We’re here in Los Angeles, California, at
the Monterey Park Golf Shop. This is one of the more unique golf shops
in America. Why? Because they got unique golf products. Let’s go check it out. First thing that you’re going to see — a
full display of G/Fore. Check these bad boys out. Hard to find those anywhere else. But you got Nike, Adidas, ECCO, FootJoy — everything
you need for the everyday golfer. Everybody wants to look good on the golf course. Monterey Park Golf Shop has got you taken
care of. We got MDC, Chervo from Italy. You’re going to look beautiful in that. You want to look good, so they’ve got G/Fore,
PXG. Ooh. It’s kind of cold in here. Last but not least, J.Lindeberg — beautiful,
comfortable, stylish on the golf course. As we make our way to the other side of the
golf shop, you’re going to find a display of amazing golf clubs — Honma, Majesty, XXIO. Speaking of Majesty, I want to show you a
set of golf clubs right here. Monterey Park Golf Shop is an authorized dealer
for Majesty. Check these bad boys out. I’m going to bring in my good friend Don,
all the way from Los Angeles. Don, tell me about these golf clubs.>>Yes. We are formally known as Maruman. Now we under new name, Majesty Golf. This is a top-of-the-line Prestigio, even
best of best, and this is 24-karat-gold-plated. And this one has a black — And this is one
of the four set in the nation.>>One of four in the nation right here at
Monterey Park. Find products like this at Monterey Park Golf
Shop. Get here now. ♪♪♪♪ So, my good friend Don allowed
me to take this Majesty driver out on their two-tier driving range, one of the many perks
of the Monterey Park Golf Shop. Oh, that is pure.>>If you want to learn more about Majesty
and the history behind these clubs, visit the Monterey Park Golf Shop or visit

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