My Friend Irma: Lucky Couple Contest / The Book Crook / The Lonely Hearts Club

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all controversial subject to a little more intelligent and all-woman pain stacy i like to stick up for us
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that point to madam curie cleantech sorry ed delegate contrary i think i’m doing alright until the
opposition nods knowingly in the direction of verma pedersen n and separate the ball game is over am please don’t misunderstand me i love
them peterson at that time syringe well questions last night i was reading
a book she read it through once and then i
noticed that you started on the back pages seem to be reading toward the
front uh… eight hasn’t changed if you read that book two lines what daddy arena backwards well i want
to be fair after all like to sites every story do it’s not done everything and i’m sure
that on this lovely saturday afternoon it’s not going to be any day backgrounds to me and i think last difficult hello spots are passed by you do today almost say and g_a_o_ acrobatic instead why anyone canadian-style orchestra
classic he wants to get away there actually endorsed by united states and
pronto attack bridges chapel in washington d do today what you wanna meet me ilac how about what six i get adequate that police status factories cash nautilus however are you still lost nonna miami at one i’d sure ek headed back out to is it’s easy to say catalog casually at alisha and a few
minutes on carolina pot all of our lord owen did you know your life a officer just on my girlfriend about
you well last night they say better cause now the lights great you know i’m actually just keep out of
this time boyfriend girlfriend unit well so i just walked color when the
shopping alright jamie logged it isn’t that cute together
making an out of snow in other times i think a man i’m in love
with is made out of same material poet in you just got the blues because
they didn’t have to propose gene i guess so medina i don’t think you’re handling in
right i think we could meet in competition something to make you jealous or some other girls to go out with it
but then you’ll see how much that you are
going to have a caller sweetie i’ve already used more to it and would be is not good girl can delete a man’s
world that’s what they say you know sometimes i feel like this i
wish i was born a man not me i wouldn’t want to be born man fredrickson still inventing without do our man don’t be ridiculous viewed as an open hall i’ve been down there there’s
nothing to say the down planning look at that window isn’t it beautiful
bridled at yeah very loud combo waiting that you need fueling a beautiful been that don’t know when they were certainly
lucky pharmacies tested them in always cannot be delivered another doing
and you know i did anything in the world to be a bird legal panel well managed and and dating medically at
the bridal i can tell that expression on her face
that she’s teaching herself on her wedding day jesus beaming with pride must be standing at the altar with
danielle now she shaking head up and down must be
saying i do now now is a flyer knows now she keeps getting her finger for the
wedding day and she’s holding it up and admiring i know what kind of a wedding that can
be done about david jordan i say corona corona
in straight yeah i hate to interrupt your day dreams
that we’ve got to be getting along breaking that first i’d like to put a
deposit on that bridal gown in somalia times and i told you a bridal
gun is the last thing girl has to worry about their low yes the first thing is a
man burton rickety amber height i have at
all well now you have now your car bright color their weddings
reporting something all something new something borrowed something blue in this you are having a it and something on imploring behen you don’t want capital and can give you
time to go with a hollow but listen said uh… burning chair of
the graduating vacuum cleaner dishes username begins now could never make it on his
unemployment check and far come online establish them to you said to have lunch i’m going to be in all made unwinnable died lore also met your and argue it out to do some shopping i mean you’re alone value-added along the border and there
is no one with me captured on the radio print company internet you’d satellite aids have you ever wished you might be a
bribery has earned him do it and this program is going to make it
possible to sound like a girl the evaporating she’ll have any at honeymoon
cottage manager a refrigerator a backyard
cleaner a washing machine asserts at all he has a complete set of basic then i
think it was not aware and i listened carefully and i’ll tell you how you can
participate in our show you have a pencil ready is a confidence that are
fucking pat you know what you don’t have to do is
write a letter to the station estate in twenty-five what it’s all as
quite a lot of a private very simple just twenty five words beginning i want
to be a bright because i want to be a briny crime please understand this is
not a contest we really saw like a six most
interesting letters in our studio audience will then do it but lucky
couple please mail letters to lucky couple so
until next week this is pretty flat saying wedding bells to your wild and i
tell me hill hall wannabe in brighton beach parsippany edited only meet referred to compile q poem
about a legal purpose and why do you think brought my room is still dog i
keep rolling over everything and why did you turn the light i can’t stand the sight of that played doing and live jamia overseas out noble
professor i’m so excited can you give me twenty five words slackers did you get
married no but they got plenty of words about
why you shouldn’t it is all about that when i had to write a letter unlike india ninety carson letter
gregory regulator furniture vacuum cleaner everything to make the house predict and power will be a husband it really use your corporate said it would you
help me write leading helping into you are wants married what do you get
married weakness in my generation new volume and
see that when there’s something that made you
feel wonderful in twenty-five weren’t lisanova darling beat my wife twenty
five words we’ve got the bleeding spill do you know she won’t stop talking for
five seconds we all thought she had lot joke alone i i think you have to be accessory
to this time decided to get back to my room i’m
having to fight witnesses all i would let them out fight all the deadline to my room with
bigger dogs recibir about she wants to charge me
extra programming it can work on the defiantly like you had pretty good luck i want to be in briny cars because it’s the only way for girl to be
married unhe now i want to be a bride because that’s all girl has to look forward to
and i’ve been looking so long night to hide retired old shift f twenty six words i’d like to guess what i’m uh… lexie highlighted driver highlighted here man i want to be done but i don’t want
anyone to go but i don’t use up all this paper i want to get my stationary both filling would you give us your program called
lucky couple yeah do you mean the one in which you write
and why you want to be a bride and twenty five words if you’re lucky couple
a furnish your home phone is left in all of you know i’m not good at it would you like the letter for me ideally we think it’s al got all those
things he’d married crawlers it would be very interesting to find out
what allah deliveries backs were against along head okay so you know i have write a letter
for you know a gmail grow ever had a better for you know and i’ll get alan would not making him a
wonderful dinner tonight my mind all the way to a man’s heart is
silly stomach but are you sure you know the road i think we are you you’re very seldom
crock why not but i think this is a kind of startin ivy memorizing a recipe i’m going to start right now and i’d
like to apply to the navy and once we have here there under the audio setting where and outlet manage suggest any ship best
dinner and that ever cooked and i must say i am positive lease speechless not only did i am a look at your
apartment she made a d_n_a_ that was fucking aidid like a king yahoo can alleviate but she remove the original prophecies
and replace them with a slips of paper which made if you don’t get married right away you’ll drop dead do lifecycle can’t bet on them but she can get out of the americas
where any other way it’s ok by me i’ll be happy to write a letter she can
say the word yelstin allies simply must tell you that
that was the most delicious dinner i’ve ever written right now all the best for
thank you ralph i’m glad to hear you say that because i
realized how important cooking at the marriage you see happening people eat right mikey single people because there’s two
of them ended in a minute and we’ll be joined by peter this dinner so i propose yes now world trick and i don’t think that’s
been around here they should at least to be given the
right to choose my blue what do you mean now without any guy about to walk the
last mile always has the right the pig is on many of the do castellani added sent it may be slim but it’s a chance for you
are a man to win a lot of things necessary information hall well i’m gonna write a letter for
earning twenty five words why she wants to be a bride and send it to the lucky
couple programs can be done what would you write about i mean actually write but it was to be a
bright because he’s not a nice guy amanda sterling character gentleman deep
thinker personally i would be given to me
justice in twenty-five work dude if she does when would you go through
with it you know jane if you work at the time
and richard are you doing are you with a married ten years ago no have you ever wondered are my wife
and i want to see her happy at what he said well put midnight that there’s only one
moving the tries to pull out wells bled theologian pap got a problem herman i go in on the radio program mother joan i did pays to be a good
doubt is is called the lucky couple program dedicated to make him happy marriage joel one s de a personal question what
do you think of memory for for name you’ll ever do you think it’s a
wonderful easter tuition do you think it’s well and it’s the best pic or your wife is certainly eleven he
sends her regards to whom he gadget you know goodnight names no help you track
them simple plus out what you say okay you write the letter and i’ll go
through with it there’s not just can’t right around two hundred
twenty-five where did you make a little chance nice i know his name i said oh agent what our and that’s been going
through since then ever early-warning arm has been running
downstairs to meet the mail she brings them little cookies work-family validator asking to be any
socks that you’ve done and happen she wakes by the fall once the power and the same time the
mailman not to disclose his arm ever came to doing a split dude has just been going on for days and i
don’t think i can’t make it much longer hotmail years do you want but i don’t you just
forget about that lucky couple program actually but if you want you would’ve
been notified by novel nexium clears refrigerators washing
machines recovered on and make children to davis
spent all i can hardware stores any boarded at gmail we would expect you’re
going hired taken if you had gurus treatment program around i guess we just not the kind of
people get things easy we can only get them by working for them
chicken or beef dishes down maybe maybe the medicaid road
wasn’t good enough alison out an exception gentleman out of you and that
letter your own family would take you back delivery news let’s not spilled milk on
each other and date your movie of picture can get your armor-piercing yeah highlights for you and hello yes this is a refusal orangutans market couple program or think you’re when are we like letter yes or share a prettier studio and believe me i’m so happy out how i
pretty thin darkness could you advertised plunged imply jacob we get it hey you know it’ll be kind of nice to
you know now this and you haven’t won yet you
still have to appear on the program complete with a five other couples you
know i’ve other couples valley ask its
questions and i’m not where you are you know what
to do anything regency i think i’m interested when he didn’t
have any money holiday is another pat everyone wearing on how
to get immediate so perhaps but worded carlo reach a lot of credit
anti-hero armor route by you have to look at
excited ran out of indiana lucky couple radio programs that you know where the
winners receive the house completely promotional yes i’ve heard it many times
i bet if you’re in jail and i’m your win yes i suppose i don’t see any one minor
in you cameraman would be a big and even in your sleep
and i don’t and in tax-deductible given value and albee lady had had had retaken
we’ve got a harry truman who would listen it speaking and which always television and
then i’d be interested in i would mean a rigorous uh… out that again i never mind and i am yeah i think i can
say is good luck i mean will be sitting here pulling for you ranks to gain a
month ago take my own baby who knows pretty soon you may be forward hahaha here at one a couple to making out on
worry about them chicken will be caught in the studio next now we can make a good impression so we
get the most applause route modern urban centers control yourself an
answer the question reviews yams and ask your age use a twenty-two one each year
and i wanna know how many children we would like you say priya warren through role right now est e one you picked me to be a husband we’ve got a letter downplay because they
like it romantic relation logo houston i got the habits of lincoln john mckenzie northern smiled more leisure and i’ve built like an ox deluded that your account another man it you know i cannot guarantee therapy alright both governor steadily areas now eulogized prevalent extra what
demographic clicking we can make a lot of them are
money should hear everything r_j_ outbox and acts like a couple yes i see your name is are about the
deficit here for the after all they rowly fifty million
people listening to radio not carry that gentleman at your side
how many children would you like to add twenty-two hot everything just take your time this because basket
real or question s tell our audience while you were
selected this young man is the man head of your tree yet paprika happened out there catalytic do hot f canonize an extra ten twenty minutes ago
reply fast untaxed contestants plate and you’d uh… are for uh… when she tried so hard but
antarctic knows there my gets excited on heaven and happy girl on my hands
tonight uh… negotiating coming up the street
no right now it’s an anathema follows
walking on the inside at standard well-entrenched here at some way but the radio on how to get a newsweek and not wait it out of web or a pot of
cash feature if you are or what we call your phone number all you have to do with answer the phone
and we can’t you know catapulted dollars start dot but we all the perspectives
haha peterson i’d worry herdahl architects asap yeah a clown i thought i was a radio
show doing and i don’t want me once and i don’t do it again i would have been a
good night well i’m sorry what is miss peterson sorry you were dead and you know even when she is there’s
nobody home do when you’re dealing with my friend armor lever brothers company a maker of the
four on the tho with the explosive hoover greenville and present the why and barrier that i have every right that
they landfills have and uh… that and of have some of god have god an hour wind they uh… and five that
one has anything selling it however if you will make that that like lively that they are right traffic
jam after all it would be the wives should
be sufficient tries to give a man happens to be harm
the fetus and brother that this an upward medicine now please understand me needing safety i love it not go along with allison d yeah i have a telling them about the
lovely unified at my favorite on everybody the same day don’t bother me after living with her and i wanted them
to feel like a handball court things just bounce off exactly came today to celebrate hindsight feels that it’s been a yasir
arafat cause it’s a luxury and i are both working and i think they
have a vietnamese to paint mine you know that i make a payment on the
panel today and on the nineteenth of every month they’ll have worked out of five out there just isn’t that as well police work of our home from the office that quotes buses not mine i got involved with anything sent them postmarked before inside of fund-raising loan happens once in awhile all he has to be called me a bone account since i was not in my life she
has details about the possibility that happen itself not doubt that this judge not your evening near a private secretary of on the plane
unknown multiplied dolly’s yelling at me telling
me i don’t know my work flat financing the files and i run out
of yes i have not been minimalist d_o_d_ producer hai what raghav do aswell you know the morning minority wasteful uh… wait a minute sweets knew that was skating on thin ice right
now we just saw that the other payments to be maddening one lifetime i looked like that and talked to a
family thing i know i mean i don’t believe me collide society inmate gotten solid with in salad with it not that i had i had like a rock alone dot honestly acrobat what the african
five and akka for and and i think everybody over here i have
no no i want a fifteen mr five please make a
brief this is the only chance i get to decipher what you’ve done all week by the way as long as you’re here
whether to file a letter of the smithson smith was black i have no trouble writing a letter to
liverpool i’m offended g no simple invested in the our system
liver is the first floor has what i want to repeat make gravy look at the g_ and now a what’s on your mind this visit all the things i do around a thousand
years you know i’ve talked to the client is you know i think that everything
reside in like the fact is that yell fire photographer of the house and hasn’t you left on him and i think it’s every
passing by when did you get the piano yesterday at
all safe night for the for her role lifelong and i always wanted one expenses that
will pay it off well you should have a lot of pleasure over this in the play as won t economically of the sound i can spot under the cm then we both live in center about
working about the high kidney uh… anywhere sela flaming places articulate last year at funny maybe some other day some other companies uh… term i want you ever learn organizers have decided this time i
think that we just bought a piano with payments need working uh… hall my graphic card for are uh fit uh… off hi honey uh… what a_t_f_ uh… don’t let it upset you can’t make
it work fell into doing the worst possible
things that long if you want to join the daughters of the
american revolution she gets off the overall it’s a sponsor well is there any way that i can be of
help now no novartis late now had bought the former that day i think my share the application are most effective papers in the hundred
dollar savings uh… only to florida i was just leaving acutely devised by not reactant because i was u_f_o_ to get himself i desperately
needed the money without again of the doubt that we can
sell we can make a stand on its anticipated that adjusted members if you have a hundred
dollars that anup you have a hundred dollars in the bank from a while you’re looking at the
ceiling laptops side and it does not like to get
back alone miss hanson you have a hundred dollars in the bank the allegheny lebanon valentine day if it was like uh… booklet they did not do this accident next week
at the number one platforms at least option collective myself in all over thirteen thousand five and they’re very carpet india posture i know that that’s why you’ve heard the
dog i don’t understand uh… different not fly by possibly find look on anything out of the family in a week alarming you didn’t spend a hundred
dollars on ahl the pacifica talk alot baby a bit about my food little
sandals one with it delay and the other middle class the
week and do your little joke that the stove in
the hardware through copies of my my coming inside
the premises o’reilly she wants to rent plan to fight by me of differences at a few of the present for all the full
effect father to my room they feel free they know even above wouldn’t go in that
way professor we have lots of love both of them of them well you know the piano i did not receive your mind about
playing privacy that play something shot at being examined and be with us uh… like mom now is that they can spend every cent
she had on the phony carson self-improvement don’t drive to become the lazy fade away at the reserved for you returned the phone to get your money exactly what you’re gonna get app ended up dead today yet effective elements of uh… gut feeling guilty and sending going around saying that and if you’d like to see me hanging from
the lapd i never said that as expected over the charge that for for the
decorations the not knocking at your lovely needed at
the floor of the left hand side that i don’t think that after i had a terrible problem here is
not the job interest in every sense you have a safe self-improvement uh… redeployed here inside the court game plans are be manifested that and stuff critical to a man like that and cooksey let me let the fun that i live to excuse me i think these soldiers the wrongful yo-yo it doesn’t look like it’s been
preserved with the latest in people not perfect and i think that uh… the
bill developing goldman talk about the one you are going to be difficult
business retested acting like a guilty pleasure
out of it and hundred dollars especially of
efficacy outcome of the laughingstock neighborhood engane we don’t need to know what you
think well not having enough confidence in you
can come to see you and i get married off armada an overnight uh… you know that the only one who’s
working tho and now through these one thing niamh hai and not by bleeding lines of the bad bundling unit and ladies you’ll probably be thinking
through the swamp or melodic advice when you use light voting form fill for
dishes youbet because now with one you can have
passed a dishwashing and protection for your hand at the same time one is made with an exclusive super
screen plan for a wonderful new kind of set does that get your dishes washed uh… that went away so completely with
one hoffman your dishes never need dr yes once they do time but that’s not all once saved your hands to jurrasic telephones exclusive super
queensland leave them up with that think of it no more strong so their
strong so fathers that make your hands already rough now you can do a fact job with fewer
miles for because only one has this exclusive
super green blend four speed and mild missiles oh facing a probably come back with a
hundred dollars at that point i hope he gets it says that the payment
due on the piano i want to be at the keyboard playing
ballerina i left the fact that advanced office again yet not eleven hundred dollars optonline
escobar like mexican food mexican food yes because the police and
fire departments that these guys have been avoided uh… pared down two hundred i don’t know what i am any longer finally admitting that you know for a
year and everything you find that kind of that that with pleasure however undivided refrigerator without a motor that without it parts of the last line all right what about the time you might have five
thousand isola di day five planning to go idea a while he said it was a different classes and what kind of uh… dubai i don’t think anyone white well convalescent font eric will
be acknowledges that any animals have
gotten together since they walk in the knowledge dot pakistani sweetie honest i’m not trying
to fix on young polly hoping that by pointing out that process takes a while
since i fell upon them at that time what’s the use of parking and you have no job you have the money we
can meet the payments on the piano i haven’t been both i picked them up maybe in one uh… peek at the end of that connect it won’t
be good anyplace in town and i thought you count of hootie may be coming to the piano shell at night now yes london dot right ticket what did that dunnigan uh… out not that one of the deal plans at this time getting kapihl
campaigns and selling it for caviar no matter what you do you think that right now as ever going out of my mind you’ve got it done check in with us you can talk when you travel with my
future like that data workflow diagram on uh… of my life’s savings on the floor how to become a lady in the week he can help could you by the different client popular felt that way let me get caught because i’m a little how many guys you know come walking with
the other backward light a cigarette in front of a dome and
going out for a smoke call me when the news realism not taken you shouldn’t have booked this
book so what you pay for dollars turned it down this and i think you laid an egg again well with it well if the reader there’s only one man
who can help you welfare dot prop gotta find a job total fun if perot that’s fine when something brewer paloma does hunting do you remember the one five seven out
of your cousin willing asking the government governor for a problem there was no don’t be sought to get that
out one work i know he was both the right mafiosi since he left out there now forward among friends and your cell phone don’t want to help won’t forget it still government well it wasn’t don’t know if you can parfait burdened online i think the twilight that’s what i have a big within a month things out for a walk who’s in the
bedroom chrome well about a job if you think in a pretty hard well
that’s why i’ve got five years so i might have a job for a full amber and what they thought this is richard i
wanna talk to you so the good news with although it is a
definite but i just left the house and mothers having tea with powell
stuyvesant the editor of society magazine the employed any number of girls and i
thought i might pop them in the morning about employing you only a few years i think you can bet application we do not like that well may have a problem of the popular
fifteen there burma appalled at the site of the
morning and how to get in touch with you goodbye wonderful you’ve got nine he had taken my dog why
should we wait until tomorrow dot my before why don’t we drop in on this is my land
and not leave with the sizes of socially make a big differences might even get a better yeah now we’re
going back within that clearly doesn’t it with a with a conservative we will be different no thickened over fifty of them at least
you on the golf course he cockpit brain you got a hold of like the picture that
within five singers dancers society magazine has a
dr recent movements that maybe i ought to
read the book on the cause of death from swine okay jeffrey i know that i think the same looking at
all to you in a nutshell all right our i’m ready cell phones the funding crowds make
conversation of general interest all these people are high society so we
discussed if ever capitalizing also you’ve got a comment
if you are getting ready for the whole show got problem katie can we go right by the iron is hot if things go right to know you should
have a smile about a month s_e_c_ all right now met life with over the past well before the flight arrived as part
of it k on in before we leave you got everything
straight make general conversation uh… twenty seven points out lives in ok outreach help either lesson surprise innovator every year please five these issues ali three you look very lovely thank you know what you got me and i’ve never looking for a fact blanket ready for the wholesale yahoo now why don’t we address that delete my guess is the file dot off missus and i think the of life and why with your friends at the robot of over
the face well it landfall that fetuses table anaheim would like to be processed in this
society along i’d rather work my way up girls had a great sense of humor the hardly the kind ratify problem for him they kill earlier formatting safety many
of us isn’t final the life that i have to flip the you
know them well i have been habit lives into their
lives outlook you’re still interested everybody if he
is supposed to make a decision that it’ll be you can’t stop birthday agricultura picked up the might pop sevenoaks seven no problem if you fulfilled mind i’d like to feed
my pup hehe the fetus how can you make of the like that still formidable to have another nama decided not we have to make our pakai detectable design and uh… this is
about the political uh… healthy power life know about that individual performs a
great trip what was the top you change the format if they gave me
that doubles solitaire and plane flight uh… name and diversity thalidomide
anew society that might backed up by uh… yeah i don’t
want to have a lot within society candidate out if you have nothing like that but i know
i would like that talking about after if you don’t have that why not compound serving the athletes yap yap dot c_n_n_ knowledge of the population and i cannot explain briefly mrs private pharmacies are not an angry he’s now ideal agni what about the fact given a private lives in south africa
harvard club uh… with fitting the relief music at what i have a cockpit ad bag how clinton nineteen wearing nethin robin we want to do it away you know it’s like wal-mart you certainly cool uh… management not when you get a job
and i think that he had a back and how we pay out the other night pride you have to go to apply that practice anyway i don’t think they’re pretty good
morning last night and that tickets one
self-confident and fun that so i have to know why analyzed for himself in front of the
matter and they argued from inside the ugly
exactly how i finally did order but you’re so lucky infected downright beautiful that jacob
one’s soul that way free and wanted institute for queensland
wants a new kind of sudden they’re wonderful sure they whip up that’s the dishes with the way certain
recently judicious shining leaving bright and you like the way forms new kind of
subs runs away so completely your dishes never need dr and lady beautiful is the word for the weights
one lead right now using ones exclusive super-three land bluntly that and white police want to give you this lead and miles north combined because only if one has this exclusive
super creative plans it laptop uh… life refback on the same thing on working anissa ayala job decide fabricated uh… active i’m delighted that your insisted music
why do you practiced and a half there’s nothing i can take steps them live man my friend ever presented by one another
fine product of the grip of the company was five five hours tonight refers written by by howard
bartlett both next on the evening that they can
do my starting very well could have ever and
heavy lifting part of her better provide them with
played by on thundering wrangling with leading line ripe and everything union building rely on crime feel that there’s a reason why fries the
case make you wonder fry has an amazing taken for overseas
trip privacy or spry workable way and they
said no lighter fire richard takes every time no other type of shortening that bride
take him for over six yrs ordeal take making success rely on fraud
your all vegetables prior with casey approver rely on f_a_a_ online definitely one hour earlier and listen
to the left radio theatre immediately followed by my friend and i this is deviantwear ninety nine million
people gather every week the columbia broadcasting system lever brothers company makers of swung
the so with the explosive super creamed by and presents their made why are you
with mind and anna daren where it was another man and i
will have the mansion gone too far replanted plan on the plot donna uh… prog under the no really when i came to me like that and
the landlord wasn’t bad but the file and i was
talking about uh… right then and and i decided to find a
roommate that’s how i have to be living without a
face nine f_m_ anita you know the conversation made more
sense i was talking to myself this is that there is a guy said it does wall brackets give us enough
light worried by richa aramis and probably have to have to get
what if we wanna play generally do these things i never answer i just could
send them back and boarding house living alone artist any minors i pick up a newspaper
and read yes m what are you doing with the newspaper read it yes im what are you reading always just an article on psychology as
applied to marriage law must be wonderful psychology no marriage do working for eight crisis a series of questions designed to
see if the girl in the manager tries to suited for each other was not unusual noone said well in our lives for
themselves but you have asked me any questions and we don’t buy new well i a m is much like than that this output that is the problem of
compatibility with scientific introspection well that’s nice but i saying learn something about an inspection but
i didn’t get a lot life blessed us to get the whole thing on
only increased we really need some the question because i think they worried about how a and i’ll get a
long after we’re married uh… form are you still thinking
seriously of marrying that unemployed motu welcoming building on loving every since i’ve known and i’ve been in
a trains i’ll come now you have not in that long
do hygiene well everybody you know if you’re really
worried about how the two of you know that along to try this test and you sell
or i want to gene please read it in the arts lady honesty menu intend to marry keep appointments
is he punctual kilowatt hours in line for then implanted jackie before the
offices opened do mark down one one is there a type of man you would ever be
ashamed to be safely not because we never go anyplace now in our money if you want to take this chance now
you’ve got to be honest with yourself now what are your friends think of add
we’re likely right get new friends while you may give yourself as a role in
that plan dislikes good i’m getting zeros again dude at work the next question jane add to
the two of you like to participate in sports like swimming and can we see on
my back now fifty pinball machine historic do and that they can see a yes and you may
have to spread out the ul progress so far you see you on our barry
little in common psychologically speaking there must be something that
attractiveness to each other i know what attracted out you know what
you’ve got a job right now and then disprove it yourself
not answer the questions they have here feel like games yes does your boyfriend
know if you like to go to the they yes as your bike only when he has a past where according to this psychological
test the two of you just don’t click maybe you’re right jeanne it had in mind doubts too one even do about almir anymore and i’m
going to give me one march unions even if he will change your this is the
end last up to your one but didn’t funny taken alarm me dot around on kid and we were doing in the early morning here about my new
deal you will love it it’s a return form non-aligned copy so after a day at the practice still got
something to eat and found better hi can i say if u mind you have anything
in common with this man get with it milne bay into a monthly hal i would like to go to the here tonight
would you please eastgate me taken by the sudden request al it’s very
important for us to see you on iron psychological cases there we’re talking about it and powell please take needed theater what to do one thing we just a few
months old friend discuss world politics aline fifty taking to the theater but honey i haven’t got a plan i got a big dormant and the clinton peppering the fire
escape he went are weighing head ticket you what’s happening with my
principles values that we have nothing in common we might as well basic you are
not even scientific inspection do we’re not embossed apple do what you mean compatible arguments what i mean we’re just not
meant for each other she could be moved yes now i was just consider this experiencing
interlude a motel on the highway light do continue removed at without applying
duty and i think we should ripka legally i don’t know what to say but if you think you’ll find more
happens with another is hearing day down bankstown here’s the pond take it for the one you
promise me do maybe you’ll change your mind somebody refined swell kit who will never forget do you could go up it i think it’s ask how long on here don’t feel said sweetie etc but you know if they were that would
work the alexander the worst is over now you must
not forget the means for the balance i know you’re right doing that i never had a man walk out on me before pastel you’d walk out on you know you
walked out yes sir but burned unallocated don’t carry on so you know
you’re really an inevitable position you have the whole world before you get
a foot loosen and victory footloose and fancy free now come on you’ve got a sears has had a
smile primarily a laugh coca-cola do at my what that filming the profession compunction well what did you never know my food
would you draw pongal one completed one of you piece of our
ministry and plan their you’re little do appear picked up
in the police the hood what’s new we’ll but was then the workflows their the it really derina our professor alan and i have parted and and she’s
trying to be gay or so it’s finally here i knew a good from the uh… don’t feel too badly and or i remember
when i broke up with that nagging wife of mine here about them from somebody else near palo maker happy no he made me happy he beat them up
everyday do i have from a little kid being pretty of them anima my little bit of time the about
the length of pay them pleasant things of life too paid at the room i live in state will back him my standard and their
income through the rule what do i think it will meet you well where else can a man go hunting and
swimming without getting out of that and a preyed on your phone now look at my before i go i want you to
remember mold say as states in primal faith nine well how
does that apply to it don’t get the slogan for payment yeah but they have a very old saying god it takes a heap of living to make a
whole world well i think i’ll go up to my home and clean
up that heat so i can live in what wanting i made a mistake other buying another man went down on
you made a decision and i don’t feel weakling yes you’re right you know i’m just going to look around for
someone to help the purple happy without coming back company a rate elaborates got a little surprised if a new member of my roommate jean hannah you mind if i take my suit dot then on
my feet are killing me if you don’t mind i think i’ll leave thematically re-engineered thinkgeek
applause do adam adn such qualities i’ll see you later honey oleg leave haiti together but that’s not important email my advice
to have a theory or everything waiting for him but david it’ll uh… amber with a beautiful family ye lakes here i get down ron we can only happiness in the world we are engaged in like just broke up now black that with don that payment if you want ela slightly below maker club lonely hearts
courts stoplight over that plant life practically confident you may give you
one thing and if you’re not he liked me they
telnet cryptic t nor did i mean i think that a number of
i looked at her like theory now do you think the name date at convict well and that that might be now but eighty
four antonio both like to a box we don’t even
know where you i think that he even got a try theory don’t wait mailto inflation is calm and you don’t know
what’s get plenty late-night they can on camera conduit anything to meet some new found
idea kitni theory what would be wonderful if my husband
and i ran into out sunday and i can say all congratulate me i this is not a part i sorry ladies would you like to have a luxurious mink
coat well then find out about the exciting
lever brothers one hundred thousand dollar for a convent hello although johnnie how would you like to have a real mean
perot i’m not kidding around get one by winter when i believe a
brother farrakhan said all you do it for one night one now lap
make lifetime itself life warned wind powered fried how long the group led by the white each week for five
weeks and we can hear it many times and we
want to well i have two bags turn on your radio right now and you’ll
hear more about it there are one thousand six hundred and
forty-five prizes at all three hundred and twenty nine each week
in this one hundred thousand dollar contest each week the following prizes will be
awarded one gorges three thousand dollar mako three one thousand dollar per goals five smart five hundred dollar per
jacket as well as many other prizes all valuable for and k and ladies you may choose your own codec
your favorite store when you win you can have the cash all here are the rules in twenty five
words or less telll why you like any of these six leader project ones so much producto like warrior reinforced
fraud and quote the reference boxed up from
one of them procurement of the press and the name and address of your dealer
he will help you also be sure to get your entry blanks
from him it will give you all the information you need made your entries to revert for contest box one new york eight the show to get your everybody from your
dealer tomorrow that address lever brothers company for a contest box one new york a youu may when a large areas for a court
or cash so start writing your letters tonight by well it has enrolled in the lonely hearts
club high-speed it but i suppose it was but
not for andrew it’s got it’s good enough okay she has a number seventy five that’s gotta be worried about a number she’s afraid she signed a letter
seventy-five she won’t get a man under eighteen last night of the number has no personal
significance and right now are in his writing her first letter to the club
it’ll be folded into some unknown men to whom it may concern i am a lonely girl my heart is broken who have been wanting more and more only
and nice legs and would like to meet a man in the same condition doubts now what’s wrong flout u_n_ you put all your eggs in that basket but
they scrambled development helplessly all right gene
good there’s sir high and twenty-two years
old blonde considered attracted and quite lovely i said i’d very much to make the claims
of the gentleman who is also lonely best wishes and all my love seventy five yes this is nothing to do with my age
right now now if we can’t just decided sincerely
number seventy five writing that do you think i should spread a little perfume
that you know the bottle albany and i have smell that perfume finale keith man away but also
mosquitoes alone nominee just mail is everything alright jamie v care of your early on thomas’s are adding you think i
think it’s good for you at night i think you need it peaked but it says
billy pots given the envelope adapter that don’t understand what about
you and invade broke up uh… where they lay down and don’t feel
too badly happy to go on honey glad read a letter from the lonely hearts club on
tuesday asking for alright seventy-five an answer to your letter artillery what can we do about it read through it through or do you have to work at the numbers
miami wonderful haven’t been italy i don’t buy usally one poker three
reason apparent izapata both and life final end of the billboard jumping to
conclusions ldv dismemberment governance exotic nagging bayonets and so quickly film you do home of the world why do you look so happy and i have a
new fair use google ambivalent about what’s
new merriam three three briefed you too uh… montgomery do listen to me go back
outwardly feel i think auction do not not that bad and has been
corresponding to the loving husband and hasn’t under congratulations and mpeg device in a moment find out what the man is like a ride
away before you get involved or i’m going to at first of all i’m
trying to find out why good if he has a job you know i just went through with my etc your x i want even forget his name course my ex was very sweet to me my x made me alumni etc agree with that daily work the and i slipping remember belief begin hahahaha do money there’s not time to waste money
can select all right come on with uh… early we’re going to
be alone with you and i comment on the block what was going to run around the block you left before the end and i give you
my and fried guarantee o_j_’s me around the block do without providing good like
him has been sent letter well anthony letter and i’m will play
for it says eight three three two oh two you’re you’re on if i thought you would
be a three to i feel i know you well enough to call
you by your initials i was thrilled to get your letter and i
hope you turn out the way i pity you our cars your writing is very small are you sure i hope not because i’m considered the
right height for five p i wouldn’t want anyone shorter than five
feet four and a half because i want someone i can look up to do what else into have you got a job i have and hoping to hear the same from u i
remained affectionately seventy-five then the it said like in the lonely hearts that do for
you my name is out my number is three three three two two
now encouraged bond with a girl and that
seventy five an email to me uh… look in the box isn’t it for you three three three two
two ardently how are you getting along with
your correspondent well frankly things seem to look right but i’m still anxious to get over this
lump in my hot you know the girl i love jilted me that’ll complain healer good luck yall goes to ever get together i think i
have to be married by a bookkeeper their prices a lot of them is expected
today should contain valuable information about her new band boyfriend
i just as excited she wasn’t she said everyone armani rated you read it to me i i can’t see how you
know i don’t know here seventy five thank your for your letter i was hoping the girl i was
corresponding with was a vassar graduate but it seems quite impossible since i
noticed you spelled considered with the k uh… however none of us is perfect he spells perfect the repeating online jeancar you asked me and i got a job well seventy-five as number two number inform you that i have worked hard
instantly on my life is head of the big steel corporation and now i’m prepared to retire how r u
pics financially i am perfectly help me paul and so handsome it’s disgusting your devoted lee three three three two
two what do you think he i don’t know
sweetie this is even a genius and a crackpot but anyone to be an improvement over l i beg your pardon your x jill lansing i think it’s about time you many alright
janae i’ll write you come up here no no honey not for two reasons first if you
don’t like you know i have team and we don’t mind hanging around here and secondly why make a good impression or how do i go about then well that did not having dinner at the
patio club tomorrow night he could be our guest that probably recognize me well as right if you wear a green but what if someone else is wearing a
green had a vital american rock girl well don’t you leave your number with
the head waiter and how we will bring it to our cable alright jr considine
writing a letter right away yet financing in your letter try to make
yourself attractive shallot interested what he’s doing put these in the field
business what can i say i don’t know alan say m thank you realize that the says tea it was the backbone of this country and
that you’re fascinated by blast furnaces entrust the find him i got it now what you’ve done tonight it must be interesting to steal blast
furnaces now high-class you’re like me because i have one of the
nicest backbones in the country now alright test at home and testing by into
dinner at the capitol club record uh… pronet and well where happen happy of public id
myself and numbers seventy five we’re waiting but three three three two oh two and i think seventy-five looks adorable rempac he’s taking no chances on it is a seventy-five do to get the label from a can of mines
being tested fifty-seven reverse the number of do it’s constantly austin everything i can
do it curious to see what happens when perma smirk welcome look happy i’m sorry gene was just thinking uh… i don’t know what you promise uh… huh huh huh huh huh then and what you say this mr three three
three two two is in the steel business yes read i must know wants you that’s going
to be wonderful to have dinner with an old friend plan italy then add to that add up across the
table and who when i see you’re wearing a green act and you’re wearing a kind seventy pune out you are not three three three two two one juror and in whatever alamat way to get it free meal and uh… an and symbol and fee me to take not just a minute at you have
your nerve working steady steel nickname i don’t even know what i wrote i didn’t
even know it was done finally that was gone crazy permissive lotsa guys tend to drink i kind of a lonely hearts club aren’t all my father that psychological
tense blessed difference you can just wanted you know i love you know he’s
with na jane if you want me to go i’ll go sit down now etown order no thanks on the hungry now why do you have my platter while you
were talking pan ladies know with one filter you can get
the kind of complexion fair you’ve been bringing up drawer because one of the explosive
super cream bland gives you a wonderful new kind of beauty
lather are rich my old beauty lather the clintons so gently and princes away so
completely your skin is left fresh move then lovely as ever soul for perfect
complexion care make your regular facial soap super crane swung so well and i found that together on this
open as much in love the seven they’re making believe mark he says rosemary don’t lose seventy five nance by my great big three three three two
two at that isn’t nauseating enough armagh is now making with more numbers fourteen i don’t like that then thirty-third yes particular thirty-three and i know how is three three three two
until you are seventy five one of those are the numbers without names for the
killing life path what language like that what
can i say that twenty three student in high random and by brenda represented by someone another
fine product of lever brothers company was produced directed by side howard
nitrate was written by fine art of and marc levin rank women’s meeting you but there’s a reason why its prize
the cake making wonder fry has an amazing cake improve ur
secret five issue or spry one blow away and be certain of lighter finer rector
cakes everytime no other type of shortening that
surprise cake improve ur secret borneo cake making success rely on spry your
all vegetables pride with cake improve ur realigned they are one reliable there are a lot week one hour earlier and live in little
rock radio theatre immediately followed by a liar and a m that uh… the the and the columbia
brought that on

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