Most Effective Golf Swing Plane Drills ➜ Pure Impact
Most Effective Golf Swing Plane Drills ➜ Pure Impact

Is your golf swing plane off track. You
looked at your golf swing on video and you feel like the golf swing plane is
just not quite right. You might be coming
down way too steep and hitting a lot of shots to the left and just a lot of
inconsistency. Well in this next video
I’m going to show you two effective golf swing plane drills that you can practice
at home to get your golf swing back on plane so you can start hitting the golf
ball a lot more solid a lot straighter and start lowering those scores. So I’ll
see you soon. It’s Troy from here. This is where I help you make the golf
game easy and play the golf shots that you want to play. So make sure you like
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next video. Ok so you want to know some
effective golf swing plane drills. So
the golf swing plane is absolutely critical in a golf swing. It’ most likely
if you’re not playing good golf there’s a fair chance your golf swing plane is
off and causing a lot of that inconsistency. So make sure you watch
this video right to the end because I’m going to go through 2 effective golf
swing plane drills that can really help you out with your golf game. So if the
first one doesn’t work for you the second one may very well do the job. So I
want to cover first of all what is the golf swing plane. If you’re not 100% sure
whether or even if you are just to clarify it so you understand exactly
what an ideal swing plane should be and how we can best fix it. So if I was
set up to golf ball like this and I’ve got my got my good posture. If I was to
draw a line from where the golf ball, where the shaft is right through,
right through the shaft, right through the grip, right through my body. That
would be considered my swing plane. And as I set up to the ball and ideally
in a perfect golf swing, if there is such a thing. If I was to swing this club
back up to the top and I was to swing down my club would stay on that swing
plane. Now it would stay on it during the
backswing takeaway as it gets to the top it would come off that plane. It would be
parallel to that line. And as it comes
down it would trace back on that line again and at impact it would probably be
a little bit above that line but fairly close to it, and that would be considered
a golf swing on plane. Now, as you probably
realize most golfers, even the really best golfers in the world they don’t
stay on that plane line the whole way through their golf swing. It’s extremely
difficult to do. There are some that do
it. And it’s also important to understand
the downswing staying on playing there is the critical part of getting the golf
swing plane right. Because as you’d
probably be aware there’s been a lot of great golfers over the years who have
had different sort of backswings will take it inside or outside. Do a
little loop at the top that have been able to
win many tournaments through different sort of backswings. However, when it
comes to their downswing pretty much all of them get that club on plane
all the way down to impact and they’d now be able to make really good contact with
the golf ball. So whilst I am going to cover
the golf backswing getting that on plane, it’s really the downswing that
is really the key to getting that swing plane right and typically where most
golfers go wrong. And you might fall into
this category. You might make a pretty
good backswing but as you come down you’re most likely coming down steep
like this which is coming off the plane line, because the plane line would be
down here and so instead of coming down like this you’re probably coming more
like this and coming over the top of that swing plane which is causing a lot
of the issues in your golf swing. So in
these next two drills I’m going to be covering a way that you can practice
this at home to get a much more effective swing plane, so stick around. Let’s get stuck into them. Okay let’s get
stuck into our effective golf swing plane drills and this is drill number one. You can see a little station, if you
like that I’ve got set up here. I’ve got to
set up a golf club here for my, the line of my feet. Now, I’ve got a golf ball here,
now I’ve got another club head set up. I
don’t know, about a foot or two behind the golf ball as a reference point just
to show you how this works. So now in
again this is in a perfect golf swing plane which as we know is really tough
to do it, but this will give you a very good guide and something you can
practice at home just to make sure your golf swing is on plane. So all you’re going
to need is obviously three clubs and now I’m going to grab an alignment stick. If you don’t have an alignment stick, you
can use another golf club. It works just as
effective. What we’re going to do we’re
going to attach it to the golf club now. You probably just want it sticking about,
I don’t know about a foot or so at the end of your grip. Now there’s a couple of
really nice checkpoints here to make sure our swing is on plane. I will
add to this it really helps to stay on plane in your golf swing if
you maintain a really good posture and maintain side bend
in the downswing. And what I mean by that
is, if I’ve got my posture set up here at address I’ve got those nice angles as I
go back as I come down I need to maintain that distance, that my chest is,
for example from the ball if I was to do anything like this
lift up get further from the ball that will throw my swing plane out. So it’s
really critical to make this work with these drills that as you come down you
maintain your posture and you maintain that, right side bend. I’ll put a link up
to a video above that talks about right side bend. But basically it means you maintain
that distance that your chest from the ball is at set up right through the golf
swing. That helps with your swing plane. Ok, so let’s grab that alignment stick. Get it about a foot from the end here
and what we’re going to do this is our first check point for our backswing. Now about half way back in our backswing
the end of this alignment stick you want it roughly pointing somewhere between
those two clubs there. And that’s roughly
somewhere about on plane. It doesn’t matter
if it’s a little bit out that way or this way and that’s roughly a check
point to make sure your backswing is on plane. Ideally you wouldn’t want it out
somewhere like that or conversely somewhere out like that. You want it
somewhere in between that range in between the golf clubs there. So that’s the first check point and
again as I said earlier the backswing is not critical. There’s been a lot of
different backswings off plane. The downswing
is really the key. So let’s take it to
the top now. We’ve made a full turn in the
backswing. Now in the downswing this is
the key part as we come down we want that pointy end of that alignment stick
pointing somewhere at the ball or even a even past the golf ball around this area
here. But want it somewhere pointing
around there. What we don’t want to do as
I get to the top here we don’t want it pointing down there,
like it does with the backswing. As you
can see what happens there. If I have it
pointing down here I come down very steep and we’re going to cut across the
golf ball. So it’s really important as we
come down you have that pointy end somewhere at the golf ball or even
past it and that way you know you’re on plane in a great position to hit the
golf ball. So this is a fantastic and
effective golf swing plane drill you can practice at home. You can probably even
potentially hit golf balls with this but you don’t even have to hit balls. Practice this at home and it will really
help you out. So let’s get stuck in the
drill number two. Pop a comment down
below if you’ve tried this golf swing plane drill and it’s worked really well
for you or if you tried another golf swing plane drill that you found really
effective. Pop that down below and I’ll
reply to every comment. Okay, here’s the second of our effective
golf swing plane drills. So I’ve set up
an alignment stick here. Now I’ve got
this roughly about and you can set this up a number of different ways. But for the
purpose of this video set it up roughly about, I don’t know about 10 inches
behind the golf ball and the height of it is just below my hand height where I
would be at address. So if my address is
here, I’ve got it just a little bit lower roughly around this point here. So you
can play around with this. The better
skilled player you can have this a little bit lower. It’d be a lot harder to
perform this drill if you’re struggling a lot with the golf swing plane probably
don’t want to have it that low, you can probably pop it up a bit higher but
usually about somewhere around, I don’t know it’s probably about a fist or so
width lower than where your hands are at address. Now the object of this drill is
this works really effectively for getting a golf downswing on a better
swing plane. Typically where most golfers
go wrong as I explained earlier is when they come on their downswing they come
down very steep. Now when you come down
very steep. If you were to do this drill
you would crash straight into that alignment stick which is obviously not
very good. So what this alignment
stick does is it teaches you to have your hands come down lower, on a much
shallower downswing plane which will get you a lot of really good things with
ball contact on that. So when you set up
with a alignment stick in this position you can practice making swings and just
feel like your hands and everything are getting lower and you’re coming into the
ball really shallow and making a nice golf swing like that. And this is a drill
you can set this up at home and just do a lot of rehearsals with the alignment
stick. You can also do this at the
driving range by sticking an alignment stick or a club into one of those range
ball buckets and setting it up behind your golf ball. Then you can actually hit
shots set up like this. And just it really teaches you to get
that golf club on a much better downswing plane. Now I’ll put a link at
this end of this video where I’ll go into this it was a little bit more
detail with position and so forth. That’s
a fantastic drill to really practice cementing that downswing plane and
getting those hands lower so there’s absolutely no chance I’m going do that. It just teaches you to come down much
more shallow and under that stick and we made a much better golf swing and we’re
right on plane. That’s drill number two. There you have
It. Two effective golf swing plane
drills you can practice at home and start lowering your golf scores. So
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link to some other free golf instruction make sure you check that out. Once again
thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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