing known chicken she only laugh at you she wouldn’t see that this is just a
stepping stone to bigger thing we’ve become inured you for sexual overflowing that you got a job that you
could come for me is going to sort you and have hope rivers are so excited i was only
the beginning as outsiders but i think that painting is just getting started in show
business if you’ve got the ethical ambitions all
i can see would love to you my darling good-bye
hope u field of falter here half of my protege thanks processes hey maybe you can help us we’re trying
to find a theatrical named for orbit unions are but my favorite foods from other themselves for start date exploitation
possibilities pictures just hear them saying ladies
and gentlemen today free preview of tomorrow delivery stay one knoll professor they don’t have some queue naja i got it figured activity a lot of punch cattle prods than to take a great dramatic actress margaret sullivan regatta margaret o’brien slogan come outside yeah well articulated by the name later
the main thing is for you to make a big hit tonight sierra are still g_o_p_ nervous come out to stop it i think and it’s in my wagon do you have taken that’s just a pep talk and i thought you’d never get here let jeff it was terrible that you did
you get to see a tickets all that’s what i want to ask you about we have a choice three trivialize truck from out of the
fears of state which would you prefer what’s the matter it’s it’s rediculous
it seems just recently talked about it is hard to see what what about our mark naa guests she’s appearing on this day somewhere
tonight out wouldn’t tell me where onstage with a sermon have talent well all i can tell you about hamas
talent is that i once heard as saying there’s an awful lot of coffee in brazil
it kept me awake tonight’s did what was she doing onstage item now which is
that’s what frightens me suggestion or something i feel kind of
guilty you know i’ve always been there when she
needed me and i’ve got a feeling tonight it’s going to be double in spades jane
if you don’t know where she’s fearing you can’t do anything about it
well at the top of fasica five can you put down all fracture ample about the waste in the evening and
some broken down and i said by much arab leaders make a
fool of herself you think i do a thing like that might be out of mind well here i am out of my mind at division theater content i describe this place well you
know they say that but that is dead if that’s true this must be the
graveyard richard and i think i’m silly richard bliss immediately think susan
opening night and he insists upon being shoveled means he has a bouquet of
flowers in the sand in this respect he’s a little different
than the rest of the audience there are carrying vegetables i still don’t know what i was going to
do the man and the last act is now going on uh… allocated one day one rifle range five bellview babysitter today all right let’s think aerosols executed for broaden the wallet moderates are not babies and everybody
or object rupees many people who think that is the way my
fitness always three right but i think it was a real live person tightly pure would p_c_r_ radiated out it down fiercer pad the and then there are already suggested
that who saw obviously they did have lalit niamh birmingham a grandmother
this is one story and miss never tell my grandchildren they think they’re already has written a
bottle valhalla it’s happening right before my
unbelieving eyes carla is stretched out in a big black box her head sticking out
of one and eight feet out of the other and now the grade by dhoni is stalling
her burma’s blowing kisses that the audience
with a head ashes looking at it feeds she wants to see how the other half
lives doubt it out good manager that he is a standing
proudly in the wings with shilpa at roads for i’m one regular length in the other short
just in case it doesn’t work dot family doesn’t want to catch a college
enough backtracking on a size on now armagh is kidney it’s almost beat a
cleaner paddling is glaring at it i had a strange feeling that she doesn’t
stop giggling khaitan is going to get his artistic integrity and we go to work
on her and i don’t know now we take a spanish karma in central
parts the great flood tony is standing center
stage of the soft money is over his head he speaks really excited about for all practical purposes this
witnesses saw appeared to have three categories jitendra me she cannot speak that’s right bronx life me well has been up to ruin khaitan exact amma
has stepped out at the box to take up although i’ve never seen cardone exactly
four i’m sure this is a new finish tonight because he’s completely forgot
the audience and he’s chasing arm around the stage with the soft come on richard
come on one of the pcs enough to would be a
little tough to take a minute to turn to get to the backstage that’s way way just
a second laid out of our way with friends of the star peterson uh… followed genial hi like you to do with this phil you haven’t buddiers with the well though i didn’t think that that is chasing the
saudi give you a ratings which i but i wasn’t part of my job this look like there’s a
good laid and start now law firm of houston you are going to go
home in europe and writing your will contemplate remains to not work for five hundred times insure sort will be able to read it back at about it it will be back in a moment but first all all all guard against triple all at the resolve the issue in a scientific over test eight out of
ten men and women stop thought definitely reduced triple all dop daughter abadi stopped all-girls
prep job and a m executive secretaries clerks
even factory workers of one hundred ten degree heat talk ems chlorophyll tablets
results from hundreds and hundreds of examinations were astounding working inside the body of work orders
begin ends actually prevented on pleasing orders from forming all three older offenses all all all guard against preval all yes their scientific friends really stop triple all p_p_o_ preciosa daisy all over all day
long you’ll get more complete longer-lasting
protection against purple all then from any old-fashioned body deal drug
toothpaste soap mall watch and hands are so easy to use and safe there’s any
green vegetable present a sting and contain one hundred milligrams hopefully
effective dose of bharat all coralville beware of cheaper chewing gum while can
be substitutes that contained so little coralville or that the other state uh…
chlorophyll content on the label war all all guard against preval all just insist on and squirrel built up
with that’s me and and the ads and struggled
size only forty nine cents larger sizes even more economical earlier all laila events bagged a job i think she’s
gotten over her stage ambitions but i haven’t gotten over the way she lets
alligator into these things are not one did you have one and no one thing how
could you have fallen tier two section dangerous job what infants off had slept it’s protected out about double
indemnity psychic collectible there but well intense dot if happen no matter how
you slice it is still my friend drive in the directed by brian griffin’s family out had withdrawn to produce rewrote some a starter sermon capitalist
jane a part of our played by john brown its primary concern of professional park
and and my parents and and richard music was under the direction on
obfuscate fire looking ours rwanda repair works
pretty well covered for active doll so don’t take chances when i was a red
weary from lack of sleep lawyer driving gap i a team to swooping brought to me
dr all the way that tired i’m feeling of ones hygiene is like a prescription contains
lexical acts as a product for the eyes gentle to get by g_e_ why he g_e_ and he
tonight usability for private practice bar trial site on the twenty five cents
largest size is even more economical idea netbook others everywhere be with us next sunday at this time what
adams america’s most popular were killed at least again renewal of my brenda
burma photos of with throwing mud from iran the here

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