MXL Outfitters Unboxing #1 \\ You’ve Been Graced [CC]

Hi guys. So today I am going to be opening a package from MXL Outfitters. They’re an Etsy store that I found on Instagram and they make really cute, geeky, nerdy t-shirts and clothes. So I ordered two Sebastian Stan shirts from her and I’m going to open them and show you guys. So let’s get started. (Opening package noises) There we go. Got it open. So here’s one shirt. Oh this is so cute. Okay, so it says “I relate to Steve Rogers because I too would start a Civil War to protect Bucky Barnes. So this is a small and it looks like it will fit me pretty much perfectly. It will be a little bit big but, I like shirts a little bit big. Let’s open the other one. Which is in other package. (Package opening noises.) Okay, so here it is. It says “Okay but Sebastian Stan though”. This one is really cute too. And then there’s a business card. It has her logo on it and then all her links and stuff. I’ll link her Instagram and Etsy store down below. But yeah. Both these shirts are super cute. They’re exactly what I expected. I plan on wearing them to VidCon which is one of the reasons why I ordered them. But also because it’s Sebastian Stan and Bucky Barnes. Why not? I will definitely be ordering more shirts from her in the future if I see any I like. There’s this one that I might get and I think it says “Bucky Barnes Protection Squad” so I might get that one. But I really like these two shirts. They are really good quality. They look exactly how they look online and in pictures and stuff. So you should definitely check out her store and maybe buy something if you’re interested. The world always needs more geeky nerdy clothes. So be sure to check out MXL’s store online. And give this video a like and remember to subscribe if you wanna get updates of when I upload a video. Thanks for watching and you have been graced.

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