Most Embarrassing Stories ANIMATED!

♫♫♫ How’s it going guys? I am Matthias. And welcome to reading your comments So many of you shared your embarrassing stories and I feel it’s only fair that I share one of my most embarrassing stories but… I’m gonna do that towards the end of the video just to make you wait for it! XD Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me? I fell UP the stairs when I was at school, highschool then tried to play it off by pretending to do a push-up everyone was watching and totally noticed. What do you mean you’ve done that? How do you do that? You mean like, going up the stairs, you fall on your face? And you just decided to randomly do push-ups? In year 4 we were playing dead fish (A game that you have to lay on the ground and not move, if you didn’t know.) We were playing it
outside, and I fell asleep, and the teacher sent one of my friends to get me. Luckily, no one said anything. So, you’re playing this
game where you had to lay on the floor
and you were like ‘Meh it’s nap time. Who’s gonna know?’ Until your entire
class goes inside and wonders, where’s Tiffany? I cried when I saw
the Frozen trailer at school. D: Hmm, Matthew… That’s rough.. Last night, I dreamt I was
pregnant and my water broke at the beach. I am a 19-year-old male. The bigger question here is.. Did you wet the bed and that’s
what you thought your water was? XD Alright, in my junior of high school, I got hit by a car, and a few people were there to watch the only thing they had to say to me the next time they saw me was “Man, you really suck at Frogger” 😛 You have some amazing friends Kayla just amazing friends. No, I mean it! Like, can I be friends with them? I hugged someone that I thought was my mom and when i found out it wasn’t, I peed my pants. That was NOT one of my proudest moments. I have done that before too. I have actually gone up and held some other mans hand I mean, I was young at the time, it wasn’t like last year… (Are you sure about that?) I was playing mini golf and my sister decided to hit me in the nuts with a putter and then I fell into the water on the course … hole in one… one time when I was younger I thought I could become a ghost and go through stuu-Ha! I believed it so much that I said “Mommy look at me!” and I ran face first into a street light. Yeah, I was a stupid kid…. My whole life is an embarassment. ಠ╭╮ಠ Once i got my teacher to flip out in class Punch a hole in the white board, flip over a desk, and get over the intercom (We have a weird system) and QUIT! All because I corrected his math. He got mad ’cause I did it without raising my hand. Sounds like your teacher had some, prexisting issues The most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me was when I accidentally gave my teacher my personal diary instead of my poetry journal she didn’t know and ended up reading it out loud in class No way! Here’s a question though, Did ya get an A? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ When I was 13 I was at a water park and I was swimming underwater someone landed on me and knocked me out when I came to a life guard had me and a cute guy walked by then I noticed that my top had come untied and was no longer covering anything That was my most truly embarrassing moment I would have to agree with you although i’m a man so, when my top comes off It’s not that big of a deal I came to school with a giant hole in the crotch part of my pants a boy saw it while I was sitting down and yelled, “My eyes they burn!” and then ran away oh, I hope you’re wearing underwear When I asked a dude for the first time if he like to go out with me he laughed and asked if it was a joke He truthfully thought it was I lied and went “Oh, yeah it was.” (cries on the inside) The truth is this guy most likely thought it was a joke because girls aren’t typically known for being forward so he’s like, “It’s a joke right? It can’t possibly be true. My dreams.” I bit a black man when I first saw one in real life, I was one and I bit him because I thought he was chocolate What? This is not true! This is not true! You’re messing with me When I was a kid my aunt brought over strawberry daiquiris with whipped cream to drink with my mom and dad my dad was supposed to be watching me and went to the bathroom While he was gone I had eaten the whip cream off them and drunk the actual alcoholic drink Long story short, a six year old got drunk and was frolicking like an idiot in the living room like a ballerina I was like 13 or something like that my dad gave me a wine spritzer it literally had, maybe like a quarter of an ounce of wine in it and the rest was just Sprite ’cause like I really wanted to taste it I really wanted to be independant I ended up crying like a baby about 30 min later and fell asleep at 6 pm TRUE STORY Alright, and now for my embarrassing story One time I was at school It must have been, I don’t know, second grade or something like that and yeah, I wet my pants I wet them thoroughly just thoughoutly drenched in urine instead of going back to class ’cause i’d just left to go to the bathroom I went straight to the principal’s office and I called my mommy she came, brought new pants I went back to class and my teacher was like, “Well, you were gone for a long time!” I said, “I had to go number two.” I don’t think that made that better Alright guys, thank you so much for watching If you enjoyed this video and you want to see another one please click like

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